Pison (Pison)

Pison spinolae, from Insects of Tasmania.

Belongs within: Trypoxylini.

The type subgenus of the genus Pison is a cosmopolitan group of wasps nesting in cells constructed in hollows in plant stems or beetle burrows, or in mud cells in sheltered locations. Nests are provisioned with spiders (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976): Eyes bare. Mandible entire. Gaster sessile, not pedunculate, segment I bell-shaped in dorsal view , width of segment I much more than two-thirds greatest width of II and usually subequal to II. Fore wing with two or three submarginal cells.

<==Pison Jurine in Spinola 1808 (Pison) C85 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. (P.) atrum (Spinola 1808) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--P. (P.) aberrans Turner 1908 [=P. (Parapison) aberrans] C85
    |--P. (P.) agile (Smith 1869) [=Parapison agile] BM76
    |--P. (P.) algiricum Kohl 1898 BM76
    |--P. (P.) allonymum Schulz 1906 (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--P. (P.) areniferum Evans 1981 C85
    |--P. (P.) argentatum Shuckard 1838 (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--P. (P.) ashmeadi Turner 1916 [incl. P. punctulatum Ashmead 1905 non Kohl 1883] BM76
    |--P. (P.) assimile Sickmann 1894 BM76
    |--P. (P.) atripenne Gussakovskij 1938 BM76
    |--P. (P.) auratum Shuckard 1838 [=P. auratus] C85
    |--P. (P.) aureosericeum Rohwer 1915 C85
    |--P. (P.) aurifex Smith 1869 C85
    |--P. (P.) auriventre Turner 1908 C85
    |--P. (P.) barbatum Evans 1981 C85
    |--P. (P.) basale Smith 1869 [=P. basalis] C85
    |--P. (P.) caliginosum Turner 1908 [=P. (Parapison) caliginosum] C85
    |--P. (P.) cameronii Kohl 1893 [incl. P. fasciatum Kohl 1883 non Pseudonysson fasciatus Radoszkowski 1876] BM76
    |--P. (P.) carinatum Turner 1917 [incl. P. cyprium Gussakovskij 1937] BM76
    |--P. (P.) chilense Spinola 1851 BM76
    |--P. (P.) ciliatum Evans 1981 C85
    |--P. (P.) collare Kohl 1887 BM76
    |--P. (P.) conforme Smith 1869 BM76
    |--P. (P.) congenerum Turner 1916 [=P. congener] C85
    |--P. (P.) cressoni Rohwer 1911 BM76
    |--P. (P.) decipiens Smith 1869 C85
    |--P. (P.) denticeps Cameron 1910 BM76
    |--P. (P.) deperditum Turner 1917 [=P. (Pisonitus) deperditum] C85
    |--P. (P.) dimidiatum Smith 1869 [=Pison dimidiatus] C85
    |--P. (P.) dives Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) eremnon Menke 1968 BM76
    |--P. (P.) erythrocerum Kohl 1884 [=Parapison ruficornis Smith 1869 non Pison ruficornis Smith 1856] C85
    |--P. (P.) erythrogastrum Rohwer 1915 [=P. (Parapison) erythrogastrum] C85
    |--P. (P.) erythropus Kohl 1884 [incl. Parapison rufipes Smith 1869 non Pison rufipes Shuckard 1838] BM76
    |--P. (P.) esakii Yasumatsu 1937 BM76
    |--P. (P.) exclusum Turner 1916 [=P. (Parapison) exclusum] C85
    |--P. (P.) exornatum Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) exultans Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) fasciatum (Radoszkowski 1876) [=*Pseudonysson fasciatus] BM76
    |--P. (P.) fenestratum Smith 1869 [=P. fenestratus, P. nitidus Smith 1868 non Smith 1858] C85
    |--P. (P.) festivum Smith 1869 [=P. festivus] C85
    |--P. (P.) flavolimbatum Turner 1917 BM76
    |--P. (P.) fraterculus Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) fuscipenne Smith 1869 [=P. fuscipennis] C85
    |--P. (P.) glabrum Kohl 1908 BM76
    |--P. (P.) hanedai Tsuneki 1973 BM76
    |--P. (P.) hissaricum Gussakovskij 1937 BM76
    |--P. (P.) hospes Smith 1879 [incl. P. palauense Yasumatsu 1937 (n. n.)] BM76
    |--P. (P.) humile Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--P. (P.) ignavum Turner 1908 C85
    |--P. (P.) impunctatum Turner 1912 BM76
    |--P. (P.) inaequale Turner 1916 BM76
    |--P. (P.) inconspicuum Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) infumatum Turner 1908 C85
    |--P. (P.) insigne Sickmann 1894 BM76
    |--P. (P.) insulare Smith 1869 BM76
    |--P. (P.) iridipenne Smith 1879 C85
    |--P. (P.) isolitum Turner 1911 BM76
    |--P. (P.) kohlii Bingham 1897 [incl. P. aureopilosum Cameron 1909] BM76
    |--P. (P.) korrorense Yasumatsu 1937 BM76
    |--P. (P.) laeve Smith 1856 BM76
