Peruvian fish-eating rat Neusticomys peruviensis, photographed by Carlos Boada.

Belongs within: Cricetidae.

The Ichthyomyini are a group of semi-aquatic rats found in Central and South America that mostly feed on aquatic invertebrates, with some species also taking small fish. They have small eyes and ears, and partially webbed hind feet fringed with stiff hairs. Members of the genus Neusticomys have a narrower pes than other genera in the group, and may be less specialised for a subaquatic lifestyle (Packer & Lee 2007).

    |--Anotomys leander PL07
    |--Chibchanomys PL07
    |    |--C. orcesi Jenkins & Barnett 1997 N10
    |    `--C. trichotis PCS05
    |--Ichthyomys PL07
    |    |--I. hydrobates PL07
    |    |--I. pittieri PCS05
    |    |--I. stolzmanni IT07
    |    `--I. tweedii IT07
    |--Rheomys N10
    |    |--R. (Neorheomys) mexicanus G69
    |    |--R. raptor IT07
    |    |--R. thomasi IT07
    |    `--R. underwoodi IT07
    `--Neusticomys Anthony 1921 [incl. Daptomys Anthony 1929] PL07
         |--*N. monticolus Anthony 1921 PL07
         |--N. ferreirai Percequillo, Carmignotto & Silva 2005 PCS05
         |--N. mussoi Ochoa G. & Soriano 1991 PCS05
         |--N. oyapocki (Dubost & Petter 1978) PCS05 [=Daptomys oyapocki BP87]
         |--N. peruviensis (Musser & Gardner 1974) PCS05 [=Daptomys peruviensis BP87]
         `--N. venezuelae (Anthony 1929) [=*Daptomys venezuelae] PL07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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