Sulphur-crested cockatoo Cacatua galerita, copyright Arthur Chapman.

Belongs within: Psittaciformes.

The Cacatuidae, cockatoos, are a group of parrots found in Australasia and the islands of south-east Asia, characterised by the presence of a long, erectile crest (Rutgers & Norris 1972). Most species are large, noisy and gregarious. The cockatiel Nymphicus hollandicus is a smaller, slender, long-tailed species that has become widely kept as a cage bird.

<==Cacatuidae [Cacatoinae, Cacatuidae, Cacatuoidea, Kakatoeidae, Kakatoeinae]
    |--‘Calyptorhynchus’ banksii (Latham 1790) BKB15, WS48 [=Psittacus banksii WS48]
    |    |--C. b. banksii WS48
    |    |--C. b. graptogyne M03
    |    |--C. b. macrorhynchus M03 [=C. magnificus macrorhynchus RN72]
    |    |--C. b. naso Gould 1836 WS48 [=C. magnificus naso RN72; incl. C. banksii fitzroyi Mathews 1912 WS48]
    |    `--C. b. samueli M03 [=C. magnificus samueli RN72]
    `--+--+--Nymphicus Wagler 1832 BKB15, JoTo12 (see below for synonymy)
       |  |    |--N. cornutus S13
       |  |    |--N. hollandicus (Kerr 1792) JeTh12, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
       |  |    |--‘Calopsittacus’ novaehollaendiae R87
       |  |    `--N. uveaensis S13
       |  `--Calyptorhynchus Desmarest 1826 BKB15, JoTo12 [incl. Zanda JoTo12; Calyptorhynchinae]
       |       |--C. baudinii Lear 1832 JK08 (see below for synonymy)
       |       |--C. funereus JeTh12
       |       |--C. lathami CW03
       |       |    |--C. l. lathami CW03
       |       |    |--C. l. erebus M03
       |       |    `--C. l. halmaturinus CW03
       |       |--C. latirostris Carnaby 1948 JeTh12, JK08 [=C. funereus latirostris SWK87]
       |       `--C. magnificus ZJM03
       `--Cacatuinae JoTo12
            |--Probosciger Kuhl 1820 (see below for synonymy) JoTo12
            |    `--P. aterrimus JeTh12
            |         |--P. a. aterrimus RN72
            |         |--P. a. alecto RN72
            |         |--P. a. goliath RN72
            |         |--P. a. intermedius RN72
            |         `--P. a. stenolophus RN72
            `--Cacatuini JoTo12
                 |--Lophochroa JoTo12
                 |--Callocephalon Lesson 1837 JoTo12, B94 (see below for synonymy)
                 |    `--C. fimbriatum JeTh12
                 `--Cacatua Vieillot 1817 JoTo12 (see below for synonymy)
                      |  i. s.: C. leadbeateri (Vigors 1831) JeTh12, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
                      |         C. pastinator (Gould 1840) JK08, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
                      |           |--C. p. pastinator JK08
                      |           `--C. p. butleri JK08
                      |         C. tenuirostris (Kuhl 1820) JeTh12, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
                      |--C. roseicapilla (Vieillot 1817) JeTh12, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
                      |    |--C. r. roseicapilla M03
                      |    `--C. r. albiceps M03
                      `--+--+--C. haematuropygia JeTh12
                         |  `--+--C. goffiniana JeTh12 [=C. sanguinea goffini RN72]
                         |     `--+--C. ducorpsii JeTh12
                         |        `--C. sanguinea Gould 1842 JeTh12, WS48 [=Kakatoe sanguinea WS48]
                         |             |--C. s. sanguinea WS48 (see below for synonymy)
                         |             |--C. s. gymnopis M03 [=C. (Licmetis) gymnopis R87, C. pastinator gymnopis SWK87]
                         |             `--C. s. normantoni M03
                         `--+--C. ophthalmica JeTh12 [=C. galerita ophthalmica]
                            `--+--+--C. alba (Statius Müller 1776) JeTh12, CC10 [incl. *C. cristata Vieillot 1817 CC10]
                               |  `--C. moluccensis JeTh12
                               `--+--C. galerita (Latham 1790) JeTh12, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
                                  |    |--C. g. galerita RN72 (see below for synonymy)
                                  |    `--C. g. triton RN72
                                  `--C. sulphurea JeTh12
                                       |--C. s. sulphurea RN72
                                       |--C. s. abbotti RN72
                                       |--C. s. citrinocristata RN72
                                       |--C. s. djampeana RN72
                                       |--C. s. occidentalis RN72
                                       `--C. s. parvula RN72

