Berlinia confusa, copyright Marco Schmidt.

Belongs within: Fabales.

Berlinia is a genus of trees found in tropical Africa bearing flowers in terminal racemes or panicles, with one petal often being considerably larger than the other four. Leaves are paripinnate and seed pods are large, woody, compressed and explosively dehiscent.

<==Berlinia MB09
    |--B. auriculata MB09
    |--B. bracteosa MB09
    |--B. bruneelii MB09
    |--B. confusa MB09
    |--B. congolensis MB09
    |--B. coriacea MB09
    |--B. craibiana MB09
    |--B. giorgii MB09
    |--B. grandiflora MB09
    |--B. hollandii MB09
    |--B. korupensis Mackinder & van der Burgt 2009 MB09
    |--B. lundensis MB09
    |--B. occidentalis MB09
    |--B. orientalis MB09
    |--B. phenacoa MB09
    |--B. rabiensis MB09
    |--B. razzifera MB09
    |--B. sapinii MB09
    |--B. tomentella MB09
    `--B. viridicans MB09

*Type species of generic name indicated


[MB09] Mackinder, B. A., & X. M. van der Burgt. 2009. Berlinia korupensis (Leguminosae—Caesalpinioideae), a new tree species from Cameroon. Kew Bulletin 64 (1): 129–134.

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