Corsican red deer Cervus elaphus corsicanus, photographed by Iosto Doneddu.

Belongs within: Cervini.

The genus Cervus includes the red deer C. elaphus and related species. Males of this genus have well-developed branching, often rugose antlers associated with a harem breeding strategy. Phylogenetically, this group also includes the Père David's deer Elaphurus davidiensis, a species native to China though now extinct in the wild, which has distinctive backward-pointing tines on its antlers.

Cervus Linnaeus 1758 [incl. Elaphurus Milne-Edwards 1866] GRH06
    |--+--‘Elaphurus’ davidiensis HH06
    |  `--C. eldi HH06
    |       |--C. e. eldi BP87
    |       |--C. e. siamensis BP87
    |       `--C. e. thamin BP87
    `--+--C. elaphus Linnaeus 1758 HH06, H78
       |    |--C. e. elaphus H78
       |    |--C. e. bactrianus BP87
       |    |--C. e. barbarus H78
       |    |--C. e. corsicanus C84
       |    |--C. e. hanglu C84
       |    |--C. e. hippelaphus C84
       |    |--C. e. macneilli USDI77
       |    |--C. e. scoticus C84
       |    |--C. e. wallichi USDI77
       |    `--C. e. yarkandensis BP87
       `--+--+--C. porcinus HH06 [=Axis porcinus GRH06, Hyelaphus porcinus USDI77]
          |  |    |--C. p. porcinus USDI77
          |  |    `--‘Axis’ p. annamiticus [=Hyelaphus porcinus annamiticus] USDI77
          |  |--C. timorensis HH06
          |  |    |--C. t. timorensis BP87
          |  |    `--C. t. russa BP87
          |  `--C. unicolor GRH06
          |       |--C. u. unicolor TB01
          |       `--C. u. equinus TB01
          `--+--C. albirostris HH06
             `--+--C. canadensis Erxleben 1777 HH06, B75 [=C. elaphus canadensis B75]
                `--C. nippon Temminck 1838 HH06, M76
                     |--C. n. nippon LE05
                     |--C. n. grassianus BP87
                     |--C. n. keramae (Kuroda 1924) I92
                     |--C. n. kopschi BP87
                     |--C. n. mandarinus BP87
                     |--C. n. pseudaxis B91
                     |--C. n. taiouanus BP87
                     |--C. n. yakushimae Kuroda & Okada 1950 I92
                     `--C. n. yesoensis LE05

Cervus incertae sedis:
  C. alfredi BP87
  C. astylodon (Matsumoto 1924) AC98
  C. bezoarticus [incl. C. cuguapara Kerr 1792, Odocoeleus suacuapara (l. c.)] H48
  ‘Elaphurus’ bifurcatus DW04
  C. calamianensis BP87
  C. capreolus T66
  C. columbianus C66
  C. dorothensis Capasso Barbato 1992 [=C. (Leptocervus) dorothensis] AC98
  C. elegans [=Rusa elegans] DW04
  C. kuhli BP87 [=Hyelaphus kuhli USDI77]
  C. mariannus Desmarest 1820 F66
  C. philippinus F66
  C. pudu S66b
  C. pulchellus Imaizumi 1970 I92
  C. taevanus S66a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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