Queen hornet Vespa crabro, photographed by Markus Flath.

Belongs within: Vespidae.

The Vespinae are a group of social wasps, including hornets and yellowjackets, in which most species have queens that are distinctly larger than their colony's workers.

<==Vespinae HH07
    |--Dolichovespula Rohwer 1916 HH07, C85
    |    `--D. maculata HH07
    |--Provespa Ashmead 1903 NK11
    |    |--P. anomala (de Saussure 1854) NK11
    |    |--P. barthelemyi (du Buysson 1905) NK11
    |    `--P. nocturna van der Vecht 1935 NK11
    |--Vespula Thomson 1869 NK11
    |    |  i. s.: V. austriaca (Panzer 1799) NK11
    |    |         V. flaviceps (Smith 1870) NK11
    |    |         V. kingdonwardi Archer 1981 NK11
    |    |         V. koreensis (Radoszkowsk 1887) NK11
    |    |         V. lewisii SS99
    |    |         V. maculata (Linnaeus 1763) [=Vespa maculata] BM76
    |    |         V. maculifrons HH07
    |    |         V. nursei Archer 1981 NK11
    |    |         V. orbata du Buysson 1902 NK11
    |    |         V. pensylvanica MG06
    |    |         V. rufa A71
    |    |         V. squamosa HH07
    |    `--V. (Paravespula Blüthgen 1938) C85
    |         |--V. (*P.) vulgaris (Linnaeus 1758) [=Vespa vulgaris, Dolichovespula (*P.) vulgaris] C85
    |         `--V. (P.) germanica (Fabricius 1793) [=Vespa germanica] C85
    `--Vespa Linnaeus 1758 NK11
         |--V. affinis (Linnaeus 1764) NK11
         |--V. analis Fabricius 1775 NK11
         |--V. auraria Smith 1852 NK11
         |--V. basalis Smith 1852 NK11
         |--V. bellicosa de Saussure 1854 NK11
         |--V. bicolor Fabricius 1787 NK11
         |--V. biglumis Linnaeus 1758 L58
         |--V. binghami du Buysson 1905 NK11
         |--V. calida Linnaeus 1758 L58
         |--V. canadensis Linnaeus 1758 L58
         |--V. crabro Linnaeus 1758 L58
         |--V. dorylloides B03
         |--V. ducalis Smith 18523 NK11
         |--V. dybowskii André 1884 NK11
         |--V. emarginata Linnaeus 1758 L58
         |--V. fercida Smith 1858 NK11
         |--V. flavescens Fabricius 1775 [=Bembex flavescens] BM76
         |--V. fumida van der Vecht 1959 NK11
         |--V. luctuosa de Saussure 1854 NK11
         |--V. mandarina Smith 1852 NK11
         |--V. mocsaryana du Buysson 1905 NK11
         |--V. multimaculata Pérez 1910 NK11
         |--V. orientalis D02
         |--V. philippinensis de Saussure 1854 NK11
         |--V. rufa Linnaeus 1758 L58
         |--V. rupestris Linnaeus 1758 L58
         |--V. saxonica MS01
         |--V. sibirica MS01
         |--V. soror du Buysson 1905 NK11
         |--V. sylvestris MS01
         |--V. tropica (Linnaeus 1758) NK11
         |--V. velutina NK11
         `--V. vivax Smith 1870 NK11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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