Cup coral Balanophyllia sp., copyright Toby Hudson.

Belongs within: Hexacorallia.

The Dendrophylliidae are a group of corals characterised by irregularly porous thecal walls. Most species lack zooxanthellae, and include both solitary and colonial forms.

Characters (from Cairns 2002): Thecal wall irregularly porous (synapticulotheca), with pores and tissue lining pores being continuous from outside to inside of corallum; thin epitheca sometimes overlaying part or all of synapticulotheca; septa lamellar, smooth-edged (minitrabeculate), sometimes porous, often arranged according to 'Pourtalès plan', with septa of higher cycles longer and fusing in front of septa of lower cycles in a distinctive pattern.

<==Dendrophylliidae [Dendrophyllida, Dendrophylliina]
    |--Dendrophyllia manni B79
    |--Bathypsammia tintinnabulum (Pourtalès 1868) C77
    |--Enallopsammia profunda (Pourtalès 1867) C77
    |--Astroides calycularis (Pallas 1766) RL04
    |--Heteropsammia cochlea (Spengler 1781) MG-H11
    |--Tubastraea RB14
    |    |--T. coccinea RB14
    |    |--T. aurea PR72
    |    `--T. tenuilamellosa (Milne Edwards & Haime 1848) BC01
    |--Rhizopsammia C77
    |    |--R. manuelensis Chevalier 1966 C77
    |    `--R. minuta C-SC03
    |--Turbinaria M09
    |    |--T. frondens (Dana 1846) M09
    |    |--T. mesenterina (Lamarck 1816) M09
    |    |--T. peltata (Esper 1794) M09
    |    |--T. reniformis Bernard 1896 M09
    |    |--T. robusta H04
    |    |--T. stellulata (Lamarck 1816) M09
    |    `--T. transformis H04
    `--Balanophyllia Wood 1844 C77
         |--B. carinata (Semper 1872) MG-H11
         |--B. cornu Moseley 1881 MG-H11
         |--B. cyathoides (Pourtalès 1871) C77
         |--B. dentata Tenison Woods 1879 MG-H11
         |--B. desmophyllioides Vaughan 1907 MG-H11
         |--B. floridana Pourtalès 1868 [=B. florideana (l. c.)] C77
         `--B. palifera Pourtalès 1878 C77

*Type species of generic name indicated


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