Male Myospila meditabunda, copyright James K. Lindsey.

Belongs within: Muscidae.
Contains: Helina, Mydaea, Phaonia.

The Mydaeinae are a group of muscid flies with a bare anepimeron, long anterior presutural dorsocentral bristles, and rounded lower calypters; these features are shared with the subfamily Phaoniinae, and the phylogenetic analysis of calyptrate flies by Kutty et al. (2010) suggests that the two subfamilies are not reciprocally monophyletic.

<==Mydaeinae [Phaoniinae, Phaoniini] KP10
    |--+--Helina KP10
    |  `--+--Mydaea KP10
    |     `--+--Phaonia KP10
    |        `--Hebecnema Schnabl 1889 KP10, F92
    |             |--*H. umbratica (Meigen 1826) [=Anthomyia umbratica] F92
    |             |--H. affinis Malloch 1921 F92
    |             |--H. alba Hsue 1983 F92
    |             `--H. fumosa (Meigen 1826) [=Anthomyia fumosa] F92
    `--Myospila Rondani 1856 KP10, F92 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*M. meditabunda (Fabricius 1781) [=Musca meditabunda] F92
         |    |--M. m. meditabunda F92
         |    |--M. m. angustifrons Malloch 1922 F92
         |    `--M. m. brunettiana Enderlein 1927 F92
         |--M. argentata (Walker 1857) (see below for synonymy) F92
         |--M. bina (Wiedemann 1830) [=Anthomyia bina] F92
         |--M. effeminata F92
         |--M. femorata (Malloch 1935) [=Xenosina femorata] F92
         |--M. flavibasis (Malloch 1925) [=Xenosia flavibasis] F92
         |--M. fuscicoxa (Li 1980) [=Eumyiospila fuscicoxa] F92
         |--M. laevis (Stein 1900) (see below for synonymy) F92
         |--M. lasiophthalma (Emden 1965) [=Xenosina lasiophthalma] F92
         |--M. lauta (Stein 1918) [=Mydaea lauta] F92
         |--M. lenticeps (Thomson 1869) [=Anthomyia lenticeps] F92
         `--M. tenax (Stein 1918) [=Mydaea tenax] F92

Mydaeinae incertae sedis:
  Opsolasia Coquillett 1910 F92
    `--O. orichalcea HV87
  Lasiopelta Malloch 1928 [incl. Pandleburyia Malloch 1928] F92
    |--*L. orientalis Malloch 1928 F92
    `--L. longicornis (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea longicornis] F92
  Brontaeini F92
    |--Rhynchomydaea Malloch 1922 F92
    `--Brontaea Kowarz 1873 [incl. Anaclysta Brauer & Bergenstamm 1894, Gymnodia Robineau-Desvoidy 1863] F92
         |--*B. polystigma (Meigen 1826) [=Anthomyia polystigma] F92
         |--B. ascendens (Stein 1915) [=Limnophora ascendens; incl. Gymnodia spilogaster Séguy 1932] F92
         |--B. distincta (Stein 1909) [=Limnophora distincta] F92
         |--B. ezensis (Shinonaga & Kano 1972) F92
         |    |--B. e. ezensis F92
         |    `--B. e. latifronta Xue & Wang in Fan 1992 F92
         |--B. genurufa (Pand. 1899) F92
         |--B. genurufoidea Xue & Wang in Fan 1992 F92
         |--B. humilis (Zetterstedt 1860) [=Aricia humilis] F92
         |--B. lasiopa (Emden 19650 [=Gymnodia lasiopa] F92
         |--B. nigrogrisea (Karl 1939) (see below for synonymy) F92
         |--B. parascendens (Hennig 1952) F92
         |--B. sichuanensis Xue & Feng in Fan 1992 F92
         |--B. tonitrui (Wiedemann 1824) [=Anthomyia tonitrui; incl. B. tonitrui variegata (Stein 1903)] F92
         `--B. yunnanensis Xue & Chen in Fan 1992 F92
  Dichaetomyia Malloch 1921 F92
    |--*D. polita Malloch 1921 F92
    |--D. alterna (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea alterna] F92
    |--D. antennata (Stein 1918) [=Mydaea antennata] F92
    |--D. apicalis (Stein 1904) [=Spilogaster apicalis] F92
    |--D. aureomarginata Emden 1965 [=D. nubiana aureomarginata] F92
    |--D. bibax (Wiedemann 1830) [=Anthomyia bibax] F92
    |--D. femorata (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea femorata] F92
    |--D. flavipalpis (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea flavipalpis] F92
    |--D. flavocaudata Malloch 1925 F92
    |--D. keiseri Emden 1965 F92
    |--D. luteiventris (Rondani 1873) (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--D. monticola Emden 1965 F92
    |--D. pallicornis (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea pallicornis] F92
    |--D. pallitarsis (Stein 1909) [=Mydaea pallitarsis] F92
    |--D. pectinipes F92
    |--D. quadrata (Wiedemann 1824) [=Anthomyia quadrata] F92
    `--D. setifemur Malloch 1928 F92

Brontaea nigrogrisea (Karl 1939) [=Limnophora (Gymnodia) nigrogrisea; incl. Gymnodia interposita Emden 1965] F92

Dichaetomyia luteiventris (Rondani 1873) [=Anthomyia luteiventris; incl. D. lineata (Stein 1904), D. nubiana (Bigot 1885)] F92

Myospila Rondani 1856 KP10, F92 [incl. Eumyiospila Malloch 1926 F92, Helinella Malloch 1926 F92, Parapictia Pont 1968 F92, Sinomusina Séguy 1937 F92, Xenosia Malloch 1921 F92, Xenosina Malloch 1925 F92]

Myospila argentata (Walker 1857) [=Aricia argentata; incl. Eumydaea attenta Stein 1918, Spilogaster pellucida Stein 1928, Eumyiospila spinifemarata Malloch 1926] F92

Myospila laevis (Stein 1900) [=Spilogaster laevis; incl. S. arminervis Stein 1900, Xenosia scutellaris Malloch 1935, X. tarsalia Malloch 1935] F92

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F92] Fan Z. 1992. Key to the Common Flies of China 2nd ed. Science Press: Beijing.

[HV87] Huckett, H. C., & J. R. Vockeroth. 1987. Muscidae. In: McAlpine, J. F. (ed.) Manual of Nearctic Diptera vol. 2 pp. 1115–1131. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada.

[KP10] Kutty, S. N., T. Pape, B. M. Wiegmann & R. Meier. 2010. Molecular phylogeny of the Calyptratae (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha) with an emphasis on the superfamily Oestroidea and the position of Mystacinobiidae and McAlpine's fly. Systematic Entomology 35: 614–635.

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