Camarasaurus lentus, from here.

Belongs within: Neosauropoda.
Contains: Titanosauria.

The Camarasauromorpha are a clade of sauropod dinosaurs that have been defined as the smallest clade containing Camarasaurus and Saltasaurus (Upchurch et al. 2004).

Characters (from Upchurch et al. 2004): Premaxillary ascending process directed dorsally over most of its length; rostral end of splenial reaching mandibular symphysis; pleurocoels in cranial dorsal centra having acute caudal ends; metacarpal I longer than metacarpal IV; length of longest metacarpal at least 40% radius length.

    |  i. s.: Chondrosteosaurus giags Owen 1876 (n. d.) N10, UBD04
    |         Oplosaurus Gervais 1852 N10, UBD04
    |           `--O. armatus Gervais 1852 [=Hoplosaurus armatus] UBD04
    |--Lourinhasaurus Dantas, Sanz et al. 1998 R-TCA06, UBD04
    |    `--L. alenquerensis (Lapparent & Zbyszewski 1957) (see below for synonymy) UBD04
    |--Klamelisaurinae D07
    |    |--Bellusaurus Dong 1990 R-TCA06, UBD04
    |    |    `--B. sui Dong 1990 UBD04
    |    `--Klamelisaurus Zhao 1993 D07
    |         `--K. gobiensis Zhao 1993 UBD04
    |--Camarasaurus Cope 1877 (see below for synonymy) UBD04
    |    |--‘Morosaurus’ agilis Marsh 1889 UBD04
    |    |--C. grandis (Marsh 1877) (see below for synonymy) UBD04
    |    |--C. lentus (Marsh 1889) UBD04 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--C. lewisi (Jensen 1988) [=Cathetosaurus lewisi] UBD04
    |    |--C. supremus Cope 1877 (see below for synonymy) UBD04
    |    `--‘Apatosaurus’ yahnahpin [=Eobrontosaurus yahnahpin] UBD04
    `--Titanosauriformes SL01
         |  i. s.: Lapparentosaurus Bonaparte 1986 UBD04
         |           `--L. madagascariensis Bonaparte 1986 UBD04
         |         Amazonsaurus RR05
         |--Titanosauria SL01
         `--Brachiosauridae UBD04
              |  i. s.: Pleurocoelus Marsh 1888 N10, UBD04 [Pleurocoelidae]
              |           |--P. altus Marsh 1888 UBD04
              |           |--P. nanus Marsh 1888 UBD04
              |           `--P. valdensis Ludekker 1889 (n. d.) UBD04
              |         Pelorosaurus Mantell 1850 N10, UBD04
              |           |--P. becklesii Mantell 1852 UBD04
              |           `--P. conybearei Mantell 1850 [=Cetiosaurus conybeari] UBD04
              |         Astrodon (n. d.) [Astrodontidae] N85
              |           `--A. johnstoni Leidy 1865 (n. d.) UBD04
              |         Eucamerotus foxi Blows 1995 N10, UBD04
              |         Sauroposeidon Wedel, Cifelli & Sanders 2000 UBD04
              |           `--S. proteles Wedel, Cifelli & Sanders 2000 UBD04
              |         Dystylosaurus Jensen 1985 UBD04
              |           `--D. edwini Jensen 1985 UBD04
              |         ‘Cetiosaurus’ humerocristatus Hulke 1874 UBD04
              |         Cedarosaurus Tidwell, Carpenter & Brooks 1999 UBD04
              |           `--C. weiskopfae Tidwell, Carpenter & Brooks 1999 UBD04
              |--Bothriospondylus Owen 1875 WS98, D07
              |    |--B. elongatus Owen 1875 (n. d.) UBD04
              |    |--B. madagascariensis Lydekker 1895 (n. d.) UBD04
              |    |--B. magnus Owen 1875 (n. d.) UBD04
              |    |--B. robustus Owen 1875 (n. d.) UBD04
              |    `--B. suffosus Owen 1875 (n. d.) UBD04
              `--+--Ornithopsis Seeley 1870 WS98, UBD04
                 |    |--O. eucamerotus Hulke 1882 (n. d.) UBD04
                 |    |--O. greppini Huene 1922 (n. d.) UBD04
                 |    |--O. hulkei Seeley 1870 UBD04
                 |    `--O. leedsi Hulke 1887 (n. d.) UBD04
                 `--Brachiosaurus Riggs 1903 SL01, UBD04 (see below for synonymy)
                      |--B. altithorax Riggs 1903 [=Giraffatitan altithorax] UBD04
                      |--B. atalaiensis Lapparent & Zbyszewski 1957 UBD04 [=Lusotitan atalaiensis D07]
                      |--B. brancai Janensch 1914 UBD04 [=Giraffatitan brancai N10; incl. B. fraasi Janensch 1914 UBD04]
                      `--B. nougaredi Lapparent 1960 UBD04

Brachiosaurus Riggs 1903 SL01, UBD04 [incl. Giraffatitan Paul 1988 UBD04, Lusotitan Teles, Antunes & Mateus 2003 D07; Brachiosaurinae]

Camarasaurus Cope 1877 [incl. Cathetosaurus Jensen 1988, Caulodon Cope 1877, Eobrontosaurus Bakker 1998, Morosaurus Marsh 1878, Uintasaurus Holland 1919; Camarasaurinae, Morosauridae] UBD04

Camarasaurus grandis (Marsh 1877) [=Apatosaurus grandis; incl. Morosaurus impar Marsh 1878, Pleurocoelus montanus Marsh 1896, M. robustus Marsh 1878] UBD04

Camarasaurus lentus (Marsh 1889) UBD04 [=Morosaurus lentus UBD04; incl. C. annae Ellinger 1950 UBD04, *Uintasaurus douglassi Holland 1919 N85, UBD04]

Camarasaurus supremus Cope 1877 [incl. Caulodon diversidens Cope 1877, Amphicoelias latus Cope 1877, Camarasaurus leptodirus Cope 1879, Caulodon leptoganus Cope 1878] UBD04

Lourinhasaurus alenquerensis (Lapparent & Zbyszewski 1957) [=Apatosaurus alenquerensis, Atlantosaurus alequerensis, Camarasaurus alequerensis] UBD04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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