Greenleaf desmodium Desmodium intortum, copyright Anita Gould.

Belongs within: Desmodieae.

Desmodium, tick clovers, is a genus of leguminous herbs and shrubs found in warmer parts of the world, a number of which have seeds covered in tiny hooked hairs that stick to animal skins or clothes for dispersal.

Characters (from Flora of China): Herbs, subshrubs, or shrubs. Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate or 1-foliolate by reduction of lateral leaflets, stipulate, stipellate. Flow­ers usually smaller, in racemes or panicles, axillary or terminal, rarely solitary or binate in leaf axils. Bracts persistent or early decid­uous; bracteoles present or absent. Calyx campanulate, 4- or 5-lobed, bilabiate; upper 2 lobes connate for all or most of length, entire or 2-toothed at apex, lower lobes free, longest. Corolla white, green-white, pink, purple, or violet; standard elliptic or obovate to nearly orbicular; wings more or less adherent to keel, wholly clawed. Stamens diadelphous (9+1), rarely monadelphous. Ovary usually sessile, with several to many ovules. Legume compressed, usually indehiscent, transversely segmented, upper (adaxial) suture slightly con­stricted or straight, lower (abaxial) one constricted; articles mostly ellipsoidal to quadrangular. Cotyledons epigeous.

    |--D. axillare J87
    |--D. barbatum CP13
    |--D. brownii LK14
    |--D. diffusum P03
    |--D. filiforme LK14
    |--D. gangeticum P03
    |--D. glareosum LK14
    |--D. hannii LK14
    |--D. heterocarpon LK14
    |    |--D. h. var. heterocarpon LK14
    |    `--D. h. var. strigosum LK14
    |--D. incanum C55
    |--D. intortum MM96
    |--D. muelleri LK14
    |--D. ormocarpoides B00
    |--D. ovalifolium S00
    |--D. paniculatum W10
    |--D. pulchellum P03
    |--D. pullenii LK14
    |--D. pycnotrichum LK14
    |--D. repandum BMM99
    |--D. scorpiurus (Swartz) Desvaux 1813 [=Hedysarum scorpiurus Swartz 1788] GB02
    |--D. tortuosum ACW01
    |--D. trichostachyum LK14
    |--D. triflorum P03 [=Hedysarum triflorum C55; incl. Nicolsonia reptans C55]
    |--D. umbellatum P88
    |--D. velutinum P03
    `--D. zonatum Miq. 1855 [=Meiobomia zonatum (Miq.) Kuntze 1891] SR07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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