Baris sp., photographed by Ferran Turmo Gort.

Belongs within: Baridinae.

Baris is a genus of weevils, species of which feed on the foliage and roots of a wide range of flowering plants. Morimoto & Yoshihara (1996) separated it from related genera on the basis of mandibular dentition.

Characters (from Morimoto & Yoshihara 1996): Rostrum more or less curved; mandibles decussate internally, apical tooth pointed internally, a little smaller than first marginal tooth, posterior margin of apical tooth shorter than anterior margin of first marginal tooth; body ovate or oblong-ovate, often bare; pygidium rather broadly exposed, elytra smooth, not tuberculate; pro-, meso- and metasterna interrupted in continuity by depressed or oblique mesosternum; prosternal process narrower than a coxa; femora edentate; tibiae with longitudinally confluent punctures, more or less multisulcate, rounded near base; tarsi with five segments and two claws; third segment broad, deeply emarginate; fourth segment small, invisible; claws free, more or less divergent, each claw curved.

    |--B. admirabilis Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. argentinica Hustache 1951 [=B. argentinensis ms] H51
    |--B. bosqi Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. brasiliense Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. catamarcaensis Hustache 1951 [=B. biseriata ms] H51
    |--B. ciliata Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. cordobaense Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. dispersesquamulata Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. fulvoapicata Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. morenoi Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. nemicasa Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. pygidialis Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. reflexa Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. rubricollis Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. rustica Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. santafea Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. spadicedoidea Hustache 1951 H51
    |--B. torquata Hustache 1938 D09
    `--B. violaceoamethystina Hustache 1951 H51

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D09] Davis, S. R. 2009. Morphology of Baridinae and related groups (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). ZooKeys 10: 1-136.

[H51] Hustache, A. 1951. Nouveaux Barinae Sud Am̩ricains. Deuxi̬me partie РBarina. Boletim do Museu Nacional, nova serie, Zoologia 96: 1-78.

Morimoto, K., & K. Yoshihara. 1996. On the genera of the Oriental Baridinae (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). Esakia 36: 1-59.

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