Male drone fly Eristalis tenax, copyright Alvesgaspar.

Belongs within: Syrphoidea.

The Eristalini are a group of hover flies with aquatic larvae known as rat-tailed maggots. Adults have vein R4+5 in the wing looped into cell r4+5. In species of Eristalis, vein R4+5 is less strongly sinuate and cell r1 is petiolate wheras in members of Helophilina vein R4+5 is more strongly sinuate and cell r1 is open (Kotthoff & Schmid 2005).

<==Eristalini KS05
    |--Eristalis Latreille 1804 (nom. cons.) [incl. Tubifera Meigen 1800 (nom. rej.); Eristalina] KS05
    |    |  i. s.: E. arbustorum K01
    |    |         E. assimilis Walker 1849 [incl. E. capito] R01
    |    |         E. cingulatus T27
    |    |         E. crassipes Fabr. 1805 [=Simoides crassipes; incl. E. pachymerus] R01
    |    |         E. curtus Loew 1860 R01
    |    |         E. horticola S00
    |    |         E. quinquevittatus Macquart 1847 E12
    |    |         E. taeniops Wiedem. 1818 (see below for synonymy) R01
    |    |--E. (Eristalis) TRZ10
    |    |    |--E. (E.) oestraceus [=Syrphus (E.) oestraceus] G20
    |    |    `--E. (E.) tenax TRZ10 [=Tubifera tenax PC66]
    |    `--E. (Eoseristalis) TRZ10
    |         |--E. (E.) alleni TRZ10
    |         `--E. (E.) gatesi TRZ10
    `--Helophilina KS05
         |--Mallota posticata KS05, VT87
         |--Mesembrius KS05
         |--Myathropa florea KS05, T81
         |--Parhelophilus laetus KS05, VT87
         |--Lejops KS05
         |    |--L. (Anasimyia) bilinearis VT87
         |    |--L. (Arctosyrphus) willingii VT87
         |    |--L. (Asemosyrphus) polygrammus TRZ10
         |    |--L. (Lunomyia) cooleyi VT87
         |    `--L. (Polydontomyia) curvipes VT87
         `--Helophilus KS05
              |--H. cingulatus T27
              |--H. hochstetteri T27
              |--H. latifrons VT87
              |--H. miocaenicus (Stackelberg 1925) [=Tubifera miocaenicus, Eristalis miocaenicus] KS05
              |--H. nothobombus Kotthoff & Schmid 2005 KS05
              |--H. pendulus (Linnaeus 1758) KS05
              |--H. primarius Germar 1837 KS05
              |--H. tenax [=Syrphus (Elophilus) tenax] G20
              |--H. trivittatus (Fabricius 1805) KS05
              `--H. villeneuvi Théobald 1937 KS05

Eristalis taeniops Wiedem. 1818 [incl. E. aegyptius, E. pulchriceps, Helophilus pulchriceps, E. torridus] R01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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