Stizus fasciatus, copyright Cor Zonneveld.

Belongs within: Stizini.

Stizus is a genus of medium-sized to large wasps found in Eurasia, North America and Africa that provision their nests with Orthoptera or mantids (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976): Eyes converging slightly below, at least narrower below than above; a low and somewhat double convexity below mid-ocellus; mandible dentate subapically; exposed part of labrum moderately convex, usually a fourth to a third as long as broad; male antenna without a projection on flagellomere IX; scutellum typically (but not always) with a medial, pubescent depression in the female; propodeum not compressed into a ridge posterolaterally; midtibia with two apical spurs; forewing with submarginal cell II open in front; hindwing media diverging far before cu-a; median cell with two distal appendices; precoxal sulcus usually present.

<==Stizus Latreille 1802-1803 [incl. Megalostizus Schulz 1906, Megastizus Patton 1879, Stizolarra Saussure 1887] BM76
    |--S. ruficornis (Forster 1771) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |    |--S. r. ruficornis BM76
    |    |--S. r. eremicus Bytinski-Salz 1955 BM76
    |    `--S. r. strigatus Mochi 1939 BM76
    |--S. adelphus Kirby 1900 BM76
    |--S. aegyptius Lepeletier 1845 BM76
    |--S. aestivalis Mercet 1906 BM76
    |    |--S. a. aestivalis BM76
    |    `--S. a. merceti Beaumont 1951 BM76
    |--S. anchoratus Mantero 1917 BM76
    |--S. anchorites Turner 1920 BM76
    |--S. annulatus (Klug 1845) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--S. apicalis Guérin-Méneville 1844 BM76
    |--S. arenarum Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. arnoldi Mochi 1939 BM76
    |--S. atrox (Smith 1856) [=Larra atrox; incl. L. flavomaculata Smith 1873, Stizus pentheres Handlirsch 1895] BM76
    |--S. aurifluus Turner 1916 BM76
    |--S. basalis Guérin-Méneville 1844 [incl. Larra infuscata Klug 1845] BM76
    |--S. baumanni Handlirsch 1901 BM76
    |--S. beccarii Mantero 1917 BM76
    |--S. bensoni Arnold 1951 BM76
    |--S. berlandi Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--S. biclipeatus (Christ 1791) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--S. bipunctatus (Smith 1856) [=Larra bipunctata] BM76
    |--S. bizonatus Spinola 1838 [incl. Larra sphegiformis Klug 1845] BM76
    |--S. brevipennis Walsh 1869 [=*Megastizus brevipennis; incl. Larra brendeli Taschenberg 1875] BM76
    |--S. breyeri Arnold 1936 BM76
    |--S. chrysorrhoeus Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. coloratus Nurse 1903 BM76
    |--S. combustus (Smith 1856) [=Larra combusta; incl. L. fuliginosa Klug 1845 non Dahlbom 1843] BM76
    |--S. continuus (Klug 1835) [=Larra continua] BM76
    |--S. delessertii Guérin-Méneville 1844 BM76
    |--S. deserticus Giner Marí 1945 BM76
    |--S. dewitzii Handlirsch 1892 [incl. S. erythraspis Cameron 1910, S. propodealis Bischoff 1915] BM76
    |--S. dispar Morawitz 1888 BM76
    |--S. elegans Dahlbom 1845 BM76
    |--S. ellenbergeri Arnold 1929 BM76
    |--S. emir Handlirsch 1901 BM76
    |--S. erythraeensis Mantero 1917 BM76
    |--S. erythrocephalus (Taschenberg 1880) [=Larra erythrocephala] BM76
    |--S. euchromus Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. eugeniae Gussakovskij 1935 BM76
    |--S. excellens Lohrmann 1943 [incl. S. eximius Arnold 1936 non Morawitz 1894] BM76
    |--S. eximius Morawitz 1894 BM76
    |--S. fasciatus (Fabricius 1781) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--S. fedtschenkoi Radoszkowski 1877 BM76
    |--S. ferrandii Magretti 1898 BM76
    |--S. ferrugineus (Smith 1856) [=Larra ferruginea; incl. S. ritsemae Handlirsch 1895] BM76
    |--S. franzi Turner 1916 [incl. S. congoensis Mantero 1917, S. neavei Kohl 1913 non Turner 1912] BM76
    |--S. fuscatus Bingham 1897 BM76
    |--S. fuscipennis (Smith 1856) [=Larra fuscipennis] BM76
    |--S. gobiensis Tsuneki 1970 BM76
    |--S. gracilipes Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. hamatus Arnold 1929 BM76
    |--S. handlirschi Radoszkowski 1893 BM76
    |--S. hebraeus Balthasar 1954 BM76
    |--S. hispanicus Mocsáry 1883 [incl. S. villosus Costa 1887] BM76
