Reconstruction of Kannemeyeria, copyright Dmitry Bogdanov.

Belongs within: Dicynodontia.

The Kannemeyeriiformes are a cosmopolitan clade of dicynodonts known from the Triassic, some members of which reached the size of a modern cow. Members of the clade are united by a markedly enlarged preacetabular expansion of the iliac blade, a distinctly offset caput femoris on the femur, and an olecranon ulnae formed by a separate ossification (Maisch 2000).

    |--Shansiodontidae M00
    |    |--Vinceria Bonaparte 1967 M00
    |    `--+--Rhinodicynodon Kalandadze 1970 M00
    |       `--+--Shansiodon Yeh 1959 M00
    |          `--Tetragonias Cruickshank 1967 M00
    |               `--T. njalilus M00
    `--+--Kannemeyeriidae M00
       |    |--Rabidosaurus Kalandadze 1970 M00
       |    |--Wadiasaurus Roy-Chowdhury 1970 M00
       |    |    `--W. indicus M00
       |    `--Kannemeyeria Seeley 1908 M00
       |         |--K. erithrea D07
       |         |--K. jenseni D07
       |         `--K. simocephala M00
       `--+--Dinodontosauridae [Dinodontosaurinae, Sinokannemeyeriini] M00
          |    |--Dinodontosaurus Romer 1943 M00
          |    `--+--Sinokannemeyeriinae M00
          |       |    |--Parakannemeyeria Sun 1960 M00
          |       |    `--Sinokannemeyeria Young 1937 M00
          |       `--Rechnisaurinae M00
          |            |  i. s.: Shaanbeikannemeyeria Cheng 1980 M00
          |            |--Rhadiodromus Efremov 1951 (see below for synonymy) M00
          |            `--+--Rechnisaurus Roy-Chowdhury 1970 M00
          |               `--Sangusaurus Cox 1969 M00
          |                    `--S. parringtonii NB17
          `--Stahleckeriidae M00
               |--Stahleckeriinae M00
               |    |--Angonisaurus Cox & Li 1983 M00
               |    |    `--A. cruickshanki NB17
               |    |--Stahleckeria von Huene 1925 [incl. Barysoma Cox 1965] M00
               |    |    `--S. potens von Huene 1935 [incl. S. lenzii Romer & Price 1944, Barysoma lenzii] M00
               |    `--Zambiasaurus Cox 1968 M00
               |         `--Z. submersus M00
               `--Placeriinae M00
                    |--Moghreberia Dutuit 1980 M00
                    |--Placerias Lucas 1904 M00
                    |    `--P. gigas M00
                    `--Ischigualastia Cox 1962 M00
                         `--I. jenseni M00

Kannemeyeriiformes incertae sedis:
  Jachaleria Bonaparte 1971 M00
  Dolichuranus Keyer 1973 M00
  Azarifeneria Dutuit 1989 (n. d.) M00
  Calleonasus Kalandadze 1986 (n. d.) M00
  Edaxosaurus Kalandadze 1986 (n. d.) M00
  Elatosaurus Kalandadze 1986 (n. d.) M00
  Nasoplanites Surkov 1999 M00
  Cristonasus Surkov 1999 M00
  Parvobestiola Surkov 1999 M00
  Planitorostris Surkov 1999 M00

Rhadiodromus Efremov 1951 [incl. Rhinocerocephalus Vjushkov 1969, Uralokannemeyeria Danilov 1971] M00

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D07] Dixon, D. 2007. The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures. Hermes House: London.

[M00] Maisch, M. W. 2000. Observations on Karoo and Gondwana vertebrates. Part 2: A new skull-reconstruction of Stahleckeria potens von Huene, 1935 (Dicynodontia, Middle Triassic) and a reconstruction of kannemeyeriiform phylogeny. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie Abhandlungen 220 (1): 127–152.

[NB17] Nesbitt, S. J., R. J. Butler, M. D. Ezcurra, P. M. Barrett, M. R. Stocker, K. D. Angielczyk, R. M. H. Smith, C. A. Sidor, G. Niedźwiedzki, A. G. Sennikov & A. J. Charig. 2017. The earliest bird-line archosaurs and the assembly of the dinosaur body plan. Nature 544: 484–487.


  1. The Wikipedia article on Sangusaurus is full of typos and similar mix-ups*, but nonetheless ahead of you in mentioning Sangusaurus edentatus and citing its description, which dates from 2018, along with other papers from SVP Memoir 17.

    * Probably not by the time you're going to see this, because I'm about to fix them all.

    1. Fixed it. Turns out S. edentatus is the type species, named in 1969, and S. parringtonii was named in 1986 but only described in any detail in the mentioned 2018 paper.

    2. Cheers, David. Seeing as I mostly took things from the Maisch (2000) paper, I'm not surprised I hadn't covered anything more recent. I've added the paper you referred to to my to-do list.


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