Bindweed Convolvulus arvensis, copyright Matt Lavin.

Belongs within: Convolvuloideae.

Convolvulus is a cosmopolitan genus of tufted or twining herbs with flowers bearing one style, two stigmas and unlobed ovaries (Hickman 1993); members of this genus have historically been divided between the genera Convolvulus and Calystegia but phylogenetic analysis indicates that the latter is nested within the former (Stefanović et al. 2003).

<==Convolvulus Linnaeus 1753 A61 [incl. Calystegia Br. 1810 SAO03, A61]
    |--C. althaeoides PT98
    |--C. angustissimus KM08
    |--C. argillicola CV06
    |--C. arvensis SAO03
    |--‘Calystegia’ atriplicifolia H93
    |    |--C. a. ssp. atriplicifolia H93
    |    `--C. a. ssp. buttensis [incl. Convolvulus nyctagineus] H93
    |--C. auricomus PP07
    |--C. cantabrica Linnaeus 1753 PL04
    |--C. caput-medusae ST98
    |--C. chilensis ST98
    |--C. cneorum ST98
    |--C. collinus [=Calystegia collina, Co. malacophyllus ssp. collinus] H93
    |    |--C. c. ssp. collinus H93
    |    |--‘Calystegia collina’ ssp. oxyphylla H93
    |    |--‘Calystegia collina’ ssp. tridactylosa [=Convolvulus tridactylosus] H93
    |    `--‘Calystegia collina’ ssp. venusta H93
    |--C. dissectus C55b
    |--C. elegantissimus PT98
    |--C. erubescens KM08
    |--C. fracto-saxosa Petrie 1913 A61
    |--C. glaucifolius C55a
    |--C. incanus C01
    |--C. lanuginosus C55a
    |--C. lineatus C55a
    |--C. longipes [=Calystegia longipes; incl. Co. linearilobus] H93
    |--C. macrostegius [=Calystegia macrostegia, C. occidentalis var. macrostegius] H93
    |    |--C. m. ssp. macrostegia ST98
    |    |--‘Calystegia macrostegia’ ssp. amplissima H93
    |    |--‘Calystegia macrostegia’ ssp. arida [=Convolvulus aridus] H93
    |    |--‘Calystegia macrostegia’ ssp. cyclostegia [=Convolvulus cyclostegius] H93
    |    |--‘Calystegia macrostegia’ ssp. intermedia (see below for synonymy) H93
    |    `--‘Calystegia macrostegia’ ssp. tenuifolia [=Convolvulus aridus ssp. tenuifolius] H93
    |--C. malacophyllus [=Calystegia malacophylla] H93
    |    |--C. m. ssp. malacophyllus [incl. Calystegia malacophyllus var. berryi] H93
    |    `--C. m. ssp. pedicellatus [=Calystegia malacophylla ssp. pedicellata] H93
    |--C. marginatus C06 [=Calystegia marginata Br. 1810 A61]
    |--C. minor PT01
    |--C. occidentalis [=Calystegia occidentalis] H93
    |    |--C. o. ssp. occidentalis [incl. C. fruticetorum, C. polymorphus] H93
    |    `--‘Calystegia’ o. ssp. fulcrata [=Convolvulus fulcratus; incl. Co. deltoideus] H93
    |--C. oleifolius PT98
    |--‘Calystegia’ peirsonii H93
    |--C. platanifolius C55b
    |--C. prostratus PP07
    |--‘Calystegia’ purpurata H93
    |    |--C. p. ssp. purpurata [=Convolvulus occidentalis var. purpuratus; incl. Co. occidentalis var. solanensis] H93
    |    `--C. p. ssp. saxicola [=Convolvulus occidentalis var. saxicola] H93
    |--C. purpureus C55b
    |--C. sabatius ST98
    |    |--C. s. ssp. sabatius ST98
    |    `--C. s. ssp. mauritanicus ST98
    |--C. sepium Linnaeus 1753 [=Calystegia sepium (Linnaeus) Br. 1810] A61
    |    |--C. s. ssp. sepium H93
    |    |--‘Calystegia’ s. ssp. binghamiae [=Convolvulus binghamiae; incl. Co. sepium var. dumetorum] H93
    |    `--‘Calystegia’ s. ssp. limnophila [=Convolvulus limnophilus; incl. Co. sepium var. repens] H93
    |--C. siculus PT98
    |--C. simulans H93
    |--C. sindicus Stock in Hook 1852 [incl. C. brachyphyllus Boiss. 1856] P06
    |--C. soldanella Linnaeus 1753 A61 [=Calystegia soldanella (Linnaeus) Br. 1810 A61; incl. Ca. reniformis C55b]
    |--‘Calystegia’ stebbinsii H93
    |--C. subacaulis [=Calystegia subacaulis] H93
    |    |--C. s. ssp. subacaulis H93
    |    `--‘Calystegia’ s. ssp. episcopalis H93
    |--‘Calystegia’ sylvatica H59
    |--C. tuguriorum Forster 1786 (see below for synonymy) A61
    |--C. undulatus C55a
    `--C. verecundus Allan 1961 A61

‘Calystegia macrostegia’ ssp. intermedia [=Convolvulus aridus ssp. intermedius; incl. Co. aridus ssp. longilobus] H93

Convolvulus tuguriorum Forster 1786 [=Calystegia tuguriorum (Forster) Br. ex Hooker 1854; incl. Ca. truncatella Colenso 1889] A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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