Mounted skeleton of Diplodocus carnegii at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, photographed by Scott Robert Anselmo.

Belongs within: Eusauropoda.
Contains: Camarasauromorpha.

The Neosauropoda is defined as the most exclusive clade containing Diplodocus and Saltasaurus. This clade includes many of the most familiar sauropod genera. Its members are divided between two stem-defined clades: Diplodocoidea includes all taxa closer to Diplodocus than Saltasaurus, whereas Macronaria has the inverse definition (Upchurch et al. 2004).

Characters (from Upchurch et al. 2004): Subnarial foramen present on premaxilla-maxilla suture facing dorsally; platelike projections at base of maxillary ascending processes meeting each other on midline; canal or preantorbital fenestra present in base of maxillary ascending process; rostral process of quadratojugal contacting caudal end of maxilla; rostroventral corner of infratemporal fenestra terminating level with or in front of rostral rim of orbit; lateral end of ectopterygoid contacting medial surface of maxilla; ascending process of astragalus terminating level with caudal edge; pedal digit V with two phalanges or fewer.

<==Neosauropoda [Homalosauropodidae]
    |  i. s.: Neosodon Moussaye 1885 APS03, UBD04
    |           `--N. praecursor (n. d.) APS03
    |         Tienshanosaurus chitaiensis Young 1937 (n. d.) N85, UBD04
    |         Asiatosaurus (n. d.) N85
    |           |--A. kwangshiensis Hou, Yeh & Zhao 1975 (n. d.) UBD04
    |           `--A. mongoliensis Osborn 1924 (n. d.) UBD04
    |--Macronaria [Camarasauridae] SL01
    |    |  i. s.: Abrosaurus Ouyang 1989 UBD04
    |    |           `--A. dongpoi Ouyang 1989 UBD04
    |    |         ‘Apatosaurus’ minimus Mook 1917 UBD04
    |    |         Volkheimeria Bonaparte 1979 D07, UBD04
    |    |           `--V. chubutensis Bonaparte 1979 UBD04
    |    |         Europasaurus Mateus, Laven & Knötschke 2006 D07
    |    |           `--E. holgeri D07
    |    |--Camarasauromorpha R-TCA06
    |    `--Haplocanthosaurus Hatcher 1903 R-TCA06, UBD04 [incl. Haplocanthus Hatcher 1903 UBD04]
    |         |--H. delfsi McIntosh & Williams 1988 UBD04
    |         `--H. priscus (Hatcher 1903) (see below for synonymy) UBD04
    `--Diplodocoidea [Diplodocimorpha] R-TCA06
         |  i. s.: Atlantosaurus Marsh 1877 [=Titanosaurus Marsh 1877 non Lydekker 1877] N85
         |           `--*A. montanus (Marsh 1877) [=Titanosaurus montanus] UBD04
         |--Amphicoelias Cope 1877 RR05, UBD04
         |    `--A. altus Cope 1877 [incl. A. fragillimus Cope 1878] UBD04
         `--+--Rebbachisauridae UBD04
            |    |--Rebbachisaurus Lavocat 1954 RR05, UBD04
            |    |    `--*R. garasbae Lavocat 1954 WS98
            |    |--Nigersaurus Sereno, Beck et al. 1999 UBD04
            |    |    `--N. taqueti Sereno, Beck et al. 1999 [incl. Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis Lapparent 1960] UBD04
            |    `--Rayososaurus Bonaparte 1996 [incl. Limaysaurus Calvo & Salgado in Novas 1997] UBD04
            |         |--R. agrioensis Bonaparte 1996 UBD04
            |         `--R. tessonei (Calvo & Salgado 1995) [=Rebacchisaurus tessonei, Limaysaurus tessonei] UBD04
            `--Flagellicaudata HD04
                 |--Dicraeosauridae RR05
                 |    |--Amargasaurus Salgado & Bonaparte 1991 RR05, UBD04
                 |    |    |--A. cazaui Salgado & Bonaparte 1991 UBD04
                 |    |    `--A. groeberi D07
                 |    `--+--Brachytrachelopan Rauhut, Remes et al. 2005 RR05
                 |       |    `--*B. mesai Rauhut, Remes et al. 2005 RR05
                 |       `--Dicraeosaurus Janensch 1914 RR05, UBD04 [Dicraeosaurinae]
                 |            |--D. hansemani Janensch 1914 UBD04
                 |            `--D. sattleri Janensch 1914 UBD04
                 `--Diplodocidae RR05
                      |  i. s.: Dyslocosaurus McIntosh, Coombs & Russell 1992 UBD04
                      |           `--D. polyonychius McIntosh, Coombs & Russell 1992 UBD04
                      |         Seismosaurus Gillette 1991 UBD04
                      |           `--S. halli Gillette 1991 UBD04
                      |         Supersaurus Jensen 1985 UBD04
                      |           `--S. vivianae Jensen 1985 [incl. Ultrasauros macintoshi Jensen 1985] UBD04
                      |--Suuwassea Harris & Dodson 2004 RR05, HD04
                      |    `--*S. emilieae Harris & Dodson 2004 HD04
                      `--+--Apatosaurus Marsh 1877 RR05, UBD04 (see below for synonymy)
                         |    |--A. ajax Marsh 1877 (see below for synonymy) UBD04
                         |    |--A. excelsus (Marsh 1879) (see below for synonymy) UBD04
                         |    |--A. louisae Holland 1915 UBD04
                         |    `--A. montanus D07
                         `--Diplodocinae HD04
                              |--Barosaurus Marsh 1890 UBD04
                              |    `--B. lentus Marsh 1890 [incl. B. affinis Marsh 1899] UBD04
                              |--Dinheirosaurus Bonaparte & Mateus 1999 RR05, UBD04
                              |    `--D. lourinhanensis Bonaparte & Mateus 1999 UBD04
                              |--Tornieria Sternfeld 1911 RR05, UBD04
                              |    `--T. africana (Fraas 1908) [=Gigantosaurus africanus, Barosaurus africanus] UBD04
                              `--Diplodocus Marsh 1878 UBD04
                                   |--D. carnegii Hatcher 1901 UBD04
                                   |--D. hayi Holland 1924 UBD04
                                   |--D. lacustris Marsh 1884 UBD04
                                   `--D. longus Marsh 1878 UBD04

Inorganic: Brontosaurus excelsus minilorientalus Okamura 1987 O87

Apatosaurus Marsh 1877 RR05, UBD04 [incl. Brontosaurus Marsh 1879 UBD04, Elosaurus Peterson & Gilmore 1902 UBD04; Apatosauridae, Apatosaurinae]

Apatosaurus ajax Marsh 1877 [incl. Atlantosaurus immanis Marsh 1878, Ap. laticollis Marsh 1879] UBD04

Apatosaurus excelsus (Marsh 1879) [=Brontosaurus excelsus; incl. B. amplus Marsh 1879, Elosaurus parvus Peterson & Gilmore 1902] UBD04

Haplocanthosaurus priscus (Hatcher 1903) [=Haplocanthus priscus; incl. Haplocanthosaurus utterbacki Hatcher 1903] UBD04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 3 April 2017.

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