Neinei Dracophyllum recurvum, copyright Krzysztof Golik.

Belongs within: Styphelioideae.

The Richeeae are an Australasian group of shrubs and small trees characterised by parallel-veined leaves which leave an annular scar on the stem when shed (Kron et al. 2002).

Characters (from Kron et al. 2002): Small trees with unbranched stems or much-branched shrubs. Leaves alternate, glabrous, with a few blunt teeth; leaf base sheathing the stem and falling with the leaf to leave annular scars; the veins parallel, having both adaxial and abaxial fiber caps that extend as a flange to contact each epidermis or the lignified hypodermis; nodes multilacunar. Flowers solitary or in spikes, racemes or panicles; bracts persistent or deciduous; bracteoles 2, deciduous. Flowers 5-merous. Calyx lobes ciliate, persistent; corolla sympetalous, cylindrical, the lobes either fused to form a calyptra that splits transversely and falls at anthesis to leave a persistent basal ring, or lobes free and the corolla tube sometimes constricted at the throat. Stamens 5, free, or epipetalous, if free the filaments short, straight; anthers monothecal, lacking appendages. Pollen in tetrads. Ovary 5-locular, with axile placentation, several ovules in each cell; stigma small, capitate; style impressed. Fruit a loculicidal capsule.

<==Richeeae KJ02
    |--Richea [Richeoideae] SN08
    |    |--R. dracophylla KJ02
    |    |--R. pandanifolia SN08
    |    `--R. scoparia SN08
    |--Sphenotoma KJ02
    |    |--*S. squarrosum C06 [=Dracophyllum squarrosum Br. 1810 C06, A61]
    |    |--S. capitatum GK00
    |    |--S. dracophylloides KJ02
    |    `--S. gracile GK00
    `--Dracophyllum KJ02
         |  i. s.: D. milliganii KJ02
         |         D. sayeri C16
         |         D. secundum M87
         |--D. subg. Dracophyllum A61
         |    |--D. fiordense Oliver 1929 A61
         |    |--D. latifolium Cunn. 1839 [incl. D. recurvatum Colenso 1889] A61
         |    |--D. matthewsii Carse 1926 (see below for synonymy) A61
         |    |--D. menziesii Hooker 1854 A61
         |    |--D. pyramidale Oliver 1952 [incl. D. recurvatum Oliver 1929 non Colenso 1889] A61
         |    |--D. strictum Hooker 1844 (see below for synonymy) A61
         |    |--D. townsonii Cheesem. 1906 A61
         |    `--D. traversii Hooker 1867 A61
         |--D. (subg. Cordophyllum) involucratum H03
         `--D. subg. Oreothamnus A61
              |--D. acerosum Bergg. 1877 (see below for synonymy) A61
              |--D. adamsii Petrie 1924 A61
              |--D. arboreum Cockayne 1902 (see below for synonymy) A61
              |--D. × arcuatum Oliver 1929 [D. filifolium × D. recurvum] A61
              |--D. × densiflorum Oliver 1929 [D. lessonianum × D. sinclairii] A61
              |--D. densum Oliver 1952 A61
              |--D. × erectum Oliver 1929 [D. prostratum ×D. uniflorum] A61
              |--D. filifolium Hooker 1854 A61 (see below for synonymy)
              |--D. × insulare Oliver 1929 [D. longifolium × D. scoparium] A61
              |--D. kirkii Bergg. 1880 [incl. D. uniflorum Bergg. 1877 non Hooker 1864] A61
              |--D. lessonianum Rich. 1832 A61 [=D. urvilleanum var. lessonianum C06; incl. D. robustum Hooker 1844 A61]
              |--D. longifolium (Forster & Forster) Br. 1810 (see below for synonymy) A61
              |    |--D. l. var. longifolium A61
              |    `--D. l. var. cockayneanum (Du Rietz) Oliver 1952 [=D. cockayneanum Du Rietz 1930] A61
              |--D. × marginatum Oliver 1929 [D. lessonianum × D. subulatum] A61
              |--D. minimum H03
              |--D. muscoides Hooker 1864 A61
              |--D. oliveri Du Rietz 1930 A61
              |--D. paludosum Cockayne 1902 (see bleow for synonymy) A61
              |--D. palustre Cockayne ex Oliver 1929 (see below for synonymy) A61
              |--D. patens Oliver 1929 A61
              |--D. pearsonii Kirk 1885 A61
              |--D. politum (Cheeseman) Cockayne 1909 [=D. rosmarinifolium var. politum Cheeseman 1906] A61
              |--D. pronum Oliver 1929 A61
              |--D. prostratum Kirk 1881 A61
              |--D. pubescens Cheeseman 1906 A61
              |--D. recurvum Hooker 1844 (see below for synonymy) A61
              |--D. rosmarinifolium (Forster) Br. 1810 [=Epacris rosmarinifolia Forster 1786] A61
              |--D. × saxicolum Oliver 1929 [D. kirkii × D. pronum] A61
              |--D. scoparium Hooker 1844 (see below for synonymy) A61
              |--D. sinclairii Cheesem. 1906 [incl. D. squarrosum Hooker 1844 non Br. 1810] A61
              |--D. subulatum Hooker 1844 [incl. D. angustifolium Colenso 1896] A61
              |--D. trimorphum Oliver 1952 A61
              |--D. uniflorum Hooker 1864 A61
              |    |--D. u. var. uniflorum A61
              |    `--D. u. var. frondosum Simpson 1952 A61
              |--D. urvilleanum Rich. 1832 A61
              |--D. × varium Oliver 1929 (see below for synonymy) A61
              |--D. viride Oliver 1929 A61
              `--D. × vulcanicum Oliver 1929 [D. filifolium × D. subulatum] A61

