Cryptocheilus australis, from here.

Belongs within: Pompilidae.

Cryptocheilus is a genus of pompilid wasps characterised by a marginal cell on the forewing that is broadly rounded apically, with vein Rs meeting the anterior margin of the wing almost at a right angle (Wahis 2008).

Cryptocheilus Panzer 1806 (see below for synonymy) E07
    |--*C. annulatus (Fabricius 1798) [=Sphex annulata, *Calicurgus annulatus] E07
    |--C. australasiae Haupt 1935 non Mygnimia australasiae Smith 1873 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.) E07
    |--C. australis (Guérin-Méneville 1838) (see below for synonymy) E07
    |--C. avidus (Nurse 1903) [=Salius avidus] W08
    |--C. basipennis (Turner 1910) [=Calicurgus basipennis] E07
    |    |--C. b. basipennis E07
    |    `--C. b. agnatus (Turner 1910) [=Calicurgus basipennis agnatus] E07
    |--C. birkmanni Banks 1926 [=*Chilochares birkmanni] E07
    |--C. darwinii Turner 1910 E07
    |--‘Sphex’ discolor Fabricius 1793 [=*Homonotus discolor, *Trachyocheilus discolor] E07
    |--C. distinctus (Smith 1868) [=Pompilus distinctus] E07
    |--C. fulvidorsalis Turner 1910 E07
    |--‘Salius’ fuscus MS01
    |--C. geminus (Bingham 1896) [=Salius (Priocnemis) geminus] W08
    |--‘Calicurgus’ hyalinatus H37
    |--C. ichneumonoides (Costa 1874) [=Priocnemis icheumonoides, C. (*Ichneumonocheilus) ichneumonoides] E07
    |--*Stenoclavelia’ mirabilis Arnold 1932 E07
    |--C. modestus (Smith 1855) [=Calicurgus modestus] E07
    |--C. momus (Bingham 1896) [=Salius (Priocnemis) momus] W08
    |--C. praepositus Haupt 1935 [=Cryptochilus praepositus] E07
    |--C. properus (Bingham 1896) [=Salius (Priocnemis) properus] W08
    |--C. rubellus (Eversmann 1864) [=Pompilus rubellus, C. (*Cyphonocheilus) rubellus] E07
    |--C. sathanas Turner 1910 E07
    |--‘Salius’ schenckii MS01
    |--‘Sphex’ sexpunctata Fabricius 1804 [=*Adonta sexpunctata, *Salius sexpunctatus] E07
    |--‘Salius’ spectabilis Morawitz 1892 [=*Chlorocheilus spectabilis] E07
    |--C. stehliki Wolf 1968 [=C. (*Priocnemiocheilus) stehliki] E07
    |--*Adirostes’ tolteca Banks 1946 E07
    `--C. valentulus (Bingham 1896) [=Salius (Priocnemis) valentulus] W08

Cryptocheilus Panzer 1806 [=Calicurgus Brullé 1833, Cryptochilus Rafinesque 1815; incl. Adirostes Banks 1946, Adonta Billberg 1820, Chilochares Banks 1941, Chlorocheilus Wolf 1965 (n. n.), Cyphonocheilus Wolf 1970, Homonotus Dahlbom 1845 non Dahlbom 1843, Ichneumonocheilus Wolf 1970, Priocnemiocheilus Wolf 1970, Salius Fabricius 1804 non Schrank 1798, Stenoclavelia Arnold 1932, Trachyocheilus Wolf 1965 (n. n.)] E07

Cryptocheilus australis (Guérin-Méneville 1838) [=Pompilus australis, Cryptochilus (Prionocnemis) australis, Heterodontonyx australis] E07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[E07] Elliott, M. G. 2007. Annotated catalogue of the Pompilidae (Hymenoptera) of Australia. Zootaxa 1428: 1–83.

[H37] Haupt, H. 1937. Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Psammochariden-Fauna Australiens (Spinnenfangende Wegwespen). Subf. Claveliinae Hpt. Trib. Calicurgini nov. Zeitschrift für Naturwissenschaften 91: 121–136.

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[W08] Wahis, R. 2008. Contribution à la connaissance des pompilides d'Australie (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae). 2. Sur quelques spécimens récoltés par G. Else (Natural History Museum, London) avec descriptions de deux espèces nouvelles des genres Auplopus et Ctenostegus. Faunistic Entomology—Entomologie Faunistique 61 (1–2): 23–31.

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