Orange sponge Mycale armata, copyright J. Hoover.

Belongs within: Democlavia.
Contains: Dendroricellidae, Microcionidae, Raspailiidae, Coelosphaeridae.

The Poecilosclerida is a group of demosponges with discrete organic and inorganic skeletons, with discrete siliceous spicules (Hooper & Van Soest 2002).

Characters (from Hooper & Van Soest 2002): Skeleton composed of discrete siliceous spicules; main skeleton composed of megascleres (monactinal, diactinal or both) and spongin fibres in various stages of development; both fibre and mineral skeletons showing regional differentiation such that megascleres are often differentiated into distinct ectosomal and choanosomal components; microscleres including meniscoid forms such as chelae, sigmas and sigmancistra-derivatives, and other diverse forms such as toxas, raphides, microxeas and discate microrhabds. Reproduction usually viviparous with incompletely ciliated parenchymella larva; rarely oviparous.

    |--Myxillina L01
    |    |--Coelosphaeridae L01
    |    `--Myxillidae MG-H11
    |         |--Hymenancora lundbecki Hentschel 1912 BJ06
    |         |--Myxilla Schmidt 1862 [incl. Dendoryx Gray 1867] BJ06
    |         |    `--M. grata Thiele 1903 [=Dendoryx grata ms] BJ06
    |         `--Iotrochota MG-H11
    |              |--I. baculifera Ridley 1884 MG-H11
    |              |--I. coccinea (Carter 1886) FV09
    |              `--I. purpurea (Bowerbank 1875) BJ06
    `--Mycalina FA10
         |--Mycalidae MG-H11
         |    |--Phlyctaenopora MG-H11
         |    `--Mycale Gray 1867 [incl. Esperella Vosmaer 1885] BJ06
         |         |--M. armata Thiele 1903 [=Esperella armata ms] BJ06
         |         |--M. fibrexilis C-SC03
         |         |--M. macilenta B79
         |         |--M. moluccensis Thiele 1903 BJ06
         |         |--M. rhaphidotoxa Hentschel 1912 BJ06
         |         |--M. richardsoni F79
         |         `--M. sulcata BJ06
         |              |--M. s. sulcata BJ06
         |              `--M. s. aruensis Hentschel 1912 BJ06
         `--Guitarridae FA10
              |--Tetrapocillon Brøndsted 1924 FA10
              |    |--*T. novaezealandiae Brøndsted 1924 FA10
              |    |--T. atlanticus Van Soest 1988 FA10
              |    |--T. kurushimensis Tanita 1961 FA10
              |    |--T. minor Pulitzer-Finali 1993 FA10
              |    `--T. patbergquistae Fromont, Alvarez et al. 2010 FA10
              `--Guitarra FA10
                   |--G. fimbriata Carter 1874 FA10
                   `--G. indica Dendy 1916 FA10

Poecilosclerida incertae sedis:
  Acarnidae MG-H11
    |--Acarnus MG-H11
    |--Cornulum dubium Hentschel 1912 BJ06
    |--Damiria simplex Keller 1891 [incl. D. simplex fistulata Hentschel 1912] BJ06
    `--Zyzzya MG-H11
         |--Z. criceta Schoenberg 2000 FV09
         `--Z. fuliginosa (Carter 1879) FV09
  Chondropsidae MG-H11
    |--Chondropsis MG-H11
    |--Phoriospongia MG-H11
    |--Strongylacidon MG-H11
    `--Psammoclemma Marshall 1880 BJ06 [incl. Psammopemma Marshall 1880 BJ06]
         |--*Psammopemma’ densum Marshall 1881 LT64
         |--‘Psammopemma’ durissimum BJ06
         |    |--P. d. durissimum BJ06
         |    `--P. d. grisea Hentschel 1912 BJ06
         `--‘Psammopemma’ porosum Polejaff 1884 T72
  Crambeidae MG-H11
    |--Crambe crambe F79
    `--Monanchora unguiculata (Dendy 1922) FV09
  Crella [Crellidae] MG-H11
  Dendoricellidae MG-H11
  Hymedesmiidae MG-H11
    |--Hymedesmia mertoni Hentschel 1912 BJ06
    |--Phorbas MG-H11
    `--Hamigera [incl. Amoibodictya] BJ06
         `--*H. hamigera [incl. *Amoibodictya forsteri Zahn, Müller & Müller 1977] BJ06
  Coelocarteria [Isodictyidae] MG-H11
  Latrunculiidae MG-H11
    |--Latrunculia MG-H11
    `--Sceptrella MG-H11
  Microcionidae MG-H11
  Raspailiidae MG-H11
  Rhabderemia [Rhabderemiidae] MG-H11
    `--R. indica Dendy 1905 FV09
  Tedaniidae MG-H11
    |--Hemitedania MG-H11
    |--Strongylamma MG-H11
    `--Tedania MG-H11
         |--T. actiniformis F79
         |--T. anhelans (Lieberkuhn 1859) FV09
         |--T. brevispiculata Thiele 1903 BJ06
         |--T. coralliophila Thiele 1903 BJ06
         |--T. dirhaphis Hentschel 1912 BJ06
         |--T. maeandrica Thiele 1903 BJ06
         `--T. reticulata Thiele 1903 BJ06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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