Trypoxylon (Trypoxylon)

Trypoxylon cf. scutatum, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Trypoxylini.

The type subgenus of the genus Trypoxylon is a cosmopolitan group of slender-bodied wasps, species of which seem to take a variety of prey species (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976): Transverse (may be angulate) interantennal carina present, or if not, then frons just above or between sockets usually strongly or abruptly elevated; frontal carina weak or strong, often bifurcating above, the arms sometimes rejoining to enclose a shield-shaped area on frons; dorsal margin of petiole socket convex, narrowly bandlike or merely sharp edged, often with a backward projecting lamella; omaulus absent: propodeal side often limited dorsally by a carina or foveate sulcus between spiracle and petiole socket; propodeal sternite often present; two groups of hind wing hamuli usually separated by more than length of apical row. Male genitalia with gonostyle usually divided apically into dorsal and ventral lobe ("squama"); sternum VIII variable (apical processes short if present).

<==Trypoxylon Latreille 1796 (Trypoxylon) C85 [incl. Asaconoton Arnold 1959 BM76]
    |--*T. (T.) figulus (Linnaeus 1758) C85 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--T. f. figulus [incl. T. f. major Kohl 1883, T. f. minor Beaumont 1945] BM76
    |    |--T. f. barbarum Beaumont 1957 [incl. T. fieuzeti Giner Marí 1959] BM76
    |    |--T. f. koma Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |    |--T. f. medium Beaumont 1945 [incl. T. rubi Wolf 1959] BM76
    |    `--T. f. yezo Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) abditum Arnold 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) accumulator Smith 1875 BM76
    |--T. (T.) acutangulum Arnold 1951 BM76
    |--T. (T.) aegyptium Kohl 1906 [=T. aegyptiacum (l. c.)] BM76
    |--T. (T.) aeneipenne Arnold 1943 BM76
    |--T. (T.) albipes Smith 1856 BM76
    |--T. (T.) albitarsatum Tsuneki 1977 C85
    |    |--T. a. albitarsatum C85
    |    `--T. a. huonense Tsuneki 1977 C85
    |--T. (T.) aldrichi Sandhouse 1940 BM76
    |--T. (T.) algoense Arnold 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) ambiguum Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) ammophiloides Costa 1871 BM76
    |--T. (T.) arabicum Gussakovskij 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) arnoldi Menke in Bohart & Menke 1976 [=T. cognatum Arnold 1924 non Cameron 1897] BM76
    |--T. (T.) arroyense Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) arudum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) ashmeadi Baltazar 1966 [incl. T. elongatum Ashmead 1905 non Smith 1856] BM76
    |--T. (T.) asinum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) asuncicola Strand 1910 BM76
    |    |--T. a. asuncicola BM76
    |    `--T. a. levius Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) attenuatum Smith 1851 BM76
    |    |--T. a. attenuatum BM76
    |    `--T. a. hannibalis Gribodo 1896 BM76
    |--T. (T.) backi Sandhouse 1940 BM76
    |--T. (T.) balteatum Cameron 1889 BM76
    |--T. (T.) barberi Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) bellardi Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) biarti Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) bicolor Smith 1856 BM76
    |--T. (T.) bidentatum Fox 1891 [incl. T. morrisoni Richards 1934] BM76
    |--T. (T.) bilobatum Tsuneki 1961 BM76
    |--T. (T.) bituberculatum Tsuneki 1977 C85
    |--T. (T.) bourgeoisi Strand 1911 BM76
    |--T. (T.) brasilianum Saussure 1867 BM76
    |--T. (T.) braunsi Arnold 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) brevipenne Saussure 1867 BM76
    |--T. (T.) breviventre Arnold 1959 BM76
    |--T. (T.) bridwelli Sandhouse 1940 BM76
    |--T. (T.) buddha Cameron 1889 BM76
    |--T. (T.) caldesianum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) cameronii Dalla Torre 1897 (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--T. (T.) canaliculatum Cameron 1889 BM76
