Reconstruction of Arctocyon by Dmitry Bogdanov.

Belongs within: Ferae.

The Arctocyonidae are a group of probably omnivorous mammals known from the Palaeocene and early Eocene of Europe and North America. They are generalised in morphology, with more or less tritubercular teeth, simple premolars, and moderately long limbs with paraxonic feet and claw-like unguals.

<==Arctocyonidae [Arctocyoninae]
    |--+--Protogonodon pentacus PMF88, S35
    |  `--Deuterogonodon Simpson 1935 PMF88, S35
    |       `--*D. montanus Gidley in Simpson 1935 [=Protogonodon montanus Gidley in Simpson 1935 (n. n.)] S35
    `--+--Mimotricentes PMF88
       `--+--Mentoclaenodon PMF88
          `--+--+--Procynictis V66
             |  `--Arctocyonides ferox PMF88, V66
             `--Arctocyon PMF88
                  |--*A. primaevus de Blainville 1841 HUG17
                  |--A. corrugatus HUG17
                  `--A. ferox PMF88

Arctocyonidae incertae sedis:
  Loxolophus [Loxolophinae] MC00
    |--L. hyattianus HUG17
    |--L. pentacus HUG17
    `--L. priscus HUG17
  Spanoxydon Simpson 1935 S35
    `--*S. latrunculus Simpson 1935 S35
  Carcinodon GH88
  Deltatherium [incl. Lipodectes Cope 1881] V66
    `--D. fundaminis V66
  Prothryptacodon Simpson 1935 PMF88, S35
    `--*P. furens Simpson 1935 S35
  Tricentes PMF88
    |--T. latidens Gidley in Simpson 1935 S35
    `--T. subtrigonus S35
  ‘Tetraclaenodon’ minor (Matthew 1897) T90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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