Marsh dowd Blastobasis rebeli, photographed by Bob Foreman.

Belongs within: Ditrysia.
Contains: Cosmopteriginae, Agapalsini, Ethmiinae, Borkhausenia, Gymnobathra, Oecophorinae, Xyloryctinae, Stathmopodinae.

The Gelechioidea is a hyperdiverse group of moths, generally characterised by the presence of a densely scaled proboscis. Approximately 16,500 species are known within the clade, with a correspondingly high diversity of lifestyles, with larvae being phytophagous, detritivorous or even parasitic (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). Over half the species of gelechioids are included in the family Oecophoridae, larvae of which mostly tunnel in stems or other plant parts, or inhabit retreats constructed by joining leaves or among detritus. The Gelechiidae, with similar larval habits, are characterised for the most part by trapezoidal hind wings, usually with an emarginate termen (Nielsen & Common 1991). The Elachistidae, grass-miner moths, are mostly leaf or stem miners in Poales.

See also: The butterflies get all the glory (Taxon of the Week: Gelechioidea).

Characters (from Nielsen & Common 1991): Ocelli present or absent; chaetosemata absent; scape often with pecten; proboscis with dense, imbricated scales towards base, rarely reduced; maxillary palps small, mostly 4-segmented, folded over base of proboscis, rarely reduced; labial palps usually recurved, apical segment often exceeding vertex, usually tapering, acute; epiphysis usually present; spurs 0-2-4; fore wing with M rarely present in discal cell, chorda vestigial or absent, retinaculum in female often subcubital; hind wing with venation sometimes reduced, CuA rarely with basal pecten of hairs, CuP often absent, female frenulum usually with three bristles; S2 of tineid type; abdomen often with prominent dorsal spines. Larva with 3 L setae on prothorax, crochets in a circle, penellipse, or rarely in two transverse rows, abdominal setae L1 and L2 approximated; concealed feeders, case-bearing, tunnelling in stems or fruits, gall-forming, leaf-ming, joining foliage, or feeding beneath silken shelter. Pupa usually with labial palps and fore femora concealed, without dorsal abdominal spines, usually segments 5-7 movable in male, 5-6 in female; usually in larval shelter, not protruded from shelter or cocoon at ecdysis.