    |--T. (T.) capense Cameron 1905 BM76
    |--T. (T.) capitale Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) carcinum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) carinatum Say 1837 BM76
    |--T. (T.) cariosum Arnold 1959 BM76
    |--T. (T.) carpenteri Richards 1933 BM76
    |--T. (T.) castoris Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) cataractae Arnold 1924 BM76
    |    |--T. c. cataractae BM76
    |    `--T. c. madecassum Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--T. (T.) catinum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) cavallum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) centrale Fox 1895 BM76
    |--T. (T.) chichidzimaense Tsuneki 1973 BM76
    |--T. (T.) chichimecum Saussure 1867 BM76
    |--T. (T.) chihpense Tsuneki 1971 BM76
    |--T. (T.) chinense Gussakovskij 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) chingi Tsuneki 1971 BM76
    |--T. (T.) chirindense Arnold 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) chosenense Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) cinctellum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) clarkei Krombein 1962 BM76
    |--T. (T.) clavicerum Lepeletier & Serville 1828 [incl. T. tibiale Zetterstedt 1840] BM76
    |    |--T. c. clavicerum BM76
    |    |--T. c. exiguum Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |    `--T. c. gussakovskiji Tsuneki 1974 [incl. T. pygmaeum Gussakovskij 1933 non Cameron 1900] BM76
    |--T. (T.) cocorite Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) cognatum Cameron 1897 BM76
    |--T. (T.) coloratum Smith 1857 BM76
    |--T. (T.) confrater Kohl 1894 BM76
    |--T. (T.) cornigerum Cameron 1889 BM76
    |--T. (T.) crassifrons Tsuneki 1963 BM76
    |--T. (T.) crassipunctatum Arnold 1946 BM76
    |--T. (T.) cricetum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) crudele Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) darium Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) dendrophilum Arnold 1959 BM76
    |--T. (T.) deuterium Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) dubiosum Tsuneki 1964 BM76
    |--T. (T.) duckei Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) dyeri Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) ebneri Maidl 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) ecuadorium Richards 1934 BM76
    |    |--T. e. ecuadorium BM76
    |    `--T. e. meridionale Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) egregium Arnold 1959 [=*Asaconoton egregium] BM76
    |--T. (T.) elegantulum Smith 1860 BM76
    |--T. (T.) elgonense Arnold 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) elongatum Smith 1856 BM76
    |--T. (T.) emeritum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) errans Saussure 1867 [incl. T. gardneri Cameron 1907] BM76
    |--T. (T.) erythrozonatum Cameorn 1902 BM76
    |--T. (T.) eugeniae Gussakovskij 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) excellens Strand 1910 BM76
    |--T. (T.) eximium Smith 1859 C85
    |--T. (T.) eyeni Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) fabricator Smith 1873 [incl. T. brevicarinatum Cameron 1912, T. gracile Taschenberg 1875] BM76
    |--T. (T.) fastigium Fox 1893 (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--T. (T.) fenchihuense Tsuneki 1967 BM76
    |--T. (T.) ferox Smith 1860 BM76
    |--T. (T.) fiebrigi Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) fitzgeraldi Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) flavimanum Arnold 1946 BM76
    |--T. (T.) flavipes Tsuneki 1979 C85
    |--T. (T.) fletcheri Turner 1918 BM76
    |--T. (T.) florale Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) formosicola Strand 1922 BM76
    |    |--T. f. formosicola BM76
    |    |--T. f. calcarale Strand 1922 BM76
    |    |--T. f. inornatum Matsumura 1926 [incl. T. amamiense Tsuneki 1964] BM76
    |    `--T. f. kankauense Strand 1922 BM76
    |--T. (T.) foveatum Cameron 1904 BM76
