Cheese tree Glochidion ferdinandi, copyright Mark Marathon.

Belongs within: Euphorbiaceae.

Glochidion, cheese trees, is a primarily tropical genus, most diverse in Asia and Australasia, of shrubs and small tree producing multilobed, capsular fruits (Harden 1990).

Characters (from Harden 1990): Shrubs or small trees, monoecious. Leaves alternate, simple, entire, 2-ranked, branchlets appearing pseudopinnate; stipules present. Flowers pedicellate, axillary or above the axils. Perianth segments 6. Stamens usually 3, erect on a short central column, glands absent. Ovary 5-7-locular, 2 ovules in each loculus; styles basally united. Capsule multilobed, depressed-globose.

    |--G. apodogynum B00
    |--G. disparipes LK14
    |--G. ferdinandi NC91
    |    |--G. f. var. ferdinandi H90
    |    `--G. f. var. pubens H90
    |--G. harveyanum B00
    |--G. littorale P88
    |--G. lobocarpum NC91
    |--G. macrostigma K03
    |--G. perakense LK14
    |--G. philippicum B00
    |--G. sumatranum [incl. G. perakense var. supra-axillare] H90
    |--G. xerocarpum LK14
    `--G. zeylanicum UB06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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