Ilybius ater, photographed by N. Sloth.

Belongs within: Agabinae.

Ilybius is a genus of diving beetles in the tribe Agabini. Females of species of Ilybius have hydroporine-type genitalia and lateral or serrate dorsolateral carinae on the gonocoxae (Miller 2001).

    |--I. gagates [=Agabus gagates] M01
    `--+--I. aciculatus M01
       `--+--I. apicalis M01
          |--+--I. angustior M01
          |  `--I. picipes M01
          |--+--I. confertus M01
          |  |--I. erichsoni M01
          |  |--I. hypomelas M01
          |  `--I. subtilis M01
          `--+--I. ater M01
             |--I. biguttulus M01
             |--I. confusus M01
             |--I. fraterculus M01
             |--I. meridionalis M01
             |--I. oblitus M01
             |--I. obscurus M01
             |--I. obtusatus M01
             |--I. quadrimaculatus M01
             `--I. subaeneus M01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M01] Miller, K. B. 2001. On the phylogeny of the Dytiscidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) with emphasis on the morphology of the female reproductive system. Insect Systematics and Evolution 32: 45-92.

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