Hairy woodrose Merremia aegyptia, copyright J. M. Garg.

Belongs within: Convolvuloideae.

The Merremieae are a pantropical group of herbaceous vines characterised by globose stigmas (Stefanović et al. 2003).

Characters (from Stefanović et al. 2003): Plants herbaceous, vines. Leaf base usually cordate. Flowers actinomorphic, bisexual. Filaments dilated, usually pubescent. Styles entire. Stigmas globose. Fruits dehiscent, capsular, valvate to operculate. Pericarp chartaceous. Pollen 3-colpate or pantoporate, non-echinate.

<==Merremieae ST98
    |--Hewittia sublobata SAO03, ST98
    |--Hyalocystis SAO03
    |--Decalobanthus SAO03
    |--Xenostegia tridentata SAO03, GYD14
    |--Operculina SAO03
    |    |--O. aequisepala LK14
    |    |--O. brownii LK14
    |    |--O. pteripes ST98
    |    |--O. riedeliana ST98
    |    |--O. triquetra ST98
    |    `--O. turpethum ST98
    `--Merremia SAO03
         |--M. aegyptia PP07
         |--M. aurea ST98
         |--M. bipinnatipartita CV06
         |--M. cissoides ST98
         |--M. dissecta LK14
         |--M. gemella LK14
         |--M. guerichii CV06
         |--M. hederacea P88
         |--M. incisa LK14
         |--M. kimberleyensis LK14
         |--M. medium ST98
         |--M. multisecta CV06
         |--M. peltata SAO03
         |--M. quinata LK14
         |--M. quinquefolia ST98
         |--M. tuberosa ST98
         `--M. umbellata ST98
              |--M. u. ssp. umbellata LK14
              `--M. u. ssp. orientalis LK14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[SAO03] Stefanović, S., D. F. Austin & R. G. Olmstead. 2003. Classification of Covolvulaceae: a phylogenetic approach. Systematic Botany 28 (4): 791–806.

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