Cacatua Vieillot 1817 JoTo12 [incl. Cacatoes Duméril 1805 B94, Camptolophus Sundevall 1872 B94, Eolophus Bonaparte 1854 CC10, Kakatoe Cuvier 1800 B94, Plissolophus Gloger 1842 B94, Plyctolophus Vieillot 1816 B94; Camptolophinae, Eolophinae, Plissolophinae, Plyctolophinae]

Cacatua galerita (Latham 1790) JeTh12, CC10 [=Psittacus galeritus CC10, Kakatoe galerita CC10]

Cacatua galerita galerita (Latham 1790) CC10 [incl. Cacatoes galerita fitzroyi Mathews 1912 WS48, Cacatua galerita fitzroyi M03]

Cacatua leadbeateri (Vigors 1831) JeTh12, WS48 [=Plyctolophus leadbeateri WS48, Kakatoe leadbeateri WS48; incl. Cacatua leadbeateri aberrans Söderberg 1912 WS48, Cacatoes leadbeateri mollis Mathews 1912 WS48, Cacatua leadbeateri mollis M03, Cacatoes leadbeateri mungi Mathews 1912 WS48]

Cacatua pastinator (Gould 1840) JK08, WS48 [=Licmetis pastinator WS48, C. tenuirostris pastinator RN72]

Cacatua roseicapilla (Vieillot 1817) JeTh12, CC10 [=Eolophus roseicapillus CC10, Kakatoe roseicapilla WS48; incl. Cacatoes roseicapilla assimilis Mathews 1912 WS48, Cacatua roseicapilla assimilis M03, Eolophus roseicapillus assiniclis RN72, Cacatoes roseicapilla derbyana Mathews 1912 WS48, Cacatua rosea CC10, *Eolophus roseus CC10]

Cacatua sanguinea sanguinea Gould 1842 WS48 [incl. Licmetis tenuirostris derbyi Mathews 1916 WS48, Cacatua derbyi M03, Cacatoes sanguinea subdistincta Mathews 1912 WS48, Cacatua sanguinea subdistincta RN72, Ducorpsius sanguineus westralensis Mathews 1917 WS48, Cacatua sanguinea westralensis M03]

Cacatua tenuirostris (Kuhl 1820) JeTh12, WS48 [=Psittacus tenuirostris WS48, Kakatoe tenuirostris WS48]

Callocephalon Lesson 1837 JoTo12, B94 [incl. Callocorydon Mathews 1917 B94; Callocephaloninae, Callocorydontinae]

Calyptorhynchus baudinii Lear 1832 JK08 [=C. funereus baudinii RN72; incl. C. baudinii tenuirostris Mathews 1913 WS48]

Nymphicus Wagler 1832 JoTo12 [incl. Calopsittus Lesson 1835 B94, Leptolophus Swainson 1833 B94; Calopsittinae, Leptolophinae, Nymphicidae, Nymphicinae]

Nymphicus hollandicus (Kerr 1792) JeTh12, WS48 [=Psittacus hollandicus WS48, Leptolophus hollandicus WS48; incl. L. auricomis intermedius Mathews 1912 WS48, L. auricomis pallescens Mathews 1912 WS48]

Probosciger Kuhl 1820 [incl. Microglossus Vieillot 1822; Microglossinae, Microglossini, Proboscigerini] JoTo12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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