Annulated sea snake Hydrophis cyanocinctus, photographed by Hanne & Jens Eriksen.

Belongs within: Elapidae.

The Hydrophiinae is a group of sea snakes found in tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific. Members of this group are viviparous, and have a paddle-like tail with elongate neural spines (Naish 2010).

    |--Hydrus platurus [incl. Pelamis bicolor] R13
    |--Distira major [incl. Hydrophis protervus] R13
    |--Aipysurus R13
    |    |--A. annulatus [incl. A. chelonicephalus] R13
    |    `--A. laevis [incl. A. duboisi, A. fuliginosus] R13
    |--Platurus R13
    |    |--P. colubrinus [incl. P. fasciatus] R13
    |    `--P. laticaudatus [incl. P. fischeri] R13
    `--Hydrophis N10
         |--H. belcheri N10
         |--H. cyanocinctus N10
         |--H. semperi N10
         |--H. sibauensis Rasmussen et al. 2001 N10
         `--H. spiralis N10

*Type species of generic name indicated


[N10] Naish, D. 2010. Tetrapod Zoology: Book One. CFZ Press: Bideford (UK).

[R13] Roux, J. 1913. Les reptiles de la Nouvelle-Cal├ędonie et des ├«les Loyalty. In Nova Caledonia: Forschungen in Neu-Caledonian und auf den Loyalty-Inseln. A. Zoologie vol. 1, Heft II (F. Sarasin & J. Roux, eds) pp. 79-160. C. W. Kreidels Verlag: Wiesbaden.

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