Pine marten Martes martes, from here.

Belongs within: Mustelidae.

Martes, the martens, is a group of semiarboreal mustelids found in Eurasia and North America. Members of the genus have moderately elongate bodies, wedge-shaped faces with relatively large rounded ears, and bushy tails (Powell 1984).

    |--M. americana (Turton 1806) B75
    |--M. flavigula P84
    |    |--M. f. flavigula BP87
    |    |--M. f. chrysospila BP87
    |    `--M. f. robinsoni BP87
    |--M. foina P84
    |--M. gwatkinsi P84
    |--M. martes P84
    |--M. melampus Wagner 1840 M76
    |    |--M. m. melampus I92
    |    `--M. m. tsuensis (Thomas 1897) I92
    |--M. pennanti (Erxleben 1777) [=Mustela pennanti] B75
    `--M. zibellina P84

Inorganic: Martes zibellina minilorientalis Okamura 1987 O87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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