Mountain myrrh Oreomyrrhis colensoi, copyright Jeremy Rolfe.

Belongs within: Apiaceae.

The Smyrneae are a group of umbelliferous plants characterised by seeds with a groove on the commisural surface (Allan 1961).

Characters (from Allan 1961): Flowers pedicelled in umbels; styles arising from stylopodia; fruits with distinct, unarmed ribs; seeds grooved on commissural surface.

<==Smyrneae A61
    |--Smyrnium H91
    |    |--S. olusatrum C55
    |    `--S. perfoliatum H91
    `--Oreomyrrhis Endl. 1839 A61
         |--O. andicola Endl. 1839 A61
         |--O. colensoi Hooker 1853 [=O. andicola var. colensoi Kirk 1899] A61
         |    |--O. c. var. colensoi A61
         |    |--O. c. var. delicatula Allan 1961 A61
         |    |--O. c. var. hispida Allan 1961 A61
         |    `--O. r. var. multifida Allan 1961 A61
         |--O. ramosa Hooker 1864 (see below for synonymy) A61
         `--O. rigida (Kirk) Allan ex Mathias & Constance 1955 [=O. andicola var. rigida Kirk 1899] A61

Oreomyrrhis ramosa Hooker 1864 [=O. andicola var. ramosa Kirk 1899; incl. O. andicola var. apiculata Kirk 1899, O. haastii Hooker 1864] A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A61] Allan, H. H. 1961. Flora of New Zealand vol. 1. Indigenous Tracheophyta: Psilopsida, Lycopsida, Filicopsida, Gymnospermae, Dicotyledones. R. E. Owen, Government Printer: Wellington (New Zealand).

[C55] Candolle, A. de. 1855. Géographie Botanique Raisonée: Ou exposition des faits principaux et des lois concernant la distribution géographique des plantes de l’époque actuelle vol. 2. Librairie de Victor Masson: Paris.

[H91] Hubálek, Z. 1991. Biogeographic indication of natural foci of tick-borne infections. In: Dusbábek, F., & V. Bukva (eds) Modern Acarology: Proceedings of the VIII International Congress of Acarology, held in České Budĕjovice, Czechoslovakia, 6–11 August 1990 vol. 1 pp. 255–260. SPB Academic Publishing: The Hague.

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