Blaesoxipha sp., from Insects of Tasmania.

Belongs within: Sarcophaginae.

Blaesoxipha is a cosmopolitan genus of sarcophagid flies that develop as parasitoids of a range of insects, including grasshoppers, tenebrionid beetles, cockroaches and mantids (Pape & Dahlem 2010).

<==Blaesoxipha Loew 1861 [incl. Gesneriodes Villeneuve 1909] F92
    |--*B. grylloctona Loew 1861 [ioncl. B. changbaishanensis Hsue 1978] F92
    |--B. agrestis F92
    |--B. arenicola Rohdendorf 1928 [incl. B. falciloba Hsue 1978] F92
    |--B. atlanis PD10
    |--B. campestris (Robineau-Desvoidy 1863) (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--B. cochlearis (Pandellé 1896) [=Sarcophaga cochlearis] F92
    |--B. costaricensis PD10
    |--B. (Acanthodotheca) dampfi PD10
    |--B. dongfangis Hsue 1978 F92
    |--B. gemina Hardy 1943 L59
    |--B. gladiatrix (Pandellé 1896) [=Sarcophaga gladiatrix] F92
    |--B. hardyi Lopes 1955 L59
    |--B. hunteri [=Protodexia hunteri] PD10
    |--B. laotudingensis Hsue 1978 F92
    |--B. laticornis A71
    |--B. lautaretensis Villeneuve 1928 [incl. B. benshiensis Hsue 1978] F92
    |--B. litoralis (Villeneuve 1911) [=Gesneriodes litoralis] F92
    |--B. macula Hsue 1978 F92
    |--B. occatrix F92
    |--B. pachytyli (Skuse 1891) L59
    |--B. (Gigantotheca) plinthopyga (Wiedemann 1830) PD10, KP10 [=Kellymyia plinthopyga PD10]
    |--B. popovi Rohdendorf 1937 F92
    |--B. prohibita [=Acanthodotheca prohibita] PD10
    |--B. rufipes (Macquart 1838) [=Agria rufipes; incl. B. filipjevi Rohdendorf 1928] F92
    |--B. sublaticornis Hsue 1978 F92
    |--B. subunicolor Villeneuve 1912 F92
    `--B. unicolor (Villeneuve 1912) [=Gesneriella unicolor] F92

Blaesoxipha campestris (Robineau-Desvoidy 1863) [=Listeria campestris; incl. Musca lineata Fallén 1817 non Harris 1776] F92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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