Partial lower jaw of Litomylus dissentaneus, copyright Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Belongs within: Euungulata.

The Hyopsodontidae are a group of small, generalised mammals known from the Palaeocene and Eocene of Europe and North America. Members of this group have fairly simple incisors and premolars, small canines, and more or less bunodont molars.

See also: Hyopsodontids: little slinkers of the Palaeogene.

    `--Tricuspiodontinae SFY02
         |--Tricuspiodon Lemoine 1885 V66
         `--Litomylus Simpson 1935 SFY02
              |--*L. dissentaneus Simpson 1935 SFY02
              |--L. grandaletes Scott, Fox & Youzwyshyn 2002 SFY02
              |--L. ishami Gazin 1956 SFY02
              |--L. orthronepius Johnston & Fox 1984 SFY02
              |--L. osceolae Van Valen 1978 SFY02
              `--L. scaphicus Gazin 1956 SFY02

Hyopsodontidae incertae sedis:
  Pascatherium Russell 1964 N85, V67
    `--P. dolloi (Teilhard de Chardin 1927) M60 [=Adapisorex dolloi V67]
  Haplaletes Simpson 1935 S35
    `--*H. disceptatrix Simpson 1935 S35
  Hyopsodus Leidy 1870 D07
    |--*H. paulus C77
    |--H. despiciens D07
    |--H. egressus HUG17
    |--H. gracilis D07
    |--H. lepidus D07
    |--H. loomisi D07
    |--H. marshi D07
    |--H. minisculus D07
    |--H. miticulus (Cope 1874) [=Esthonyx miticulus] C77
    |--H. vicarius C77
    |--H. wardi D07
    `--H. wortmani D07
  Aletodon Gingerich 1977 SFY02
    `--A. quadravus SFY02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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