Cibicides lobatulus, copyright Marek Zajaczkowski & Patrycja Jernas.

Belongs within: Rotaliida.

The Cibicididae are a group of spiral foraminifera known from the Cretaceous to the present. In members of the subfamily Planulininae, the test is free and has a single aperture; in Cibicidinae, the test is attached by its spiral side and some forms have multiple apertures (Loeblich & Tappan 1964b).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964b): Test free or attached, trochospiral to nearly planispiral, or later spreading, irregular or cyclical; wall coarsely perforate, radial in structure, septa double (bilamellar); aperture interiomarginal, may extend onto spiral side, and peripheral supplementary apertures may occur.

    |--Planulininae LT64b
    |    |--Cibicidina Bandy 1949 LT64b
    |    |    `--*C. walli Bandy 1949 LT64b
    |    |--Hyalinea Hofker 1951 [=Hofkerinella Bermúdez 1952] LT64b
    |    |    `--*H. balthica (Schröter 1783) [=Nautilus balthicus, *Hofkerinella balthica] LT64b
    |    `--Planulina d’Orbigny 1826 C40
    |         |--*P. ariminensis d’Orbigny 1826 C40
    |         |--P. ornata C40
    |         |--P. renzi H90
    |         `--P. wuellerstorfi B49
    `--Cibicidinae LT64a
         |  i. s.: Stichocibicides Cushman & Bermúdez 1936 C40
         |           `--*S. cubensis Cushman & Bermúdez 1936 C40
         |         Caribeanella Bermúdez 1952 [incl. Oinomikadoina Matsunaga 1954, Pseudocibicidoides Ujiié 1956] LT64b
         |           |--*C. polystoma Bermúdez 1952 LT64b
         |           |--C. katasensis (Ujiié 1956) [=*Pseudocibicidoides katasensis] LT64b
         |           `--C. ogiensis (Matsunaga 1954) [=*Oinomikadoina ogiensis] LT64b
         |         Cycloloculina Heron-Allen & Earland 1908 [=Cycloloceilina (l. c.)] LT64b
         |           |--*C. annulata Heron-Allen & Earland 1908 LT64b
         |           `--C. miocenica C40
         |         Planorbulinoides Cushman 1928 LT64b
         |           `--*P. retinaculata (Parker & Jones in Carpenter, Parker & Jones 1862) (see below for synonymy) LT64b
         |--Dyocibicides Cushman & Valentine 1930 C40 [incl. Rectocibicidella McLean 1956 LT64b]
         |    |--*D. biserialis Cushman & Valentine 1930 C40
         |    |--D. robertsi (McLean 1956) [=*Rectocibicidella robertsi] LT64b
         |    `--D. variabilis LJ98
         |--+--Annulocibicides Cushman & Ponton 1932 C40
         |  |    `--*A. projectus Cushman & Ponton 1932 C40
         |  `--Rectocibicides Cushman & Ponton 1932 C40
         |       `--*R. miocenicus Cushman & Ponton 1932 C40
         |--+--Cibicidella Cushman 1927 C40
         |  |    `--*C. variabilis (d’Orbigny 1826) [=Truncatulina variabilis] LT64b
         |  `--Cyclocibicides Cushman 1927 C40
         |       `--*C. vermiculata (d’Orbigny 1826) [=Planorbulina vermiculata] LT64b
         `--Cibicides Monfort 1808 C40, G86 (see below for synonymy)
              |--*C. refulgens de Montfort 1808 [=*Truncatulina refulgens] LT64b
              |--C. advenum M62
              |--*Craterella’ albescens Dons 1942 [=*Crateriola albescens] LT64b
              |--‘Truncatulina’ boueana F71
              |--C. collinsi B49
              |--*Polyxenes’ cribratus de Montfort 1808 LT64b
              |--*Soldanina’ exagona Costa 1856 LT64b
              |--C. kullenbergi H90
              |--C. lobatulus C40 [=Truncatulina lobulata BK77, Lobatula lobatula M08]
              |--C. mediocris H90
              |--C. neoperforatus H90
              |--C. notocenicus H90
              |--C. novozelandicus H90
              |--C. perforatus H90
              |--C. pseudolobatus S05
              |--*Storilus’ radiatus de Montfort 1808 LT64b
              |--C. strelkovi Mikhalevich 1976 G86
              |--C. temperata H90
              |--‘Truncatulina’ ungeriana H04
              |--C. variabilis LT64a
              `--*Lobatula’ vulgaris Fleming 1828 LT64b

Nomen nudum: Cibicides molestus Battey 1949 B49

Cibicides Monfort 1808 C40, G86 [=Cymbicides (l. c.) LT64b, Truncatulina d’Orbigny 1826 LT64b; incl. Aristeropora Ehrenberg 1858 C40, Craterella Dons 1942 nec Schrammen 1901 nec Kofoid & Campbell 1929 LT64b, Crateriola Strand 1943 LT64b, Lobatula Fleming 1828 C40, Polyxenes de Montfort 1808 LT64b, Soldanina Costa 1856 LT64b, Storilus de Montfort 1808 LT64b]

*Planorbulinoides retinaculata (Parker & Jones in Carpenter, Parker & Jones 1862) [=Planorbulina retinaculata] LT64b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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