Female Nomada ruficornis, copyright Ian Tew.

Belongs within: Apidae.

The Nomadinae are a group of small, wasp-like bees cleptoparasitic on members of other bee groups.

Characters (from Michener 1965): Small, slender bees; clypeus strongly protuberant so that, seen from below, lateral parts are bent back parallel to long axis of body; stigma large, extending well into marginal cell beyond base of vein r; marginal cell longer than distance from its apex to wing tip and pointed on wing margin; pygidial plate present in female.

<==Nomadinae CSD10
    |--+--Caenoprosopidini CSD10
    |  |    |--Caenoprosopis crabronina Holmberg 1887 CSD10
    |  |    `--Caenoprosopina holmbergi Roig-Alsina 1987 CSD10
    |  `--Ammobatini CSD10
    |       |--+--Sphecodopsis capensis (Friese 1915) CSD10
    |       |  `--Pasites maculatus Jurine 1807 CSD10
    |       `--+--Oreopasites barbarae Rozen 1992 CSD10
    |          `--Ammobates CSD10
    |               |--A. oraniensis R35
    |               |--A. punctatus (Fabricius 1804) CSD10
    |               `--A. syriacus PK17
    `--+--+--Brachynomadini CSD10
       |  |    |--Brachynomada margaretae (Rozen 1994) CSD10
       |  |    `--+--Triopasites penniger (Cockerell 1894) CSD10
       |  |       `--Paranomada velutina Linsley 1939 CSD10
       |  `--Epeolini CSD10
       |       |--Odyneropsis CSD10
       |       `--+--Epeolus Latreille 1802 CSD10, L02
       |          |    |--*E. variegatus (Linnaeus 1758) L02, CSD10 [=Nomada variegata L02; incl. N. crucigera L02]
       |          |    |--E. gayi R35
       |          |    |--E. jullianii MS01
       |          |    `--E. scutellaris Say 1824 CSD10
       |          `--+--Triepeolus CSD10
       |             |    |--T. concavus R35
       |             |    |--T. occidentalis R35
       |             |    `--T. robustus (Cresson 1878) CSD10
       |             `--+--Thalestria spinosa (Fabricius 1804) CSD10
       |                `--+--Rhinepeolus rufiventris (Friese 1908) CSD10
       |                   `--Doeringiella CSD10
       `--+--+--Ammobatoidini CSD10
          |  |    |--Ammobatoides luctuosus (Friese 1911) CSD10
          |  |    `--Holcopasites CSD10
          |  |         |--H. insoletus (Linsley 1942) CSD10
          |  |         `--+--+--H. minimus (Linsley 1943) CSD10
          |  |            |  `--H. stevensi Crawford 1915 CSD10
          |  |            `--+--H. calliopsidis (Linsley 1943) CSD10
          |  |               `--+--H. arizonicus (Linsley 1942) CSD10
          |  |                  `--H. ruthae Cooper 1993 CSD10
          |  `--+--Hexepeolus [Hexepeolini] CSD10
          |     |    `--H. rhodogyne Linsley & Michener 1937 CSD10
          |     `--+--Neolarra [Neolarrini] CSD10
          |        |    `--N. orbiculata Shanks 1978 CSD10
          |        `--+--Townsendiella [Townsendiellini] CSD10
          |           `--Biastini CSD10
          |                |--Biastes truncatus (Nylander 1848) CSD10
          |                `--Neopasites cressoni Crawford 1916 CSD10
          `--Nomada Scopoli 1770 CSD10, M65 [Nomadini]
               |--*N. ruficornis (Linnaeus 1758) [=Apis ruficornis] M65
               |--N. albomaculata Lucas 1849 E12
               |--N. armata MS01
               |--N. australensis Perkins 1912 M65
               |--N. biguttata Friese 1909 M65
               |--N. biroi Friese 1909 M65
               |--N. dahli Friese 1912 M65
               |--N. flavomaculata Lucas 1849 E12
               |--N. furcata R35
               |--N. insularis Smith 1863 M65
               |--N. lathburiana MS01
               |--N. lineola [incl. N. lineola var. sibirica Mocsáry in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901] MS01
               |--N. maculata Cresson 1863 CSD10
               |--N. nigrescens Friese 1909 M65
               |--N. panzeri A71
               |--N. papuana Cockerell 1933 M65
               |--N. parvula Lucas 1849 E12
               |--N. psilocera Kohl 1908 M65
               |--N. quadrispinosa Mocsáry in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901 MS01
               |--N. roberjeotiana MS01
               |--N. rubinii (Rayment 1930) [=Neoceratina rubinii] M65
               |--N. signata Jurine 1807 CSD10
               |--N. variabilis Lucas 1849 E12
               |--N. zichyana Mocsáry in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901 MS01
               `--N. zonata MS01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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