    |--Metachandidae DS73
    |--Anomologidae DS73
    |--Pterolonchidae DS73
    |--Physoptila [Physoptilidae] C74
    |--Strepsimanidae DS73
    |--Blastodacnidae NC91
    |--Symmoca Co70 [Symmocidae NC91]
    |--Holcopogonidae NC91
    |--Mompha WRM02 [Momphidae NC91, Momphinae]
    |    `--M. cephalonthiella WRM02
    |--Agonoxena B88 [Agonoxenidae DS73]
    |    |--A. argaula B88
    |    `--A. phoenicia NC91
    |--Hypertrophidae NC91
    |    |--Eupselia satrapella NC91
    |    `--Hypertropha M87
    |         |--H. chlaenota Meyrick 1887 M87
    |         `--H. tortriciformis (see below for synonymy) M86
    |--Batrachedra P27c [Batrachedridae NC91]
    |    |--B. agaura P27c
    |    |--B. arenosella NC91
    |    |--B. microtoma NC91
    |    `--B. psithyra L27
    |--Lecithoceridae [Timyridae] ZS10
    |    |--Lecithocera micromela M83
    |    `--Crocanthes ZS10
    |         |--C. perigrapta P27c
    |         |--C. prasinopis NC91
    |         `--C. sidonia ZS10
    |--Scythrididae NC91
    |    |--Scythris NC91
    |    |    |--S. epistrota P27c
    |    |    `--S. rhabducha NC91
    |    `--Eretmocera NC91
    |         |--E. dioctis NC91
    |         `--E. flavicincta P27c
    |--Blastobasis F05 [Blastobasidae DS73]
    |    |--B. bassii Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    |--B. laurisilvae Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    |--B. luteella Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    |--B. rebeli Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    |--B. sarcophaga NC91
    |    |--B. serradaguae Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    |--B. splendens Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    |--B. subdivisus Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    |--B. tarda NC91
    |    |--B. virgatella Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    |--B. walsinghami Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    |--B. wolffi Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |    `--B. wollastoni Karsholt & Sinev 2004 F05
    |--Cosmopterigidae GE05
    |    |  i. s.: Glaphyristis marmarea P27c
    |    |         Trachydora droserodes P27c
    |    |         Euclemensia GE05
    |    |         Hyposmocoma O94
    |    |         Macrobathra diplochrysa G84, P27c
    |    |         Morphotica mirifica ZS10
    |    |         Thectophila Meyrick 1927 M27
    |    |           `--*T. acmotypa Meyrick 1927 M27
    |    |--Antequerinae NC91
    |    |--Walshiinae Co70
    |    |--Cosmopteriginae NC91
    |    `--Chrysopeleiinae NC91
    |         |--Chalotis semnostola NC91
    |         `--Ithome lassula NC91
    |--Coleophoridae GE05
    |    |  i. s.: Coleophora YS10
    |    |           |--C. alcyonipennella NC91
    |    |           |--C. frischella B88
    |    |           |--C. laricella F62
    |    |           |--C. lusitanica Baldizzone & Corley 2004 F05
    |    |           |--C. ochroneura Co70
    |    |           `--C. serinipennella NC91
    |    |         Multicoloria YS10
    |    |           |--M. eucoleos YS10
    |    |           `--M. singreni YS10
    |    |         Corythangela NC91
    |    |--Agapalsini F05
    |    `--Systrophoecini F05
    |         |--Systrophoeca Falkovitsh 1972 F05
    |         |--Orghidania F05
    |         `--Suireia F05
    |--Elachistidae GE05
    |    |  i. s.: Cosmiotes NC91
    |    |           |--C. aphanta Co70
    |    |           |--C. archaeonoma M83
    |    |           `--C. synethes NC91
    |    |         Elachista P27c
    |    |           |--E. archaeonoma P27c
    |    |           |--E. exaula P27c
    |    |           |--E. ombrodoca P27c
    |    |           `--E. thallophora P27c
    |    |         Ptilochares Meyrick 1887 M87
    |    |           `--*P. trissodesma Meyrick 1887 M87
    |    |         Castorura Meyrick 1887 M87
    |    |           `--*C. chrysias Meyrick 1887 M87
    |    |--Ethmiinae K07
    |    `--Stenomatinae [Stenomatidae] E03
    |         |--Agriophara Rosenstock 1885 E03
    |         |    |--*A. cinerosa E03
    |         |    |--A. confertella P27c
    |         |    `--A. platyscia NC91
    |         `--Eriogenes Meyrick 1925 E03
    |              |--*E. mesogypsa Meyrick 1925 E03
    |              |--E. cossoides (Butler 1882) [=Phanaca cossoides; incl. E. meyricki Duckworth 1973] E03
    |              `--E. nielseni Edwards 2003 E03
    |--Gelechiidae NS84
    |    |--Aristotelia furtiva P27c
    |    |--Anacampsis simplicella P27c
    |    |--Macrenches clerica P27c
    |    |--Stegasta variana P27c
    |    |--Anaptilora eremias P27c
    |    |--Cymatomorpha euplecta P27c
    |    |--Arega GE05
    |    |--Ardozyga stratifera ZS10
    |    |--Tachyptilia disquei YS10
    |    |--Chaliniastis astrapaea ZS10
    |    |--Hypatima spathota ZS10
    |    |--Harpella geoffroyella [incl. Geoffroyella gruneriella] H1904
    |    |--Cameraria ohridella V09
    |    |--Decatopseustis xanthastis NC91
    |    |--Anarsia molybdota NC91
    |    |--Xerometra crocina NC91
    |    |--Symmetrischema plaesiosema NC91
    |    |--Sitotroga cerealella NC91
    |    |--Atasthalistis ochreoviridella CS70
    |    |--Gaesa capnites Co70
    |    |--Brachiacma palpigera Co70
    |    |--Onebala hibisci Co70
    |    |--Magostolis Meyrick 1887 M87
    |    |    `--*M. uramaula Meyrick 1887 M87
    |    |--Dichomeris [Dichomeridinae] NC91
    |    |    |--D. capnites NC91
    |    |    `--D. ochreoviridella NC91
    |    |--Thiotricha NC91
    |    |    |--T. parthenica NC91
    |    |    `--T. tetraphala P27c
    |    |--Pexicopia [Pexicopiinae] YS10