    |--T. (T.) frigidum Smith 1856 [incl. T. plesium Rohwer 1920] BM76
    |    |--T. f. frigidum BM76
    |    |--T. f. chongar Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |    `--T. f. cornutum Gussakovskij 1933 BM76
    |--T. (T.) frioense Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) frontale Smith 1856 BM76
    |--T. (T.) fornticorne Gussakovskij 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) fulvocollare Cameron 1904 BM76
    |--T. (T.) funatui Tsuneki 1963 BM76
    |--T. (T.) geniculatum Cameron 1902 BM76
    |--T. (T.) gounellei Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) gracilescens Smith 1860 [incl. T. petioloides Strand 1922] BM76
    |--T. (T.) gracilicorne Arnold 1946 BM76
    |--T. (T.) gracillimum Smith 1863 BM76
    |--T. (T.) grenadense Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) gussachaos Menke in Bohart & Menke 1976 (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--T. (T.) gustatum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) hova Saussure 1892 BM76
    |--T. (T.) imayoshii Yasumatsu 1938 BM76
    |--T. (T.) inconstans Arnold 1946 BM76
    |--T. (T.) indicum Menke in Bohart & Menke 1976 [=T. ornatipes Cameron 1913 non Fox 1891] BM76
    |--T. (T.) infimum Arnold 1940 BM76
    |--T. (T.) insolitum Fox 1897 BM76
    |--T. (T.) intrudens Smith 1870 BM76
    |--T. (T.) isigakiense Tsuneki 1973 BM76
    |--T. (T.) javanum Taschenberg 1875 BM76
    |--T. (T.) johnsoni Fox 1891 [incl. T. adelphiae Sandhouse 1940, T. ornatipes Fox 1891] BM76
    |--T. (T.) judicum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kabeyae Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kalimantan Menke in Bohart & Menke 1976 [=T. annulipes Cameron 1903 non Taschenberg 1875] BM76
    |--T. (T.) kansitakum Tsuneki 1971 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kapiricum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kaszabi Tsuneki 1971 BM76
    |--T. (T.) katangae Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) khasiae Cameron 1904 BM76
    |--T. (T.) klapperichi Balthasar 1957 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kodamanum Tsuneki 1972 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kohli Arnold 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) koikense Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kolazyi Kohl 1893 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kolthoffi Gussakovskij 1938 BM76
    |--T. (T.) konosuense Tsuneki 1968 BM76
    |--T. (T.) koreanum Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) koshunicon Strand 1922 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kumaso Tsuneki 1966 BM76
    |--T. (T.) kyotoense Tsuneki 1966 BM76
    |--T. (T.) lacustre Arnold 1956 [incl. T. insulum Arnold 1959] BM76
    |--T. (T.) latiscutatum Arnold 1946 BM76
    |    |--T. l. latiscutatum BM76
    |    `--T. l. rectirugosum Arnold 1959 BM76
    |--T. (T.) layouanum Evans 1972 BM76
    |--T. (T.) leptogaster Kohl 1894 BM76
    |--T. (T.) letiferum Arnold 1946 BM76
    |--T. (T.) leucarthrum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) lissonotum Cameron 1910 BM76
    |--T. (T.) lucidum Arnold 1959 BM76
    |--T. (T.) lusingum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) luteosignatum Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--T. (T.) mabwense Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) magrettii Gribodo 1884 BM76
    |--T. (T.) maidli Richards 1934 BM76
    |    |--T. m. maidli BM76
    |    `--T. m. bodkini Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) malaisei Gussakovskij 1933 BM76
    |--T. (T.) mandibulatum Richards 1933 BM76
    |--T. (T.) manni Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) marginatum Cameron 1912 BM76
    |--T. (T.) marginifrons Cameron 1912 BM76
    |--T. (T.) massaicum Cameron 1910 BM76
    |--T. (T.) mazaruni Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) mediator Nurse 1903 BM76
