Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum, copyright Joachim Müllerchen.

Belongs within: Solanaceae.

Nicotiana, the tobaccos, is a genus of flowering plants, most diverse in the Americas, with funnel-shaped flowers borne in racemes or panicles (Hickman 1993). The leaves of several species, most notably N. tabacum, have a stimulant effect when smoked and they are widely cultivated for this purpose.

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual to small tree. Leaves entire. Inflorescence a raceme or panicle, terminal. Flower with calyx five-lobed, more or less enlarging, not fully enclosing fruit; corolla generally radial, generally funnel-shaped to salverform; stamens 5, equal or one smaller. Fruit a capsule. Seeds many, minute, angled.

    |--+--N. glutinosa OB08
    |  `--N. paniculata OB08
    `--+--N. acuminata OB08
       |    |--N. a. var. acuminata H93
       |    `--N. a. var. multiflora H93
       `--+--N. africana OB08
          |--N. glauca OB08
          |--N. tabacum Linnaeus 1753 OB08, CD07
          `--+--N. gossei Domin 1929 OB08, BR65
             `--N. suaveolens Lehmann 1818 OB08, BR65
                  |--N. s. var. suaveolens OB08
                  `--N. s. var. excelsior Black 1915 OB08, BR65 (see below for synonymy)

Nicotiana incertae sedis:
  N. acutiflora C06
  N. alata D51
  N. attenuata H93
  N. auriculata C55
  N. australasiae [incl. N. undulata] C55
  N. benthamiana LK14
  N. bonariensis D51
  N. chinensis [incl. N. fruticosa] C55
  N. clevelandii H93
  N. debneyi P82
  N. digluta D37
  N. goodspeedii Wheeler 1935 BR65
  N. ingulba Black 1933 BR65
  N. langsdorfii D51
  N. longiflora C55
  N. maritima Wheeler 1935 BR65
  N. megalosiphon M99
  N. obtusifolia [incl. N. trigonophylla] H93
  N. occidentalis Wheeler 1935 BR65
    |--N. o. ssp. occidentalis KM08
    `--N. o. ssp. hesperis KM08
  N. persica C55
  N. plumbaginifolia VB02
  N. quadrivalvis [incl. N. bigelovii, N. bigelovii var. wallacei] H93
  N. rotundifolia Lindley 1838 (see below for synonymy) BR65
  N. rusbyi D37
  N. rustica BR65
    |--N. r. var. rustica D51
    |--N. r. var. humilis D51
    `--N. r. var. texana D51
  N. sylvestris D51
  N. tomentosa D37
  N. tomentosiformis GM96
  N. velutina Wheeler 1935 BR65

Nicotiana rotundifolia Lindley 1838 [=N. suaveolens var. rotundifolia Comes 1899; incl. N. fastigiata Nees 1844, N. suaveolens var. rosulata Moore 1898, N. rosulata Domin 1929] BR65

Nicotiana suaveolens var. excelsior Black 1915 OB08, BR65 [=N. excelsior Black 1926 BR65; incl. N. macrocalyx Domin 1929 BR65]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 3 April 2020.

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