    |--S. histrio Morawitz 1888 BM76
    |--S. hugelii Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. hyalipennis Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. imperator Nurse 1903 BM76
    |--S. imperialis Handlirsch 1892 [incl. S. tulbaghensis Arnold 1936] BM76
    |    |--S. i. imperalis BM76
    |    `--S. i. conspicuus Arnold 1952 BM76
    |--S. iridis Dow 1942 BM76
    |--S. jordanicus Lohmann 1942 BM76
    |--S. kaszabi Tsuneki 1971 BM76
    |--S. kiseritzkii Gussakovskij 1928 BM76
    |--S. koenigi Morawitz 1888 [incl. S. tages Kirby 1889] BM76
    |--S. kohlii Mocsáry 1883 BM76
    |--S. lacteipennis Mocsáry 1883 BM76
    |--S. lepidus (Klug 1845) [=Larra lepida] BM76
    |--S. lineatus (Fabricius 1793) [=Bembex lineatus] BM76
    |--S. lohrmanni Bohart in Bohart & Menke 1976 (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--S. lughensis Magretti 1898 BM76
    |--S. luteotaeniatus Gussakovskij 1933 BM76
    |--S. lutescens Radoszkowski 1877 BM786
    |--S. marnonis Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. marshalli Turner 1912 BM76
    |--S. marthae Handlirsch 1892 [incl. S. cheops Morice 1897, S. cheops Bingham 1897 non Morice 1897] BM76
    |--S. melanoxanthus (Smtih 1856) [=Larra melanoxantha] BM76
    |--S. melanurus Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. melleus (Smith 1856) [=Larra mellea] BM76
    |--S. mocsaryi Handlirsch 1895 BM76
    |--S. mongolicus Tsuneki 1971 BM76
    |--S. multicolor Turner 1916 BM76
    |--S. nadigi Roth 1933 BM76
    |--S. neavei Turner 1912 BM76
    |--S. nigriventris Arnold 1951 BM76
    |--S. niloticus Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. occidentalis Parker 1929 BM76
    |--S. ocellatus Gistel 1857 BM76
    |--S. orientalis Cameron 1890 BM76
    |--S. pauli Mantero 1917 BM76
    |--S. perrisii Dufour 1838 BM76
    |    |--S. p. perrisii BM76
    |    `--S. p. ibericus Beaumont 1962 BM76
    |--S. pictus Dahlbom 1845 BM76
    |--S. pluschtschevskii Radoszkowski 1888 BM76
    |--S. praestans Morawitz 1893 BM76
    |--S. pulcherrimus (Smith 1856) [=Larra pulcherrima] BM76
    |--S. pygidialis Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. quartinae (Gribodo 1884) [=Sphecius quartinae] BM76
    |--S. raddei Handlirsch 1889 BM76
    |--S. rapax Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. richardsi Arnold 1959 BM76
    |--S. rubellus Turner 1912 BM76
    |--S. rubroflavus Turner 1916 BM76
    |--S. rufescens (Smith 1856) [=Larra rufescens] BM76
    |--S. rufipes (Fabricius 1804) [=Liris rufipes; incl. S. gigas Walsh & Riley 1868, S. grandis Lepeletier 1845] BM76
    |--S. rufiventris Radoszkowski 1877 [incl. S. sarmaticus Morawitz 1891] BM76
    |    |--S. r. rufiventris BM76
    |    `--S. r. compar Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. rufocinctus Dahlbom 1845 BM76
    |--S. rufoniger Mochi 1939 BM76
    |--S. saharae Roth 1934 BM76
    |--S. saussurei Handlirsch 1895 BM76
    |--S. savignyi Spinola 1838 [incl. Larra succinea Klug 1845] BM76
    |--S. schmiedeknechti Handlirsch 1898 BM76
    |--S. scoliaeformis Arnold 1929 BM76
    |--S. scolioides Kokujev 1902 BM76
    |--S. sexfasciatus (Fabricius 1793) [=Bembex sexfasciatus] BM76
    |--S. spectrum Handlirsch 1901 BM76
    |--S. spinulosus Radoszkowski 1876 BM76
    |--S. stevensoni Arnold 1936 BM76
    |--S. storeyi Turner 1920 BM76
    |--S. tenuicornis (Smith 1856) [=Larra tenuicornis] BM76
    |--S. texanus Cresson 1872 BM76
    |--S. transcaspicus Radoszkowski 1893 BM76
    |--S. tricolor Handlirsch 1892 BM76
    |--S. tridens MS01
    |--S. tridentatus [=Bembex tridentata] L02
    |--S. tunetanus Costa 1893 BM76
    |--S. vespiformis (Fabricius 1775) [=Sphex vespiformis, *Stizolarra vespiformis] BM76
    |--S. vespoides (Walker 1871) [=Larra vespoides; incl. L. argentea Taschenberg 1875, L. magnifica Smith 1873] BM76
    |--S. wheeleri Arnold 1959 BM76
    |--S. zhelochovtzevi Gussakovskij 1952 BM76
    |--S. zimini Gussakovskij 1928 BM76
    |--S. zonatus (Klug 1845) [=Larra zonata; incl. L. dimidiata Taschenberg 1875 non Panzer 1806-1809] BM76
    `--S. zonosoma Handlirsch 1895 BM76

