Barea consignatella, copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Gelechioidea.

The Oecophorinae are a group of moths in which Rs and M1 of the hind wing are nearly parallel, the abdominal terga are densely spinose, and the male usually has a beak-like gnathos (Nielsen & Common 1991).

<==Oecophorinae NC91
    |--Garrha carnea NC91
    |--Thema chlorochyta NC91
    |--Chrysonoma fascialis NC91
    |--Hippomacha callista NC91
    |--Aristeis hepialella NC91
    |--Heliocausta hemiteles NC91
    |--Hofmannophila pseudospretella NC91
    |--Endrosis sarcitrella NC91
    |--Oecophora Latreille 1802 L02
    |    |--*O. sulphurella [=Tinea sulphurella] L02
    |    `--O. linneella G20
    |--Philobota NC91
    |    |--P. disjunctella P27
    |    |--P. productella NC91
    |    `--P. xiphostola P27
    |--Wingia NC91
    |    |--W. aurata ZS10
    |    |--W. lambertella P27
    |    `--W. rectiorella NC91
    `--Barea NC91
         |--B. ambigua L27
         |--B. confusella L27
         |--B. consignatella NC91
         `--B. leucocephala P27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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