    |--P. (P.) lobiferum Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--P. (P.) lutescens Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) maculipenne Smith 1860 BM76
    |--P. (P.) mandibulatum Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) marginatum Smith 1856 [=P. marginatus] C85
    |--P. (P.) mariannense Yasumatsu 1953 BM76
    |--P. (P.) melanocephalum Turner 1908 C85
    |--P. (P.) meridionale Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) minicum Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--P. (P.) montanum Cameron 1910 BM76
    |--P. (P.) morosum Smith 1856 BM76
    |--P. (P.) multistrigatum Turner 1917 BM76
    |--P. (P.) nigellum Krombein 1949 BM76
    |--P. (P.) nitidum Smith 1858 BM76
    |--P. (P.) noctulum Turner 1908 [=P. (Parapison) noctulum] C85
    |--P. (P.) novocaledonicum Krombein 1949 BM76
    |--P. (P.) oakleyi Krombein 1949 BM76
    |    |--P. o. oakleyi BM76
    |    |--P. o. boninense Tsuneki 1973 BM76
    |    `--P. o. rotaense Tsuneki 1968 BM76
    |--P. (P.) obesum Arnold 1958 BM76
    |--P. (P.) orientale Cameron 1897 BM76
    |--P. (P.) pallidipalpe Smith 1863 BM76
    |--P. (P.) papuanum Schulz 1904 [incl. P. constrictum Turner 1912, P. morosum Smith 1864 non Smith 1856] BM76
    |--P. (P.) pasteelsi Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--P. (P.) peletieri Le Guillou 1841 C85 [=P. pelletieri Le Guillou 1841 BM76]
    |--P. (P.) perplexum Smith 1856 [=P. perplexus] C85
    |--P. (P.) pertinax Turner 1908 [=P. (Parapison) pertinax] C85
    |--P. (P.) petularum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--P. (P.) ponape Krombein 1949 BM76
    |--P. (P.) pregustum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--P. (P.) premunitum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--P. (P.) priscum Turner 1908 [=P. insulare priscum] C85
    |--P. (P.) pulchrinum Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) punctifrons Shuckard 1838 (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--P. (P.) punctulatum Kohl 1884 C85
    |--P. (P.) regale Smith 1852 BM76
    |--P. (P.) repentinum Arnold 1940 BM76
    |--P. (P.) rothneyi Cameron 1896 [incl. P. crassicorne Cameron 1897] BM76
    |--P. (P.) ruficorne Smith 1856 [=P. (Pisonitus) ruficornis] C85
    |--P. (P.) rufipes Shuckard 1838 [=P. (Pisonitus) rufipes] C85
    |--P. (P.) rufitarse Arnold 1944 BM76
    |--P. (P.) rugosum Smith 1856 [incl. P. appendiculatum Cameron 1897] BM76
    |--P. (P.) sarawakense Cameron 1903 BM76
    |--P. (P.) scabrum Turner 1908 C85
    |--P. (P.) scruposum Arnold 1955 BM76
    |--P. (P.) separatum Smith 1869 [=P. separatus] C85
    |--P. (P.) sericeum Kohl 1888 BM76
    |--P. (P.) seyrigi Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--P. (P.) simillimum Smith 1869 [=P. simillimus] C85
    |--P. (P.) simulans Turner 1915 [=P. (Parapison) simulans] C85
    |--P. (P.) sogdianum Gussakovskij 1937 BM76
    |--P. (P.) speculare Turner 1911 BM76
    |--P. (P.) spinolae Shuckard 1838 C85 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. (P.) strandi Yasumatsu 1935 [incl. P. iwatai Yasumatsu 1935] BM76
    |--P. (P.) strenuum Turner 1916 C85
    |--P. (P.) strictifrons Vachal 1907 BM76
    |--P. (P.) strigulosum Turner 1917 BM76
    |--P. (P.) susanae Cheesman 1955 BM76
    |--P. (P.) suspicax Kokujev 1912 BM76
    |--P. (P.) tahitense Saussure 1867 [incl. P. rechingeri Kohl 1908] BM76
    |--P. (P.) tenebrosum Turner 1908 [=P. (Parapison) tenebrosum] C85
    |--P. (P.) testaceipes Turner 1916 BM76
    |--P. (P.) tibiale Smith 1869 [=Pison tibialis] C85
    |--P. (P.) tosawai Yasumatsu 1935 BM76
    |--P. (P.) transvaalense Cameron 1910 [incl. P. clypeatum Cameron 1910] BM76
    |--P. (P.) trukense Yasumatsu 1953 BM76
    |--P. (P.) tuberculatum Smith 1869 BM76
    |--P. (P.) ugandense Arnold 1955 BM76
    |--P. (P.) ussuriense Gussakovskij 1937 BM76
    |--P. (P.) vestitum Smith 1856 [=P. vestitus] C85
    |--P. (P.) virosum Turner 1908 C85
    |--P. (P.) wagneri Arnold 1932 BM76
    |--P. (P.) westwoodii Shuckard 1838 [incl. P. obliquus Smith 1856] C85
    |--P. (P.) wollastoni Turner 1916 BM76
    `--P. (P.) xanthopus (BrullĂ© 1833) [=*Nephridia xanthopus; incl. P. obscurum Shuckard 1838] BM76

