Taeniaptera lasciva, copyright Hans Hillewaert.

Belongs within: Nerioidea.

The Taeniapterinae are a group of slender, long-legged flies whose larvae, where known, are found in dung and decaying vegetable matter (Marshall 2010).

See also: Flies on stilts.

Characters (from Marshall 2010): Katepisternum with dense, fanlike, vertical row of posterior bristles; subsuctellum not developed; cells bm and dm separate (crossvein bm-cu present); upper calypter with tightly packed comb of short bristles; male with surstyli absent.

<==Taeniapterinae M10
    |--Chaetotylus M10
    |--Cardiacephala M10
    |--Hoplocheiloma fabricii S87
    |--Parasphen frontalis M10
    |--Ptilosphen viriolatus M10
    |--Tenthes citatus M10
    |--Grallomyia tarsata M10
    |--Poecilotylus similis M10
    |--Mesoconius hemithorax M10
    |--Zelatractodes M10
    |--Globopeza ecuadorensis M10
    |--Phaeopterina M10
    |--Pseudeurybata M10
    |--Calosphen M10
    |--Planipeza M10
    |--Cliobata M10
    |--Mimegralla CM91
    |--Grallipeza M10
    |    |--G. nebulosa S87
    |    `--G. unifasciata M10
    |--Scipopus M10
    |    |--S. belzebul M10
    |    `--S. limbativertex M10
    |--Rainieria M10
    |    |--R. alternata M10
    |    `--R. antennaepes M10
    |--Calobatina S87
    |    |--C. geometra S87
    |    `--C. geometroides M10
    |--Plocoscelus M10
    |    |--P. arthriticus M10
    |    |--P. conifer M10
    |    `--P. harenosus M10
    |--Metasphen [incl. Globomyia] M10
    |    |--*M. vigilans M10
    |    |--M. gilvimana M10
    |    `--M. obscura M10
    `--Taeniaptera M10
         |--T. albibasis M10
         |--T. annulata M10
         |--T. lasciva M10
         |--T. trivittata M10
         `--T. vulgata M10

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CM91] Colless, D. H., & D. K. McAlpine. 1991. Diptera (flies). In: CSIRO. The Insects of Australia: A textbook for students and research workers 2nd ed. vol. 2 pp. 717–786. Melbourne University Press: Carlton (Victoria).

[M10] Marshall, S. A. 2010. Micropezidae (stilt-legged flies). In: Brown, B. V., A. Borkent, J. M. Cumming, D. M. Wood, N. E. Woodley & M. A. Zumbado (eds) Manual of Central American Diptera vol. 2 pp. 805–813. NRC Research Press: Ottawa.

[S87] Steyskal, G. C. 1987. Micropezidae. In: McAlpine, J. F. (ed.) Manual of Nearctic Diptera vol. 2 pp. 761–767. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada.

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