Female (left) and male common emerald doves Chalcophaps indica, copyright Sham Edmond.

Belongs within: Treroninae.

Chalcophaps, the emerald doves, is a genus of stocky doves with brownish neck and underparts and bright green wings, found between southern and eastern Asia and northern and eastern Australia.

<==Chalcophaps Gould 1843 [incl. Monornis Hodgson in Gray 1844; Chalcophabinae] CC10
    |--C. indica (Linnaeus 1758) CC10 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--C. i. indica CC10
    |    |--C. i. longirostris Gould 1848 CC10
    |    |--C. i. natalis Lister 1888 CC10
    |    |--C. i. rogersi Mathews 1912 [=C. chrysochlora rogersi; incl. C. chrysochlora kempi Mathews 1912] CC10
    |    |--‘Chalcospilos’ i. timorensis T62
    |    `--C. i. yamashinai Hachisuka 1939 I92
    `--C. stephani J06
         |--C. s. stephani J06
         `--C. s. wallacei J06

Chalcophaps indica (Linnaeus 1758) CC10 [=Columba indica CC10, Chalcospilos indica T62; incl. Columba chrysochlora Wagler 1827 CC10, *Chalcophaps indica chrysochlora CC10, *Monornis perpulchra CC10]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CC10] Checklist Committee (OSNZ). 2010. Checklist of the Birds of New Zealand, Norfolk and Macquarie Islands, and the Ross Dependency, Antarctica 4th ed. Ornithological Society of New Zealand and Te Papa Press: Wellington.

[I92] Iwahashi, J. (ed.) 1992. Reddo Deeta Animaruzu: a pictorial of Japanese fauna facing extinction. JICC: Tokyo.

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