Cullen cinereum, copyright Mark Marathon.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.

The Psoraleeae are a widespread group of legumes, mostly small trees, shrubs or subshrubs, bearing indehiscent, usually one-seeded fruits. Leaves are often dotted with glands, at least on the lower surface; members of the genus Cullen also have the fruits densely glandular.

<==Psoraleeae CP13
    |--Bituminaria CP13
    |    |--B. bituminosa CP13 [=Psoralea bituminosa DH98]
    |    |    |--B. b. var. bituminosa DH98
    |    |    `--B. b. var. brachycarpa (Feldman) Danin in Danin & Hedge 1998 (see below for synonymy) DH98
    |    `--B. flaccida DH98
    `--+--Orbexilum lupinellum CP13
       |--Otholobium bracteolatum CP13
       |--Hoita CP13
       |    |--H. macrostachya [=Psoralea macrostachya] H93
       |    |--H. orbicularis [=Psoralea orbicularis] H93
       |    `--H. strobilina [=Psoralea strobilina] H93
       |--+--Pediomelum CP13
       |  |    |--P. californicum [=Psoralea californica] H93
       |  |    |--P. castoreum [=Psoralea castorea] H93
       |  |    |--P. mephiticum H93
       |  |    `--P. pentaphyllum CP13
       |  `--+--Ladeania juncea CP13
       |     `--Rupertia CP13
       |          |--R. hallii [=Hoita hallii] H93
       |          |--R. physodes [=Psoralea physodes] H93
       |          `--R. rigida [=Psoralea rigida, Hoita rigida] H93
       `--+--Psoralea CP13
          |    |--P. australasica M99
          |    |--P. cinerea CP13
          |    |--P. graveolens M99
          |    |--P. pallida M99
          |    |--P. patens M99
          |    |--P. pinnata B00a
          |    `--P. tenax G32
          `--Cullen CP13
               |--C. australasicum B00a
               |--C. badocanum LK14
               |--C. balsamicum B00a
               |--C. cinereum B00a
               |--C. cuneatum LK14
               |--C. leucanthum LK14
               |--C. microcephalum B00b
               |--C. patens B00a
               |--C. praeuptorum LK14
               |--C. pustulatum LK14
               |--C. tenax CP13
               `--C. virens LK14

Bituminaria bituminosa var. brachycarpa (Feldman) Danin in Danin & Hedge 1998 [=Psoralea bituminosa var. brachycarpa Feldman in Zohary 1972] DH98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 20 September 2020.

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