    |--T. (T.) melanocorne Strand 1922 BM76
    |--T. (T.) melanurum Cameron 1902 BM76
    |--T. (T.) mindanaonis Tsuneki 1976 C85
    |--T. (T.) montanum Schulz 1906 [incl. T. placidum Cameron 1904 non Smith 1863] BM76
    |--T. (T.) monticola Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) montivagum Arnold 1940 BM76
    |--T. (T.) moraballi Richards 1934 BM76
    |    |--T. m. moraballi BM76
    |    `--T. m. boliviense Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) murotai Tsuneki 1973 BM76
    |--T. (T.) mutilatum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) nagamasae Tsuneki 1963 BM76
    |--T. (T.) nambui Tsuneki 1966 [incl. T. kinkadzanense Tsuneki 1971] BM76
    |--T. (T.) nigrispine Cameron 1905 BM76
    |--T. (T.) nipponicum Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) nitidissimum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) nodosicorne Turner 1917 BM76
    |--T. (T.) nodosum Arnold 1944 BM76
    |--T. (T.) obsonator Smith 1873 [incl. T. hyporientale Strand 1922] BM76
    |    |--T. o. obsonator BM76
    |    `--T. o. tropicale Tsuneki 1961 BM76
    |--T. (T.) oculare Menke 1968 BM76
    |--T. (T.) okinawanum Tsuneki 1966 BM76
    |--T. (T.) ordinarium Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) orientale Cameron 1904 BM76
    |--T. (T.) orientinum Richards 1969 BM76
    |--T. (T.) pachygaster Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) pacificum Gussakovskij 1933 BM76
    |--T. (T.) pan Arnold 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) papuanum Tsuneki 1977 C85
    |--T. (T.) parvum Schrottky 1902 BM76
    |--T. (T.) patruele Arnold 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) paulisum Leclercq 1965 BM76
    |--T. (T.) peltopse Kohl 1906 BM76
    |--T. (T.) pennsylvanicum Saussure 1867 BM76
    |    |--T. p. pennsylvanicum BM76
    |    `--T. p. japonense Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) pentheri Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) petiolatum Smith 1857 BM76
    |--T. (T.) philippinense Ashmead 1904 BM76
    |--T. (T.) pileatum Smith 1856 [incl. T. nigricans Cameron 1889 (n. n.)] BM76
    |--T. (T.) placidum Smith 1863 BM76
    |--T. (T.) posterorubrum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) providum Smith 1860 BM76
    |--T. (T.) pulawskii Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) puliense Tsuneki 1967 BM76
    |--T. (T.) pumilio Arnold 1959 BM76
    |--T. (T.) punctatissimum Arnold 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) punctivertex Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) puttalamum Strand 1922 BM76
    |--T. (T.) pygmaeum Cameron 1900 BM76
    |--T. (T.) quadriceps Tsuneki 1971 BM76
    |--T. (T.) regulare Viereck 1906 BM76
    |--T. (T.) rejector Smith 1870 BM76
    |--T. (T.) responsum Nurse 1903 BM76
    |    |--T. r. responsum BM76
    |    |--T. r. hatogayuum Tsuneki 1956 BM76
    |    |--T. r. regium Gussakovskij 1933 BM76
    |    |--T. r. ryukyuense Tsuneki 1966 BM76
    |    `--T. r. taiwanum Tsuneki 1967 BM76
    |--T. (T.) richardsi Sandhouse 1940 BM76
    |--T. (T.) rubiginosum Gussakovskij 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) rubrifemoratum Richards 1934 BM76
    |    |--T. r. rubrifemoratum BM76
    |    `--T. r. rubellum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) rufidens Cameron 1905 BM76
    |    |--T. r. rufidens BM76
    |    `--T. r. trinidadianum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) rufimanum Spinola 1851 BM76
    |--T. (T.) rugiceps Dalla Torre 1897 [incl. T. rugifrons Cameorn 1889 non Smith 1873] BM76
    |--T. (T.) rugifrons Smith 1873 BM76
    |--T. (T.) saltamaense Tsuneki 1973 BM76
    |--T. (T.) sanctum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) sapporoense Tsuneki 1960 BM76
    |--T. (T.) schmidti Richards 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) schmiedeknechti Kohl 1906 C85
    |    |--T. s. schmiedeknechti C85
    |    `--T. s. connexum Turner 1908 C85
