Schizeilema roughii, copyright Melissa Hutchison.

Belongs within: Apiaceae.

The Mulineae are a group of umbelliferous plants characterised by the production of fruits with mericarps rounded on back or dorsally slightly flattened and a relatively broad commissure, and seeds surrounded by a woody layer (Allan 1961).

<==Mulineae A61
    |--Mulinum spinosum SB06
    `--Schizeilema Domin 1908 A61
         |--S. allanii Cheesem. 1925 A61
         |--S. cockaynei (Diels) Cheesem. 1925 [=Azorella cockaynei Diels 1908] A61
         |--S. colensoi Domin 1908 [incl. Pozoa trifoliolata var. tripartita Hooker 1853] A61
         |--S. exiguum (Hooker) Domin 1908 [=Pozoa exigua Hooker 1864, Azorella exigua Kirk 1899] A61
         |--S. haastii (Hooker) Domin 1908 (see below for synonymy) A61
         |    |--S. h. var. haastii [incl. S. haastii ssp. hookerianum Domin 1908] A61
         |    `--S. h. var. cyanopetalum (Domin) Cheesem. 1925 [=S. haastii ssp. cyanopetalum Domin 1908] A61
         |--S. hydrocotyloides (Hooker) Domin 1908 (see below for synonymy) A61
         |--S. nitens (Petrie) Domin 1908 [=Azorella nitens Petrie 1893] A61
         |--S. pallidum (Kirk) Domin 1908 [=Pozoa pallida Kirk 1878, Azorella pallida Kirk 1899] A61
         |--S. reniforme (Hooker) Domin 1908 (see below for synonymy) A61
         |--S. roughii (Hooker) Domin 1908 [=Pozoa roughii Hooker 1864, Azorella roughii Kirk 1899] A61
         `--S. trifoliolata (Hooker) Domin 1908 (see below for synonymy) A61

Schizeilema haastii (Hooker) Domin 1908 [=Pozoa haastii Hooker 1864, Azorella haastii Kirk 1899; incl. P. elegans Colenso 1891] A61

Schizeilema hydrocotyloides (Hooker) Domin 1908 [=Pozoa hydrocotyloides Hooker 1864, Azorella hydrocotyloides Kirk 1899] A61

Schizeilema reniforme (Hooker) Domin 1908 [=Pozoa reniforme Hooker 1844, Azorella reniformis Benth. & Hooker 1867] A61

Schizeilema trifoliolata (Hooker) Domin 1908 [=Pozoa trifoliolata Hooker 1853, Azorella trifoliolata Kirk 1899 non Gay 1847-1848; incl. Schizeilema trifoliolatum f. fallax Domin 1908, A. hookeri Drude 1898, Pozoa (Azorella) microdonta Colenso 1891, A. radians Drude 1898 (n. n.)] A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A61] Allan, H. H. 1961. Flora of New Zealand vol. 1. Indigenous Tracheophyta: Psilopsida, Lycopsida, Filicopsida, Gymnospermae, Dicotyledones. R. E. Owen, Government Printer: Wellington (New Zealand).

[SB06] Sarno, R. J., M. S. Bank, H. S. Stern & W. L. Franklin. 2006. Effects of age, sex, season, and social dynamics on juvenile guanaco subordinate behavior. Journal of Mammalogy 87 (1): 41–47.

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