Cantuaria sp., copyright Steve Reekie.

Belongs within: Rastelloidina.
Contains: Ctenizinae.

The Idiopoidea are a clade of mygalomorph spiders in which the legs bear tarsal spines, females lack scopulae on the first and second tarsi, and the anterior metatarsi and tibiae of the female possess digging spines. Within the clade, members of the family Ctenizidae possess a triangular sternum and relatively short legs with lateral bands of short thorn-like spines distally on the fore legs of females (Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007).

<==Idiopoidea JD-S07
    |--Ctenizidae [Ctenizoidea] JD-S07
    |    |  i. s.: Eucyrtops latior K77
    |    |         Bolostromus S93
    |    |           |--B. destructus Wunderlich 1988 S93
    |    |           `--B. suspectus V09
    |    |--Ctenizinae JD-S07
    |    `--Pachylomerinae JD-S07
    |         |--Conothele Thorell 1878 JD-S07
    |         |--Ummidia Thorell 1875 JD-S07
    |         `--Hebestatis Simon 1903 JD-S07
    |              `--H. theveneti JD-S07
    `--Idiopidae JD-S07
         |--Neocteniza mexicana P.-Cambridge 1897 R95
         |--Galeosoma JD-S07
         |--Genysa R14 [Genyseae, Genysinae JD-S07]
         |--Ctenolophus JD-S07
         |--Misgolas rapax (Rainbow 1914) FF99, B14 [incl. Dyarcyops fuscipes B96]
         |--Idiops Perty 1833 [Idiopinae] JD-S07
         |    `--I. bersebaensis Strand 1917 J98
         |--Idiosoma JD-S07
         |    |--I. nigrum Main 1952 DH10
         |    `--I. sigillatum K77
         |--Arbanitis Koch 1874 R14 [Arbanitinae JD-S07, Arbaniteae]
         |    |--*A. longipes Koch 1874 R14
         |    |--A. fuscipes Rainbow 1914 R14
         |    |--A. gracilis (Rainbow & Pulleine 1918) B96
         |    |--A. hoggi K77
         |    |--A. inornatus Y95
         |    `--A. maculipes R14
         `--Cantuaria Hogg 1902 PVD10
              |--*C. dendyi (Hogg 1901) PVD10
              |--C. abdita Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. allani Forster 1967 PVD10
              |--C. aperta Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. apica Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. assimilis Forster 1968 [=Misgolas assimilis] PVD10
              |--C. borealis Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. catlinensis Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. cognata Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. collensis (Todd 1945) PVD10
              |--C. delli Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. depressa Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. dunedinensis Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. gilliesii (Pickard-Cambridge 1878) PVD10
              |--C. grandis Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. huttonii (Pickard-Cambridge 1879) PVD10 [=Misgolas huttoni H04]
              |--C. insulana Forster 1968 PVD10 [=Misgolas insulanus NS00]
              |--C. isolata Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. johnsi Forster 1968 PVD10 [=Misgolas johnsi NS00]
              |--C. kakahuensis Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. kakanuiensis Forster 1968 PVD10 [=Misgolas kakanuiensis NS00]
              |--C. lomasi Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. magna Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. marplesi (Todd 1945) PVD10
              |--C. maxima Forster 19068 PVD10
              |--C. medialis Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. minor Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. myersi Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. napua (Forster 1968) PVD10 [=Misgolas napua H04]
              |--C. orepukiensis Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. parrotti Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. pilama Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. prina Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. reducta Forster 1968 PVD10 [=Misgolas reductus NS00]
              |--C. secunda Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. sinclairi Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. stephenensis Forster 1968 PVD10 [=Misgolas stephenensis NS00]
              |--C. stewarti (Todd 1945) PVD10
              |--C. sylvatica Forster 1968 PVD10
              |--C. toddae Forster 1968 PVD10 [=Misgolas toddae FF99]
              |--C. vellosa Forster 1968 PVD10 [=Misgolas vellosa FF99]
              `--C. wanganuiensis (Todd 1945) PVD10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 14 June 2020.

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