Sunburst diving beetle Thermonectus marmoratus, from Insectarium de Montréal, René Limoges.

Belongs within: Dytiscinae.

The Aciliini are a clade of diving beetles, distinguished by the possession of bifid metatibial spurs, and extremely long gonocoxae with expanded and rounded apices and apicolateral margins concave (Miller 2003). Members of the Aciliini lay their eggs in cracks in wood, moss or other cryptic locations (Miller 2001). Within the Aciliini, members of the Holarctic genus Acilius are characterised by large, dense punctation over much of the body surface in contrast to the finer, sparser punctation found in other genera.

<==Aciliini [Thermonectini]
    |  i. s.: Tikoloshanes eretiformis M01
    |         Aethionectes M01
    |           |--A. apicalis M01
    |           `--A. optatus M01
    |--Thermonectus M03
    |    |  i. s.: T. succinctus R89
    |    |         T. zimmermani B14
    |    |--T. marmoratus Hope 1832 M03, B14
    |    `--+--T. basilaris M01
    |       |--T. circumscriptus M03
    |       |--T. margineguttatus M01
    |       |--T. nigrofasciatus M03
    |       |--T. nobilis M01
    |       `--T. ornaticollis M01
    `--+--Rhantaticus Sharp 1882 M03, LM87
       |    `--R. congestus (Klug 1833) (see below for synonymy) LM87
       `--+--Sandracottus Sharp 1882 M03, LM87
          |    |--*S. mixtus (Blanchard 1853) [=Acilius mixtus] LM87
          |    `--S. bakewelli (Clark 1864) [=Hydaticus bakewelli; incl. S. guttatus Sharp 1882] LM87
          `--+--Graphoderus M03
             |    |  i. s.: G. occidentalis M01
             |    |         G. perplexus M01
             |    |--G. liberus M03
             |    `--+--G. fascicollis M03
             |       `--G. zonatus M03
             `--Acilius M03
                  |  i. s.: A. japonicus I92
                  |         A. kishii Nakane 1963 I92
                  |--A. sulcatus M03
                  `--A. (Acilius) M01
                       |  i. s.: A. (A.) abbreviatus M01
                       |--A. (A.) semisulcatus M01, M03
                       `--+--A. (A.) sylvanus M01, M03
                          `--A. (Homoeodytes Régimbart 1878) M01, LM87
                               |--*Homoeodytes’ scutellaris (Germar 1848) (see below for synonymy) LM87
                               |--‘Homoeodytes’ atratus (Fabricius 1801) (see below for synonymy) LM87
                               `--A. (H.) mediatus M01, M03

‘Homoeodytes’ atratus (Fabricius 1801) [=Dytiscus atratus; incl. Cybister goryi Aubé 1838] LM87

*Homoeodytes’ scutellaris (Germar 1848) [=Cybister scutellaris; incl. C. incognitus Gschwendtner 1931] LM87

Rhantaticus congestus (Klug 1833) [=Hydaticus congestus; incl. H. signatipennis Castelnau 1834, *Rhantaticus signatipennis] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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