Flat sea holly Eryngium planum, copyright Bernard Dupont.

Belongs within: Apiaceae.

The Saniculeae are a group of umbelliferous plants characterised by fruits with a minutely ornamented surface, two mericarps, and a non-lignified endocarp composed of a single cell layer (Liu et al. 2003). Members include the genus Eryngium, sea hollies, herbs with hairless, mostly spiny leaves and white or blue flowers borne in dome-shaped umbels with whorls of spiny basal bracts.

    |--Alepidea LWT03
    |    |--A. amatymbica LWT03
    |    `--A. setifera LWT03
    `--+--Hacquetia epipactis LWT03
       `--+--+--Actinolema macrolema LWT03
          |  `--Astrantia LWT03
          |       |--A. major LWT03
          |       `--A. maxima LWT03
          |--Sanicula LWT03
          |    |--S. arctopoides H93
          |    |--S. arguta [incl. S. simulans] H93
          |    |--S. bipinnata H93
          |    |--S. bipinnatifida H93
          |    |--S. coerulescens LWT03
          |    |--S. crassicaulis H93
          |    |--S. elata D07
          |    |--S. europaea LWT03
          |    |--S. graveolens H93
          |    |--S. gregaria K03
          |    |--S. hoffmannii H93
          |    |--S. laciniata H93
          |    |--S. lamelligera LWT03
          |    |--S. maritima H93
          |    |--S. peckiana H93
          |    |--S. rubriflora LWT03
          |    |--S. saxatilis H93
          |    |--S. tracyi H93
          |    `--S. tuberosa H93
          `--Eryngium Linnaeus 1753 LWT03, A61
               |--E. alismaefolium H93
               |--E. aristulatum H93
               |    |--E. a. var. aristulatum H93
               |    |--E. a. var. hooveri H93
               |    `--E. a. var. parishii H93
               |--E. armatum H93
               |--E. articulatum H93
               |--E. campestre Linnaeus 1753 PL04
               |--E. castrense H93
               |--E. constancei H93
               |--E. foetidum BB07
               |--E. giganteum LWT03
               |--E. horridum RJ11
               |--E. maritimum LWT03
               |--E. mathiasiae H93
               |--E. pinnatifidum GK00
               |--E. pinnatisectum H93
               |--E. plantagineum M99
               |--E. planum LWT03
               |--E. racemosum H93
               |--E. spina-alba C55
               |--E. spinosepalum [incl. E. vaseyi var. globosum] H93
               |--E. triquetrum B28
               |--E. vaseyi [incl. E. vaseyi var. vallicola] H93
               `--E. vesiculosum Labill. 1804 A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 22 March 2020.

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