Pison Jurine in Spinola 1808 (Pison) C85 [incl. Nephridia Brullé 1833 BM76, Pisonitus Shuckard 1838 BM76, Pseudonysson Radoszkowski 1876 BM76, Tachybulus Latreille 1809 BM76, Taranga Kirby 1883 BM76]

Pison (Pison) allonymum Schulz 1906 [incl. P. iridipenne Cameron 1905 non Smith 1879, P. karrooense Arnold 1924, P. rhodesianum Bischoff 1913] BM76

Pison (Pison) argentatum Shuckard 1838 [=*Pisonitus argentatus; incl. Pisonitus argenteus Ashmead 1904, Pison fuscipalpe Cameron 1901] BM76

Pison (Pison) atrum (Spinola 1808) [=Alyson ater; incl. *Pison jurinei Spinola 1808, P. jurini, *Tachybulus niger Latreille 1809] BM76

Pison (Pison) punctifrons Shuckard 1838 [incl. P. fabricator Smith 1869, P. japonicum Gussakovskij 1937, P. javanum Cameron 1905, P. lagunae Ashmead 1904, P. striolatum Cameron 1896, P. suspiciosum Smith 1858] BM76

Pison (Pison) spinolae Shuckard 1838 C85 [incl. P. australis Saussure 1853 C85, *Taranga dubia Kirby 1883 BM76, P. pruinosum Cameron 1898 BM76, P. tasmanicus Smith 1856 C85]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BM76] Bohart, R. M., & A. S. Menke. 1976. Sphecid Wasps of the World. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[C85] Cardale, J. C. 1985. Vespoidea and Sphecoidea. In: Walton, D. W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 2. Hymenoptera: Formicoidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea pp. 150–303. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

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