    |    |    |--P. malvella YS10
    |    |    `--P. nephelombra NC91
    |    |--Gelechia [Gelechiinae] P01
    |    |    |--G. monophragma P27c
    |    |    `--G. spurcella P01
    |    |--Pectinophora NS84
    |    |    |--P. gossypiella (Saunders 1843) GT12
    |    |    `--P. scutigera G84
    |    |--Scrobipalpa NC91
    |    |    |--S. apatella NC91
    |    |    |--S. heliopa Co70
    |    |    `--S. plaesiosema Co70
    |    |--Apatetris NC91
    |    |    |--A. melanombra P27c
    |    |    |--A. miarodes NC91
    |    |    `--A. poliopasta Co70
    |    |--Protolechia NC91
    |    |    |--P. aversella NC91
    |    |    |--P. deltodes NC91
    |    |    `--P. micropa P27c
    |    |--Phthorimaea G84
    |    |    |--P. operculella B88
    |    |    |--P. quieta Philpott 1927 P27a
    |    |    `--P. thyraula P27a
    |    |--Bryotropha F05
    |    |    |--B. heckfordi Karsholt & Rutten 2005 F05
    |    |    |--B. sutteri Karsholt & Rutten 2005 F05
    |    |    `--B. wolschrijni Karsholt & Rutten 2005 F05
    |    `--Pleurota P01
    |         |--P. aorsella P01
    |         `--P. psammoxantha P27c
    `--Oecophoridae [Cryptolechiadae, Depressariidae] GE05
         |  i. s.: Tingena DGH93
         |         Borkhausenia P27a
         |         Petalanthes M27
         |         Gymnobathra P27b
         |         Eulechria baryptera P27c
         |         Nymphostola galactina P27c
         |         Ochlogenes advectella P27c
         |         Machaeritis aegrella P27c
         |         Oxythecta acceptella P27c
         |         Coeranica isabella P27c
         |         Saropla philocala P27c
         |         Protomacha chalcaspis P27c
         |         Chezala conjunctella P27c
         |         Lophopepla igniferella P27c
         |         Zonopetala clerota P27c
         |         Callithauma pyrites P27c
         |         Eutorna pabulicola P27c
         |         Thudaca obliquella P27c
         |         Endorsis lactella P27c
         |         Schiffermuelleria orthopanes P27c
         |         Leptocroca meselectra P27c
         |         Euchersadaula lathriopa P27c
         |         Euthictis chloratma P27c
         |         Thamnosara sublitella P27c
         |         Telanepsia AY04
         |         Thyrocopa O94
         |         Opisina arnosella [incl. Nephantis serinopa] YS10
         |         Hoplomorpha abalienella ZS10
         |         Euchaetis ZS10
         |         Habroscopa iriodes ZS10
         |         Corocosma Meyrick 1927 M27
         |           `--*C. memorabilis Meyrick 1927 M27
         |         Agonopterix P04
         |           |--A. alstromeriana P04
         |           `--A. arenella I92
         |         Piloprepes ZS10
         |           |--P. antidoxa ZS10
         |           `--P. lophoptera P27c
         |         Hierodoris H2004
         |           |--H. atychioides H2004
         |           `--H. frigida P27c
         |         Proteodes M27
         |           |--P. carnifex P27c
         |           `--P. melagrapha Meyrick 1927 M27
         |         Lathicrossa M27
         |           |--L. leucocentra P27c
         |           `--L. prophetica Meyrick 1927 M27
         |         Machimia P27c
         |           |--M. carnea P27c
         |           `--M. zatrephes P27c
         |         Cryptolechia P27c
         |           |--C. liochroa P27c
         |           `--C. radiosella P27c
         |         Coesyra P27c
         |           |--C. apora P27c
         |           |--C. dichroella P27c
         |           `--C. paulinella P27c
         |         Atomotricha P27c
         |           |--A. chloronota P27c
         |           |--A. exsomnis P27c
         |           `--A. ommatias L27
         |         Depressaria GE05
         |           |--D. daucella H91
         |           |--D. depressella H91
         |           `--D. pastinacella Retzius 1783 P04
         |         Trachypepla M27
         |           |--T. anastrella L27
         |           |--T. aspidephora L27
         |           |--T. conspicuella L27
         |           |--T. contritella P27c
         |           |--T. euryleucota T27
         |           |--T. indolescens Meyrick 1927 M27
         |           `--T. photinella M27
         |         Izatha P27c
         |           |--I. attactella L27
         |           |--I. convulsella L27
         |           |--I. epiphanes P27c
         |           |--I. mira L27
         |           |--I. peroneanella L27
         |           |--I. picarella L27
         |           `--I. planetella L27
         |         Peritornenta circulatella NC91
         |         Pedois NC91
         |         Tonica effractella NC91
         |         Enchocrates glaucopis NC91
         |         Placocosma resumptella [=Oecophora resumptella; incl. P. hephaestea Meyr. 1883] M86
         |         Antidica pilipes (Butl. 1882) [=Latometus pilipes; incl. A. eriophora Meyr. 1883] M86
         |         Gonionota pyrobola Meyrick 1887 M87
         |         Peritorneuta Co70
         |         Cormotypa fascialis Co70
         |         Sphaerelictis hepialella Co70
         |--Oecophorinae NC91
         |--Xyloryctinae MC13
         |--Stathmopodinae NC91
         `--Procometis [Autostichinae] NC91
              |--P. bisculcata NC91
              `--P. hylonoma P27c

Hypertropha tortriciformis [=Heliodes tortriciformis; incl. Orosana desumptana, Anthoecia divitiosa, Hypertropha thesaurella Meyr. 1880] M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 12 August 2017.

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