Mimulus section Paradanthus

Seep monkeyflower Mimulus guttatus, copyright Walter Siegmund.

Belongs within: Phrymaceae.

The section Paradanthus of the genus Mimulus has been recognised as including monkeyflowers with a deciduous corolla with an open mouth, calyx lobes much shorter than the tube, and with the overall plant being glabrous, puberulent or with more or less straight hairs (Hickman 1993). Phylogenetic analysis indicates that this group is non-monophyletic with North American species of Paradanthus paraphyletic to the sections Erythranthe and Simiolus (Beardsley et al. 2004).

<==Mimulus sect. Paradanthus
    |  i. s.: M. acutidens BS04
    |         M. diffusus BS04
    |         M. evanescens BS04
    |         M. grayi BS04
    |--M. inconspicuus BS04
    `--+--+--+--+--M. montiodes BS04 [incl. M. barbatus H93, M. discolor H93]
       |  |  |  `--M. suksdorfii BS04
       |  |  `--+--+--M. gracilipes BS04
       |  |     |  `--M. palmeri BS04
       |  |     `--+--M. purpureus BS04
       |  |        `--+--M. androsaceus BS04
       |  |           `--M. shevockii BS04
       |  `--+--M. primuloides BS04
       |     |    |--M. p. ssp. primuloides [incl. M. primuloides var. pilosellus] H93
       |     |    `--M. p. ssp. linearifolius H93
       |     `--+--+--M. rubellus BS04
       |        |  `--+--M. brewerii BS04
       |        |     `--+--M. bicolor BS04
       |        |        `--M. filicaulis [incl. M. bioletti] BS04
       |        `--M. sect. Erythranthe BS04
       |             |--+--M. eastwoodiae BS04
       |             |  `--M. nelsoni BS04
       |             |--M. lewisii BS04
       |             |--M. parishii BS04
       |             |--M. rupestris BS04
       |             `--+--M. cardinalis BS04
       |                `--M. verbenaceus BS04
       `--+--+--M. alsinoides BS04
          |  `--+--M. dentatus BS04
          |     `--M. sessilifolius BS04
          `--+--M. gemmiparus BS04
             `--+--+--+--M. bodinieri BS04
                |  |  `--+--M. nepalensis BS04
                |  |     `--M. tenellus BS04
                |  `--+--M. latidens BS04
                |     `--+--+--+--M. moschatus BS04 [incl. M. moschatus var. moniliformis H93]
                |        |  |  `--M. pulsiferae BS04
                |        |  `--+--M. dudleyii BS04
                |        |     `--+--M. floribundus BS04 [incl. M. arenarius H93, M. floribundus ssp. subulatus H93]
                |        |        `--M. norrisi BS04
                |        `--+--+--M. ampliatus BS04
                |           |  `--+--M. hymenophyllus BS04
                |           |     `--M. patulus BS04
                |           `--+--M. breviflorus BS04
                |              `--+--M. jungermannioides BS04
                |                 `--M. washingtonensis BS04
                `--+--M. exiguus BS04
                   `--M. sect. Simiolus BS04
                        |  i. s.: M. laciniatus BS04
                        |         M. microphyllus BS04
                        |         M. nasutus BS04
                        |         M. whipplei BS04
                        |--M. wiensii BS04
                        `--+--M. dentilobus BS04
                           `--+--M. glabratus BS04
                              |    |--M. g. ssp. glabratus BS04
                              |    |--M. g. ssp. fremontii BS04
                              |    `--M. g. ssp. utahensis BS04
                              |--+--M. luteus [incl. M. rivularis] BS04
                              |  `--+--M. cupreus BS04
                              |     `--M. depressus BS04
                              `--+--M. glaucescens BS04
                                 |--M. tilingii BS04
                                 |--M. yeocorensis BS04
                                 `--+--M. guttatus BS04 (see below for synonymy)
                                    |--M. micranthus BS04 [=M. guttatus ssp. micranthus H93]
                                    `--M. nudatus BS04

Mimulus guttatus BS04 [incl. M. guttatus ssp. arenicola H93, M. guttatus ssp. arvensis H93, M. guttatus ssp. litoralis H93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BS04] Beardsley, P. M., S. E. Schoenig, J. B. Whittall & R. G. Olmstead. 2004. Patterns of evolution in western North American Mimulus (Phrymaceae). American Journal of Botany 91 (3): 474–489.

[H93] Hickman, J. C. (ed.) 1993. The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California. University of California Press: Berkeley (California).

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