Thomasomys niveipes, photographed by Miguel E. Rodríguez Posada.

Belongs within: Cricetidae.

Thomasomys is a genus of mice found on the eastern slopes of the Andes.

Characters (from Nowak 1999): Head and body length about 90-230 mm, tail length 85-329 mm. Tail normally longer than head and body. Fur usually thick and soft. Head with hourglass-shaped interorbital region; relatively long and robust molar rows. Coloration above varies from olivaceous gray, dull olive fulvous, yellowish rufous, orange rufous, golden brown, reddish brown, and grayish brown to dark brown or almost black. Middorsal region usually slightly darker than rest of body. Sides blend into the underparts, which are silvery grayish, soiled grayish, yellow, buffy, ochraceous buff, dark gray, or dark brownish. Underparts usually not much paler than upper parts. Hands and feet about the same colour as underparts; often central part of upper surface darker and fingers and toes lighter, sometimes whitish. Coloration of tail varies from slightly paler than back to slightly darker; tail normally moderately haired. Female with six or eight mammae.

<==Thomasomys IT07
    |--T. aureus PL07
    |--T. baeops PL07
    |--T. bombycinus IT07
    |--T. cinereiventer IT07
    |--T. cinereus IT07
    |--T. cinnameus PL07
    |--T. daphne IT07
    |--T. eleusis IT07
    |--T. erro PL07
    |--T. gracilis IT07
    |--T. hylophilus IT07
    |--T. incanus IT07
    |--T. ischyurus IT07
    |--T. kalinowskii IT07
    |--T. ladewi IT07
    |--T. laniger IT07
    |--T. monochromos IT07
    |--T. niveipes IT07
    |--T. notatus IT07
    |--T. oreas IT07
    |--T. paramorum PL07
    |--T. pyrrhonotus IT07
    |--T. rhoadsi IT07
    |--T. rosalinda IT07
    |--T. silvestris IT07
    |--T. taczanowskii IT07
    |--T. ucucha Voss 2003 N10
    `--T. vestitus IT07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[IT07] Isaac, N. J. B., S. T. Turvey, B. Collen, C. Waterman & J. E. M. Baillie. 2007. Mammals on the EDGE: conservation priorities based on threat and phylogeny. PloS One 2 (3): e296.

[N10] Naish, D. 2010. Tetrapod Zoology: Book One. CFZ Press: Bideford (UK).

Nowak, R. M. 1999. Walker's Mammals of the World, 6th ed., vol. 1. John Hopkins University Press.

[PL07] Packer, J. B., & T. E. Lee, Jr. 2007. Neusticomys monticolus. Mammalian Species 805: 1-3.

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