    |--T. (T.) sculleni Sandhouse 1940 BM76
    |--T. (T.) scutatum Chevrier 1867 [incl. T. quartinae Gribodo 1884, T. scutigerum Taschenberg 1881] BM76
    |--T. (T.) scutiferum Taschenberg 1875 BM76
    |--T. (T.) scutifrons Saussure 1892 BM76
    |--T. (T.) segregatum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) senegambicum Kohl 1906 [incl. T. palaeotropicum Schulz 1906] BM76
    |--T. (T.) seyrigi Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--T. (T.) shannoni Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) shimoyamai Tsuneki 1958 BM76
    |--T. (T.) shirozui Tsuneki 1966 BM76
    |--T. (T.) silvestre Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) sinuosiscutis Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--T. (T.) sogdianum Gussakovskij 1952 BM76
    |--T. (T.) solivagum Arnold 1946 BM76
    |--T. (T.) staudingeri Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) stevensoni Arnold 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) stieglmayri Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) stroudi Gribodo 1884 BM76
    |--T. (T.) subpileatum Strand 1922 BM76
    |--T. (T.) succinctum Cresson 1865 BM76
    |--T. (T.) sulcatoides Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) sulcifrons Gussakovskij 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) syriacum Mercet 1906 BM76
    |--T. (T.) tainanense Strand 1922 [=T. taiwanense (l. c.)] BM76
    |--T. (T.) takasago Tsuneki 1966 BM76
    |--T. (T.) tanoi Tsuneki 1967 BM76
    |--T. (T.) testaceicorne Cameron 1907 BM76
    |--T. (T.) testaceipes Arnold 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) thaianum Tsuneki 1961 BM76
    |--T. (T.) timberlakei Sandhouse 1940 BM76
    |--T. (T.) tinctipenne Cameron 1889 BM76
    |--T. (T.) toltecum Saussure 1867 BM76
    |--T. (T.) tremulum Arnold 1946 BM76
    |--T. (T.) tricolor Sickmann 1894 BM76
    |--T. (T.) trigeminum Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) trinidadense Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) triste Arnold 1924 BM76
    |--T. (T.) trochanteratum Cameron 1902 BM76
    |--T. (T.) tuberculifrons Arnold 1945 BM76
    |--T. (T.) tubulentum Arnold 1946 BM76
    |--T. (T.) turkestanicum Gussakovskij 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) unguicorne Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) urichi Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) vallicola Tsuneki 1971 BM76
    |--T. (T.) varipes Pérez 1905 BM76
    |    |--T. v. varipes BM76
    |    `--T. v. nasutum Tsuneki 1974 BM76
    |--T. (T.) varipilosum Cameron 1901 BM76
    |--T. (T.) viduum Arnold 1951 BM76
    |--T. (T.) volitans Arnold 1956 BM76
    |--T. (T.) wheeleri Richards 1936 BM76
    |--T. (T.) winthemi Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) xenophon Richards 1934 BM76
    |--T. (T.) zikae Arnold 1956 BM76
    `--T. (T.) zurki Leclercq 1965 BM76

Trypoxylon (Trypoxylon) cameronii Dalla Torre 1897 [incl. T. palliditarse Cameron 1889 non Saussure 1867, T. tabascense Strand 1910] BM76

Trypoxylon (Trypoxylon) fastigium Fox 1893 [incl. T. carinifrons Fox 1891 non Cameron 1889, T. nigrellum Rohwer 1909, T. subfrigidum Rohwer 1909] BM76

*Trypoxylon (Trypoxylon) figulus (Linnaeus 1758) C85 [=Sphex figulus C85, *Apius figulus BM76; incl. Trypoxylon apicale Fox 1891 BM76, Sphex fuliginosus Scopoli 1763 BM76]

Trypoxylon (Trypoxylon) gussachaos Menke in Bohart & Menke 1976 [=T. carinifrons Gussakovskij 1936 nec Cameron 1889 nec Fox 1891] BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BM76] Bohart, R. M., & A. S. Menke. 1976. Sphecid Wasps of the World. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[C85] Cardale, J. C. 1985. Vespoidea and Sphecoidea. In: Walton, D. W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 2. Hymenoptera: Formicoidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea pp. 150–303. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

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