Pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis, copyright Epitree.

Belongs within: Hygrophila.

The Lymnaeinae are a cosmopolitan group of dextral freshwater snails of varying size and shape.

Lymnaeinae BR05
    |--Limnophysa Fitzinger 1833 [Limnophysidae] BR05
    |    `--*L. palustris (Müller 1774) [=Buccinum palustre] BR17
    |--Acella Haldeman 1841 [Acellinae] BR05
    |    `--*A. gracilis (Jay 1839) [=Lymnaea gracilis] BR17
    |--Fossaria Westerlund 1885 [Fossarianinae, Fossariinae] BR05
    |    |--*F. truncatula (Müller 1774) BR17 [=Buccinum truncatulum BR17, Lymnaea (Galba) truncatula PB27]
    |    |--F. decampi (Streng 1896) P88
    |    |--F. exigua (Lea 1821) P88
    |    |--F. galbana (Say 1825) B97
    |    |--F. modicella (Say 1825) P88
    |    `--F. parva (Lea 1841) P88
    |--Galba Schrank 1803 PB27
    |    |--*G. pusilla Schrank 1803 [=Lymnaea (*Galba) pusilla] PB27
    |    |--G. accelerata (White 1886) TTE93
    |    |--G. ativuncula (White 1886) TTE93
    |    |--G. consortis (White 1886) TTE93
    |    |--G. meikiensis Yu 1980 ZZ88
    |    |--G. subtruncatula (Boettger 1910) [=Limnaea subtruncatula, Lymnaea (Galba) subtruncatula] PB27
    |    `--G. umlaasiana (Küster 1862) [=Limnaeus umlaasianus, Lymnaea (Galba) umlaasiana] PB27
    `--Lymnaea Lamarck 1799 RGG06 (see below for synonymy)
         |  i. s.: L. alfredi Suter 1890 P61
         |           |--L. a. alfredi P61
         |           `--L. a. hamiltoni Dell 1956 P61
         |         L. ampla Mighels 1843 [=Limnea (l. c.) ampla] J49
         |         L. bulimoides PF15
         |           |--L. b. bulimoides PF15
         |           `--L. b. cockerelli PF15
         |         L. columella Say 1817 [=Pseudosuccinea columella] RGG06
         |         L. corvus (Gmelin 1791) L06
         |         L. dalli PF15
         |         L. elodes CA84
         |         L. decollata Mighels & Adams 1842 J49
         |         L. diaphana King 1830 RGG06
         |         L. emarginata Say 1821 B97
         |         L. fragilis (Linnaeus 1758) PB27, L58 [=Helix fragilis PB27, Bulimus fragilis PB27]
         |         L. hopii (Robinson 1915) TTE93
         |         L. luteola CCG01
         |         L. mauritiana RW84
         |         L. minuta CS77
         |         L. oahuensis PB27
         |         L. obrussa PF15
         |         L. ollula MK10
         |         L. ovata D56
         |         L. palustris (Müller 1774) L06 [incl. L. palustris var. turricula S01]
         |         L. parva PF15
         |         L. peregra (Müller 1774) L06 [incl. L. peregra var. geisericola PB27, L. peregra var. thermalis PB27]
         |         L. pictonica Rochebrune & Mabille 1885 RGG06
         |         L. plicata Hylton Scott 1953 RGG06
         |         L. rufescens (see below for synonymy) TC89
         |         L. swinhoei Adams 1866 A66
         |         L. viatrix (d’Orbigny 1835) RGG06
         |--*L. (Lymnaea) stagnalis (Linnaeus 1758) P61, L06 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--L. s. stagnalis T59
         |    `--L. s. appressa T59
         `--L. (Cerasina) PB27
              |--L. (C.) bulla PB27
              `--L. (C.) acuminata PB27

Nomina nuda: Limnaea aegyptiaca Bourguignat 1899 PB27
             Limnaea amygdalina Bourguignat 1899 PB27
             Limnaea astilba Bourguignat 1899 PB27
             Limnaea astilba Bourguignat 1899 PB27
             Limnaea cleopatrae Bourguignat 1899 PB27
             Limnaea expansilabris Bourguignat 1899 PB27
             Limnaea forskali Bourguignat 1899 PB27
             Limnaea lessepsiana Bourguignat 1899 PB27
             Limnaea letourneuxi Bourguignat 1899 PB27

Lymnaea Lamarck 1799 RGG06 [=Eulimneus Sandberger 1875 PB27, Limnaea de Blainville 1825 PB27, Limnea Fleming 1828 PB27, Limneus Draparnaud 1805 PB27, Lymnaeus Cuvier 1817 PB27, Lymneus Brard 1815 PB27, Lymnula Rafinesque 1819 PB27, Lymnus Denys de Montfort 1810 PB27; incl. Leachia Risso 1826 PB27, BR05; Leachiae]

Lymnaea rufescens [incl. L. acuminata, L. rufescens var. attenuata, L. chlamys Benson 1836, L. rufescens var. patula, L. pectinoides] TC89

*Lymnaea (Lymnaea) stagnalis (Linnaeus 1758) P61, L06 [=Helix stagnalis BR17, Bulimus stagnalis PB27, Limneus (*Eulimneus) stagnalis PB27, *Lymnula stagnalis PB27, *Lymnus stagnalis PB27; incl. Limneus major PB27, *Leachia major PB27, Lymnaea tenella P61]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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