Elephant creeper Argyreia nervosa, copyright Loi Miao.

Belongs within: Convolvulaceae.
Contains: Merremieae, Convolvulus, Ipomoea.

The Convolvuloideae are a clade of plants defined by Stefanović et al. (2003) as the smallest clade including Convolvulus arvensis, Ipomoea pes-tigridis and Aniseia martinicensis.

Characters (from Stefanović et al. 2003): Plants mainly herbaceous; predominantly cordate leaf base; cymes nearly always dichasial; corolla with five interplical veins; style single, undivided; pollen grains of medium to large size (≥50 µm in diameter).

Convolvuloideae SAO03
    |--Aniseieae SAO03
    |    |--Odonellia hirtiflora SAO03
    |    |--Tetralocularia SAO03
    |    `--Aniseia [incl. Iseia] SAO03
    |         |--‘Iseia’ luxurians ST98
    |         `--A. martinicensis SAO03
    `--+--Merremieae SAO03
       |--Convolvuleae SAO03
       |    |--Convolvulus SAO03
       |    `--Polymeria SAO03
       |         |--P. ambigua LK14
       |         |--P. calycina PWP96
       |         |--P. distigma LK14
       |         |--P. longifolia BR65
       |         `--P. pusilla SAO03
       `--Ipomoeeae [Argyreieae] SAO03
            |  i. s.: Lepistemonopsis SAO03
            |--Astripomoeinae SAO03
            |    |--Astripomoea SAO03
            |    |    |--A. lachnosperma SAO03
            |    |    `--A. malvacea SAO03
            |    `--‘Ipomoea’ coccinea SAO03
            `--Argyreiinae SAO03
                 |--Stictocardia campanulata SAO03, ST98
                 |--Paralepistemon SAO03
                 |--Blinkworthia SAO03
                 |--Ipomoea SAO03
                 |--Lepistemon binectariferum SAO03, ST98
                 |    |--L. b. var. binectariferum ST98
                 |    `--L. b. var. borneense ST98
                 |--Turbina SAO03
                 |    |--T. abutiloides ST98
                 |    `--T. corymbosa ST98
                 `--Argyreia [incl. Rivea] SAO03
                      |--A. argentea BB07
                      |--A. capitata ST98
                      |--A. hookeri ST98
                      |--‘Rivea’ hypocrateriformis PP07
                      |--A. mollis ST98
                      |--A. nervosa ST98
                      |--A. obtusifolia SAO03
                      `--‘Rivea’ tiliaefolia [=Convolvulus tiliaefolius] C55

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[SAO03] Stefanović, S., D. F. Austin & R. G. Olmstead. 2003. Classification of Covolvulaceae: a phylogenetic approach. Systematic Botany 28 (4): 791–806.

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