Placopsidella grandis, from the National Museum of Natural History.

Belongs within: Ephydroidea.

The Gymnomyzinae are a group of shore flies with pectinate aristae and small prescutellar acrostichal setae. Members include the cosmopolitan predatory genus Ochthera in which the fore legs are raptorial with the femur enlarged and the tibia bearing a large apical spur (Mathis 2010).

Characters (from Mathis 2010): Arista pectinate; reclinate fronto-orbital seta usually inserted slightly anterior to larger, proclinate fronto-orbital seta; median facial area and lower facial margin without setae; facial setae inserted in more or less vertical series, parallel with parafacial setae; prescutellar acrostichal setae small (about one-half to two-thirds length of posterior dorsocentral seta), inserted close together (distance between about one-half that between either prescutellar and posterior dorsocentral seta on the same side), behind or aligned with intra-alar seta.

<==Gymnomyzinae M10
    |--Ochthera Latreille 1802 L02 [Ochtherini M10]
    |    |--O. manicata [=Musca manicata] L02
    |    `--O. mantis [=Musca mantis] L02
    |--Hecamede [Hecamedini] M10
    |    |--H. albicans M10
    |    `--H. brasiliensis M10
    |--Atissini M10
    |    |--Ptilomyia mabelae M10
    |    `--Atissa M10
    |         |--A. atlantica M10
    |         `--A. pygmaea WMV87
    |--Gastropsini M10
    |    |--Beckeriella M10
    |    `--Gastrops M10
    |         |--G. nebulosus M10
    |         `--G. niger M10
    |--Discocerinini M10
    |    |--Discocerina obscurella M10
    |    |--Gymnoclasiopa M10
    |    |--Pectinifer aeneus M10
    |    |--Ditrichophora M10
    |    |--Polytrichophora agens M10
    |    |--Hydrochasma leucoproctum M10
    |    |--Lamproclasiopa M10
    |    `--Orasiopa mera M10
    |--Lipochaetini M10
    |    |--Glenanthe interior M10
    |    |--Paraglenanthe bahamensis M10, WMV87
    |    |--Lipochaeta M10
    |    |    |--L. ranica M10
    |    |    `--L. slossonae M10
    |    |--Diphuia M10
    |    |    |--D. anomala M10
    |    |    `--D. nitida M10
    |    `--Allotrichoma M10
    |         |--A. (Pseudohecamede) abdominale M10 [=Pseudohecamede abdominalis WMV87]
    |         `--A. simplex M10
    `--Gymnomyzini M10
         |--Cerometopum lacunosum M10
         |--Mosillus M10
         |    |--M. cellaris [=Micropeza (Mosillus) cellaris] G20
         |    |--M. stegmaieri M10
         |    `--M. tibialis M10
         |--Athyroglossa M10
         |    |--A. glabra M10
         |    |--A. glaphyropus M10
         |    `--A. granulosa M10
         `--Placopsidella M10
              |--P. cynocephala M10
              |--P. grandis M10
              `--P. marquesana M10

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G20] Goldfuss, G. A. 1820. Handbuch der Naturgeschichte vol. 3. Handbuch der Zoologie pt 1. Johann Leonhard Schrag: Nürnberg.

[L02] Latreille, P. A. 1802. Histoire Naturelle, générale et particulière des crustacés et des insectes vol. 3. Familles naturelles des genres. F. Dufart: Paris.

[M10] Mathis, W. N. 2010. Ephydridae (shore flies). In: Brown, B. V., A. Borkent, J. M. Cumming, D. M. Wood, N. E. Woodley & M. A. Zumbado (eds) Manual of Central American Diptera vol. 2 pp. 1211–1233. NRC Research Press: Ottawa.

[WMV87] Wirth, W. W., W. N. Mathis & J. R. Vockeroth. 1987. Ephydridae. In: McAlpine, J. F. (ed.) Manual of Nearctic Diptera vol. 2 pp. 1027–1047. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada.

Last updated: 11 July 2021.

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