Cowpea Vigna unguiculata, copyright Harry Rose.

Belongs within: Phaseolinae.

Vigna is a pantropical genus of twining or erect herbaceous legumes, a number of which are cultivated as food plants.

Characters (from Flora of China): Twining or erect herbs, rarely subshrubs. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate; stipules peltate or basally spurred, 2-lobed, cordate, or truncate. Racemes axillary or terminal, nodes of rachis often thickened and glandular. Bracts and bracteoles deciduous. Calyx 5-toothed, 2-lipped. Corolla yellow, blue, or purple; standard suborbicular, base appendaged; wings shorter than standard; keel subequal to wings, incurved, not beaked or produced into an incurved or spirally twisted beak. Stamens diadelphous; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile; style filiform, upper part thickened, bearded or hirsute lengthwise inside; stigma oblique. Legumes linear or linear-oblong, terete or flat. Seeds reniform or subquadrate; hilum short or elongate, with or without aril.

    |--V. aconitifolia PP07
    |--V. angularis T91
    |--V. dalzelliana SR07
    |--V. lanceolata B12
    |    |--V. l. var. lanceolata B12
    |    `--V. l. var. filiformis B12
    |--V. luteola B00
    |--V. marinas M99
    |--V. radiata KJ94
    |    |--V. r. var. radiata LK14
    |    |--V. r. var. setulosa LK14
    |    `--V. r. var. sublobata LK14
    |--V. sesquipedales M99 [=V. unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis BMM99]
    |--V. sinensis B88
    |--V. trilobata PP07
    |--V. unguiculata CP13
    `--V. vexillata H03
         |--V. v. var. vexillata VT13
         `--V. v. var. angustifolia VT13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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