Red-crowned parakeet Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae, copyright Ralph Green.

Belongs within: Platycercini.

Cyanoramphus is a genus of small to medium-sized parakeets found in New Zealand and (at least historically) on other islands of the Pacific; members of the genus are predominantly green, often with contrastingly coloured patches on the front of the head.

<==Cyanoramphus Bonaparte 1854 [=Cyanorhamphus Sclater 1858; incl. Bulleria Iredale & Mathews 1926] CC10
    |  i. s.: *C. zealandicus (Latham 1790) CC10
    |         C. cookii (Gray 1859) (see below for synonymy) CC10
    |         C. hochstetteri (Reischek 1889) (see below for synonymy) CC10
    |         C. ulietanus WH02
    |         C. verticalis (Latham 1802) [=Psittacus verticalis, C. novaezelandiae verticalis] CC10
    |--C. saisseti Verreaux & Des Murs 1860 BKB15, CC10 [=C. novaezelandiae saisseti RN72]
    `--+--C. forbesi Rothschild 1893 JT12, CC10 [=Cyanorhamphus forbesi CC10, Cyanoramphus auriceps forbesi CC10]
       `--+--C. auriceps (Kuhl 1820) JT12, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
          `--+--C. novaezelandiae (Sparrman 1787) JT12, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
             |    |--C. n. novaezelandiae (see below for synonymy) CC10
             |    |--C. n. chathamensis Oliver 1930 CC10
             |    |--C. n. cyanurus Salvadori 1891 CC10
             |    |--C. n. erythrotis (Wagler 1832) (see below for synonymy) CC10
             |    `--C. n. subflavescens Salvadori 1891 CC10
             `--+--C. malherbi Souancé 1857 JT12, CC10 (see below for synonymy)
                `--C. unicolor (Lear 1831) JT12, CC10 (see below for synonymy)

Cyanoramphus auriceps (Kuhl 1820) JT12, CC10 [=Psittacus auriceps CC10, Coriphilus auriceps CC10, Cyanorhamphus auriceps CC10, Euphema auriceps CC10, Platycercus auriceps CC10; incl. Cyanorhamphus auriceps intermedia Reichenow 1881 CC10, Cyanoramphus auriceps macleani Mathews & Iredale 1913 CC10, Cyanoramphus auriceps novana Mathews 1930 CC10]

Cyanoramphus cookii (Gray 1859) [=Platycercus cookii, Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae cookii, Cyanorhamphus cooki, Platycercus cooki; incl. Cyanorhamphus magnirostris Forbes & Robinson 1897, P. rayneri Gray 1862, Cyanorhamphus novaezeelandiae rayneri] CC10

Cyanoramphus hochstetteri (Reischek 1889) [=Platycercus hochstetteri, C. erythrotis hochstetteri, C. novaezelandiae hochstetteri] CC10

Cyanoramphus malherbi Souancé 1857 JT12, CC10 [=Cyanorhamphus auriceps malherbi CC10, Cyanorhamphus malherbei CC10, Platycercus malherbii CC10; incl. P. alpinus Buller 1869 CC10, Cyanorhamphus alpinus CC10]

Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae (Sparrman 1787) JT12, CC10 [=Psittacus novaezelandiae CC10, Coriphilus novaezeelandiae CC10, Cyanorhamphus novaezealandiae CC10, Cyanorhamphus novaezeelandiae CC10, Euphema novaezeelandiae CC10, Pezoporus novaezeelandiae CC10, Platycercus novaeseelandiae CC10, Pl. novaezealandiae CC10, Pl. novaezelandiae CC10]

Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae erythrotis (Wagler 1832) [=Platycercus erythrotis, Cyanorhamphus novaezeelandiae erythrotis] CC10

Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae novaezelandiae (Sparrman 1787) [incl. Cyanoramphus aucklandicus Bonaparte 1856, Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae aucklandicus, Cyanorhamphus novaezeelandiae aucklandicus, Platycercus aucklandicus, Pl. forsteri Finsch 1868, Cyanorhamphus novaezeelandiae forsteri, Pl. novaeguineae Gray 1859, Psittacus pacificus Gmelin 1788, Cyanoramphus pacificus, Platycercus pacificus, Pl. rowleyi Buller 1875, Cyanorhamphus novaezeelandiae rowleyi, Cyanorhamphus novaezelandiae rowleyi, Cyanorhampus novaezelandidae sejunctus Mathews 1944, Lathamus sparmanii Lesson 1831] CC10

Cyanoramphus unicolor (Lear 1831) JT12, CC10 [=Platycercus unicolor CC10, *Bulleria unicolor CC10, Cyanorhamphus unicolor CC10; incl. Platycercus fairchildii Hector in Buller 1888 CC10, Pezoporus fairchildii CC10]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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