Stizus annulatus (Klug 1845) [=Larra annulata; incl. S. eversmanni Radoszkowski 1877, S. kisilkumii Radoszkowski 1877, S. picticornis Morawitz 1891, Larra subapicalis Walker 1871] BM76

Stizus biclipeatus (Christ 1791) [=Vespa biclipeata; incl. Larra cingulata Fabricius 1798, L. nubilipennis Smith 1856, Tiphia ruficornis Fabricius 1787 nec Vespa ruficornis Forster 1771 nec Bembex ruficornis Fabricius 1787] BM76

Stizus fasciatus (Fabricius 1781) [=Bembex fasciatus; incl. B. integra Fabricius 1804, Stizus terminalis Dahlbom 1845] BM76

Stizus lohrmanni Bohart in Bohart & Menke 1976 [=S. arnoldi Lohrmann 1943 non Mochi 1939; incl. S. pubescens Arnold 1929 non Klug 1835] BM76

Stizus ruficornis (Forster 1771) [=Vespa ruficornis; incl. S. distinguendus Handlirsch 1901, V. gaditana Gmelin 1790, S. komarovi Radoszkowski 1888, S. ornatus Dahlbom 1845, Larra pubescens Klug 1835, Bembex ruficornis Fabricius 1787 non Vespa ruficornis Forster 1771, *Stizus ruficornis, S. scutellaris Kirby 1900] BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BM76] Bohart, R. M., & A. S. Menke. 1976. Sphecid Wasps of the World. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[L02] Latreille, P. A. 1802. Histoire Naturelle, générale et particulière des crustacés et des insectes vol. 3. Familles naturelles des genres. F. Dufart: Paris.

[MS01] Mocsáry, A., & V. Szépligeti. 1901. Hymenopterák [Hymenopteren]. In: Horváth, G. (ed.) Zichy Jenő Gróf Harmadik Ázsiai Utazása [Dritte Asiatische Forschungsreise des Grafen Eugen Zichy] vol. 2. Zichy Jenő Gróf Harmadik Ázsiai Utazásának Állattani Eredményei [Zoologische Ergebnisse der Dritten Asiatischen Forschungsreise des Grafen Eugen Zichy] pp. 121–169. Victor Hornyánszky: Budapest, and Karl W. Hierseman: Leipzig.

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