Brazilian dwarf morning-glory Evolvulus glomeratus, copyright Dinesh Valke.

Belongs within: Convolvulaceae.

The Cresseae are a group of convolvulaceous plants with two or bifid styles in each flower and fruits a dehiscent capsule.

Characters (from Stefanović et al. 2003): Plants suffrutescent herbs to shrubs, less often lianas. Leaf base not cordate. Flowers actinomorphic, usually bisexual (unisexual in Hildebrandtia). Sepals equal or unequal, usually non-accrescent (accrescent in Hildebrandtia female flowers and some Seddera spp.) Styles two or bifid. Stigmas globose, reniform, or lobed. Filaments usually straight, glabrous. Fruit dehiscent, capsular (rarely utricular), 1–4 locular, 1–4-seeded. Pollen 3-colpate or pantocolpate, non-echinate.

Cresseae [Evolvuleae, Neuropeltidae, Neuropeltideae, Wilsonieae, Wilsoniinae, Wilsonioideae] SAO03
    |--Hildebrandtia [incl. Cladostigma, Sabaudiella; Hildebrandieae, Hildebrandtieae] SAO03
    |--Seddera latifolia SAO03, PP07
    |--Stylisma SAO03
    |--Itzaea sericea SAO03
    |--Neuropeltis racemosa SAO03
    |--Neuropeltopsis SAO03
    |--Cressa SAO03
    |    |--C. australis LK14
    |    |--C. creteica SAO03
    |    `--C. truxillensis [incl. C. truxillensis var. vallicola] H93
    |--Wilsonia SAO03
    |    |--W. backhousei BR65
    |    |--W. humilis SAO03
    |    `--W. rotundifolia BR65
    |--Bonamia SAO03
    |    |--B. media LK14
    |    |--B. pannosa LK14
    |    |--B. semidigyna ST98
    |    `--B. spectabilis ST98
    `--Evolvulus SAO03
         |--E. alsinoides Linnaeus 1762 [incl. E. linifolius] BR65
         |    |--E. a. var. alsinoides LK14
         |    |--E. a. var. decumbens LK14
         |    `--E. a. var. villosicalyx LK14
         |--E. argyreus ST98
         |--E. glomeratus OB08
         `--E. nummularius P03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[SAO03] Stefanović, S., D. F. Austin & R. G. Olmstead. 2003. Classification of Covolvulaceae: a phylogenetic approach. Systematic Botany 28 (4): 791–806.

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