Rape Brassica rapa, copyright Matt Lavin.

Belongs within: Brassicaceae.

Brassica is a genus of herbs native to Eurasia though some species have been introduced more or less worldwide through their cultivation for food (Hickman 1993). These include the versatile B. oleracea that, through selection of different varieties for different growth forms, has given rise to cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kohl rabi and other vegetables.

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual, perennial; hairs simple. Stem erect, branched, glabrous above. Basal and lower cauline leaves petioled, dentate to pinnately lobed, lateral lobes shorter than terminal. Inflorescence terminal; bracts more or less absent. Flower with sepals erect; petals generally yellow. Fruit linear; valves 1-veined; beak conic or cylindric, with seeds absent or rarely 1–2. Seeds many, 1 row per chamber, spheric, finely to coarsely netted.

    |--B. adpressa C06
    |--B. balearica C55
    |--B. carinata GM96
    |--B. chinensis H90 [=B. napus var. chinensis PT01]
    |    |--B. c. var. chinensis P88
    |    `--B. c. var. parachinensis P88
    |--B. cretica PT98
    |    |--B. c. ssp. cretica PT98
    |    `--B. c. ssp. aegaea PT98
    |--B. fimbriata H90
    |--B. fruticulosa H90
    |--B. hilarionis D30
    |--B. insularis C55
    |--B. juncea M99
    |--B. napus M99 [incl. B. campestris var. oleifera C06, B. napus var. oleifera TG88]
    |--B. nigra M99
    |--B. oleracea Linnaeus 1753 CD07
    |    |--B. o. var. olereacea M99
    |    |--B. o. var. acephala LS96
    |    |--B. o. var. botrytis M99
    |    |--B. o. var. capitata M99
    |    |--B. o. var. gemmifera H90
    |    `--B. o. var. italica M99
    |--B. pekinensis BMM99
    |--B. rapa H93 [=B. campestris var. rapa C06; incl. B. campestris H93]
    |    |--B. r. var. rapa H90
    |    `--B. r. var. sylvestris H90
    |--B. rutabaga CS77
    |--B. sinapistrum C06
    `--B. tournefortii KM08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 1 January 2022.

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