Dracophyllum acerosum Bergg. 1877 [incl. D. uniflorum var. acicularifolium Cheesem. 1906, D. acicularifolium Cockayne 1915, D. peninsulare Oliver 1929] A61

Dracophyllum arboreum Cockayne 1902 [incl. D. latifolium var. ciliolatum Hooker 1867, D. scoparium var. major Cheeseman 1906, D. scoparium Muell. 1864 non Hooker 1844] A61

Dracophyllum filifolium Hooker 1854 A61 [=D. urvilleanum var. filifolium C06; incl. D. filifolium var. centrale Oliver 1952 A61, D. collinum Oliver 1929 A61, D. filifolium var. collinum (Oliver) Oliver 1952 A61, D. heterophyllum Colenso 1896 A61, D. pungens Colenso 1896 A61, D. setifolium Stchegl. 1859 A61, D. virgatum Colenso 1896 A61]

Dracophyllum longifolium (Forster & Forster) Br. 1810 [=Epacris longifolia Forster & Forster 1776; incl. E. frondosa Gaertn. 1788, Dracophyllum lyallii Hooker 1854, D. longifolium var. pluviale Oliver 1952, D. longifolium var. retortum Homb. & Jacq. 1853, D. longifolium var. septentrionale Oliver 1952] A61

Dracophyllum matthewsii Carse 1926 [=D. latifolium var. matthewsii Carse 1916; incl. D. latifolium Cheesem. 1914 non Cunn. 1839] A61

Dracophyllum paludosum Cockayne 1902 [=D. scoparium var. paludosum Cockayne 1925; incl. D. rosmarinifolium Buchan. 1875 non Epacris rosmarinifolia Forster 1786] A61

Dracophyllum palustre Cockayne ex Oliver 1929 [incl. D. uniflorum var. virgatum Cheeseman 1906, D. virgatum (Cheeseman) Cockayne 1912 non Colenso 1896] A61

Dracophyllum recurvum Hooker 1844 [incl. D. brachycladum Colenso 1899, D. brachyphyllum Colenso 1896, D. rubrum Colenso 1888, D. tenuicaulis Colenso 1890] A61

Dracophyllum scoparium Hooker 1844 [=D. urvilleanum var. scoparium Hooker 1867; incl. D. subantarcticum Cockayne 1921 (n. n.)] A61

Dracophyllum strictum Hooker 1844 [incl. D. affine Hooker 1844, D. featonianum Colenso 1890, D. imbricatum Colenso 1893] A61

Dracophyllum × varium Oliver 1929 [D. longifolium × D. recurvum; incl. D. urvilleanum var. montanum Cheeseman 1906] A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A61] Allan, H. H. 1961. Flora of New Zealand vol. 1. Indigenous Tracheophyta: Psilopsida, Lycopsida, Filicopsida, Gymnospermae, Dicotyledones. R. E. Owen, Government Printer: Wellington (New Zealand).

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