Male Myospila meditabunda, copyright James K. Lindsey.

Belongs within: Muscidae.
Contains: Helina, Mydaea, Phaonia.

The Mydaeinae are a group of muscid flies with a bare anepimeron, long anterior presutural dorsocentral bristles, and rounded lower calypters. These features are shared with the subfamily Phaoniinae and the phylogenetic analysis of calyptrate flies by Kutty et al. (2010) suggests that the two subfamilies are not reciprocally monophyletic. Members of the combined group of the two subfamilies include the cosmopolitan genus Myospila, characterised by a bare prosternum and setulae on the dorsal surface of vein R4+5 (Couri 2010).

<==Mydaeinae [Phaoniinae, Phaoniini] KP10
    |--+--Helina KP10
    |  `--+--Mydaea KP10
    |     `--+--Phaonia KP10
    |        `--Hebecnema Schnabl 1889 KP10, F92
    |             |--*H. umbratica (Meigen 1826) [=Anthomyia umbratica] F92
    |             |--H. affinis Malloch 1921 F92
    |             |--H. alba Hsue 1983 F92
    |             |--H. fulva (Bigot 1885) [=Spilogaster fulvus] H72
    |             `--H. fumosa (Meigen 1826) [=Anthomyia fumosa] F92
    `--Myospila Rondani 1856 KP10, F92 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*M. meditabunda (Fabricius 1781) F92 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--M. m. meditabunda F92
         |    |--M. m. angustifrons Malloch 1922 F92
         |    `--M. m. brunettiana Enderlein 1927 F92
         |--M. argentata (Walker 1857) (see below for synonymy) F92
         |--M. bina (Wiedemann 1830) [=Anthomyia bina] F92
         |--M. effeminata F92
         |--M. femorata (Malloch 1935) [=Xenosina femorata] F92
         |--M. flavibasis (Malloch 1925) [=Xenosia flavibasis] F92
         |--M. fuscicoxa (Li 1980) [=Eumyiospila fuscicoxa] F92
         |--M. laevis (Stein 1900) (see below for synonymy) F92
         |--M. lasiophthalma (Emden 1965) [=Xenosina lasiophthalma] F92
         |--M. lauta (Stein 1918) [=Mydaea lauta] F92
         |--M. lenticeps (Thomson 1869) [=Anthomyia lenticeps] F92
         `--M. tenax (Stein 1918) [=Mydaea tenax] F92

Mydaeinae incertae sedis:
  Opsolasia Coquillett 1910 F92
    `--O. orichalcea HV87
  Lasiopelta Malloch 1928 [incl. Pandleburyia Malloch 1928] F92
    |--*L. orientalis Malloch 1928 F92
    `--L. longicornis (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea longicornis] F92
  Brontaeini F92
    |--Rhynchomydaea Malloch 1922 F92
    `--Brontaea Kowarz 1873 [incl. Anaclysta Brauer & Bergenstamm 1894, Gymnodia Robineau-Desvoidy 1863] F92
         |--*B. polystigma (Meigen 1826) [=Anthomyia polystigma] F92
         |--B. ascendens (Stein 1915) [=Limnophora ascendens; incl. Gymnodia spilogaster Séguy 1932] F92
         |--B. distincta (Stein 1909) [=Limnophora distincta] F92
         |--B. ezensis (Shinonaga & Kano 1972) F92
         |    |--B. e. ezensis F92
         |    `--B. e. latifronta Xue & Wang in Fan 1992 F92
         |--B. genurufa (Pand. 1899) F92
         |--B. genurufoidea Xue & Wang in Fan 1992 F92
         |--B. humilis (Zetterstedt 1860) [=Aricia humilis] F92
         |--B. lasiopa (Emden 19650 [=Gymnodia lasiopa] F92
         |--B. nigrogrisea (Karl 1939) (see below for synonymy) F92
         |--B. parascendens (Hennig 1952) F92
         |--B. sichuanensis Xue & Feng in Fan 1992 F92
         |--B. tonitrui (Wiedemann 1824) [=Anthomyia tonitrui; incl. B. tonitrui variegata (Stein 1903)] F92
         `--B. yunnanensis Xue & Chen in Fan 1992 F92
  Dichaetomyia Malloch 1921 F92
    |--*D. polita Malloch 1921 F92
    |--D. alterna (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea alterna] F92
    |--D. antennata (Stein 1918) [=Mydaea antennata] F92
    |--D. apicalis (Stein 1904) [=Spilogaster apicalis] F92
    |--D. aureomarginata Emden 1965 [=D. nubiana aureomarginata] F92
    |--D. bibax (Wiedemann 1830) [=Anthomyia bibax] F92
    |--D. femorata (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea femorata] F92
    |--D. flavipalpis (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea flavipalpis] F92
    |--D. flavocaudata Malloch 1925 F92
    |--D. keiseri Emden 1965 F92
    |--D. luteiventris (Rondani 1873) (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--D. monticola Emden 1965 F92
    |--D. pallicornis (Stein 1915) [=Mydaea pallicornis] F92
    |--D. pallitarsis (Stein 1909) [=Mydaea pallitarsis] F92
    |--D. pectinipes F92
    |--D. quadrata (Wiedemann 1824) [=Anthomyia quadrata] F92
    `--D. setifemur Malloch 1928 F92

Brontaea nigrogrisea (Karl 1939) [=Limnophora (Gymnodia) nigrogrisea; incl. Gymnodia interposita Emden 1965] F92

Dichaetomyia luteiventris (Rondani 1873) [=Anthomyia luteiventris; incl. D. lineata (Stein 1904), D. nubiana (Bigot 1885)] F92

Myospila Rondani 1856 KP10, F92 [incl. Eumyiospila Malloch 1926 F92, Helinella Malloch 1926 F92, Parapictia Pont 1968 F92, Sinomusina Séguy 1937 F92, Xenosia Malloch 1921 F92, Xenosina Malloch 1925 F92]

Myospila argentata (Walker 1857) [=Aricia argentata; incl. Eumydaea attenta Stein 1918, Spilogaster pellucida Stein 1928, Eumyiospila spinifemarata Malloch 1926] F92

Myospila laevis (Stein 1900) [=Spilogaster laevis; incl. S. arminervis Stein 1900, Xenosia scutellaris Malloch 1935, X. tarsalia Malloch 1935] F92

*Myospila meditabunda (Fabricius 1781) F92 [=Musca meditabunda F92; incl. Curtonevra anthomydea Bigot 1887 H72, C. nigriceps Bigot 1887 H72]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F92] Fan Z. 1992. Key to the Common Flies of China 2nd ed. Science Press: Beijing.

[H72] Huckett, H. C. 1972. Notes on Bigot's North American type-specimens at the University Museum, Oxford (Diptera: Anthomyiidae, Muscidae). Pan-Pacific Entomologist 48 (2): 81–85.

[HV87] Huckett, H. C., & J. R. Vockeroth. 1987. Muscidae. In: McAlpine, J. F. (ed.) Manual of Nearctic Diptera vol. 2 pp. 1115–1131. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada.

[KP10] Kutty, S. N., T. Pape, B. M. Wiegmann & R. Meier. 2010. Molecular phylogeny of the Calyptratae (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha) with an emphasis on the superfamily Oestroidea and the position of Mystacinobiidae and McAlpine's fly. Systematic Entomology 35: 614–635.

Last updated: 9 July 2021.

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